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Good Doctor ep 4: Dramatic Review

I should start this post out with something so very clever to entice you to keep reading, but I'm all out of clever.  And words.  So, instead, how about I appeal to your eyes more than your brain?  Let's enjoy us some Hot Doc moments before we chat about this episode.  He is some serious cavity-inducing eye candy he is.  Mmmm...Doctor Kim/Professor/Hot Doc...whatever you want to call him, you have to admit he's easy on the eyes.

Not bad, eh?

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 4

1.  Oh Baby

We begin this episode where we left off with the last one - the little NICU baby's surgery.  A major complication has arisen and things don't look good.  An anomaly that was caught by Shi On but disregarded by everyone else has proved to be a big problem and the baby's life hangs in the balance.  Thanks though to the quick thinking of both Shi On and Hot Doc (who FINALLY has learned to at least listen to Shi On and trust him with regards to the technicalities of medicine if nothing else), a solution is found and the baby is saved.  It's a surgery worthy of a writeup in a medical journal - groundbreaking and the first of its kind.  Hot Doc is a hero.  Hot Doc better be nice to Shi On now.  How do the good doctors celebrate a job well done?  By finishing the disciplinary meeting that was interrupted by the surgery of course.  Hot Doc takes on all responsibility and earns himself a pay cut and a week-long suspension.  That'll learn him to save a life.  o.O?

I'd also like to point out this little exchange because I think it sheds some interesting light on the kind of characters some of these guys possess. 
Just as things looked bleak for our littlest patient, the freaking CHIEF of PEDIATRIC SURGERY was LAUGHING!!!  LAUGHING!  Because the patient was going to die and therefore get some of the doctors in trouble.  At least the HPB doctor that had the patient taken away from him when he refused treatment had enough decency still left to call Dr Skeleton Face out on his total and complete lack of professionalism.  He laughed!  Can you believe it???  I hate this guy and can't wait to see him fail and fall flat on his face as his toosh hits the curb.

2.  From Bad to Worse
Shi On may have helped save the day, but things are still rough for him at work.  The moms are all up in arms over having with his "disability" caring for their children.  Shi On, in all his attempts to help patients, is only angering everyone around him.  Like with the boy who was throwing a fit over food?  He brings him a cake, made with things that the boy can eat, but the mom flips out anyway.  And then, disaster.  A group of kids have snuck away with contraband snacks and Shi On has followed them.  He asks these kids if he can join them, and one of the boys, being a little snothead, tells him that he can only on one condition.  This wording sends Shi On spiraling back in his memories to that fateful day when similar words were uttered that ended in the death of his brother.  He is so overcome with the emotional flashback that he begins to fall, grabbing onto some shelving as he goes down.  This causes the contents of the shelf to fall on the kids and cuts them up pretty badly with all the broken glass and such.  The kids scream, the parents and other personnel run in and Shi On is pointed out as being the "bad guy" that hurt them.  Now the moms are furious (especially after Dr Skele fans their flames by suggesting they bring a petition of signatures to the hospital's Foundation asking for Shi On's removal) and Shi On has all of his patients taken away from him. 

3.  Who's Pulling Skele's Strings?
There's still a lot of behind-the-scenes politicking going on here, but the one I wanted to point out  for now is this one - Dr Orange Shirt ordering Dr Skeleton around, threatening his job and telling him to do something to take down the Director. 

4.  Robot?  Maybe the Tin Man Has a Heart After All
Dr Cha has convinced herself that Shi On is the thoughtless robot that Hot Doc claims him to be.  He's a genius doctor without common sense as labeled by Hot Doc, and therefore is more dangerous than a doctor of average ability with common sense.  Except, unlike Hot Doc, Yoon Seo still has her eyes and heart open a bit and so she sees things in Shi On.  Things like the drawing and naming of the NICU baby he does.  That all goes back to the baby's hand moving like his brother's did as he fought for his life - a sign that both children wanted to live. 

Then there's the basketball scene. 

Shi On is sitting outside when some neurosurgeons invite him to join them in a game of basketball.  I'm not ashamed to admit there were tears as Shi On took the ball and went to shoot.  Here he was, finally being included, and he goes for the shot.  And just when you're sure he's going to sink it and therefore complete this perfect moment, nope, the ball goes backwards.  Hahaha.  Yeah, that amused me.  Still a fantastic moment though.  There is also the scene where he helps a patient fall asleep by teaching him to count dragonflies instead of sheep. 

A robot?  I think not.  This one definitely has a heart and can think for himself.

5.  Which Side is He Playing?
This Assistant Director is seriously a mystery to me right now.  I really don't know what side he's on and the angle he's playing. And now there's someone he apparently is answering to just to make things even more complicated.  A lot of the time he seems to be joining forces to oust the Director, but then at other times he appears to be supporting the Director and not a bad guy.  I just can't figure him and he's driving me batty.  Especially when he starts using baseball terminology.

6.  Family Meal? 

I really can't wait for the who's who to be solidified so that my poor ahjumma brain can relax a bit and not feel so flummoxed as relationships slowly unfold.  I guess that we are to take it that these three are related?  The Director, his daughter and the Evil (?) Stepmother?  Yeah, I don't want to even speculate yet, more to come, but yeah, looks like the fourth leg of our love quadrangle calls this guy Dad.  As if things weren't already complicated enough.  Gotta love dramas, huh?

7.  Emergency

Trouble arises at the hospital when a very sick little girl shows up in the ER.  These poor parents have had to drag their daughter to 5 other hospitals that night, all of whom refused to treat her for lack of ability to do so.  This is their last hope - they've come to the best hospital there is, one that is equipped to handle the pediatric surgery that she needs in order to save her life. Problem is is that they're a bit understaffed at the moment as Hot Doc has been sent away for a week as punishment for saving another life.  Punk.  How dare he?  The Chief of Pediatric Surgery (Dr Skeleton Face) refuses to operate because of the risk it poses to the hospital and the department.  WHAT????  WHAT???????  Oh my goodness!  YOU'RE A HOSPITAL - THIS IS WHAT YOU DO - SAVE LIVES EVEN WHEN THERE'S NOT MUCH HOPE!!!  The wussy, lawsuit-scared decision makers in this drama are driving me nuts.  And scares me for the next time I or someone I love is in an emergency situation.  Yikes.  So, Dr Skele is being a major wussy and Dr Cha is obstinate and insists that they will operate regardless of what the Chief says.  Hot Doc is repeatedly called at his getaway/forced time out and they finally reach him.  He rushes off (leaving his affianced behind - giggle) to head back to the hospital, ordering Dr Cha to definitely not start without him - she's not ready.  But wouldn't you know - the patient has arrested and there's just no time to wait.  Yoon Seo decides to chance it and go for it anyway, even after Hot Doc loses his phone (he was going to video conference the surgery).  Why do I smell disaster brewing?

8.  Beeeeeeeeeeeep
The sound you don't want to hear in any medical drama - the sound of the monitor flat-lining, indicating that the patient is no longer of beating heart.  Just as Hot Doc arrives all ready for the surgery, it appears that he may be too late, and that Yoon Seo is screwed.

But, we will have to wait until Monday to see the dramatic conclusion to this little situation. 

Thank you Good Doctor for bringing us a promising second week.  I see good things on the horizon for this one.  Joo Won, man, you are fanfreakingtastic my friend, fanfreakingtastic.  Awesome job!  All around great cast so far!

Have a wonderful weekend addicKts and we'll see you next week!  Until then, may your days be filled with wonderful drama!

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