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I Hear Your Voice - THE FINALE (ep 18): Dramatic Review





And invariably overwhelmed by the massive responsibility of somehow wrapping this drama up in a manner deserving of it.  And completely unqualified to do so.

I finished watching episode 18 a bit ago and am still at a loss of just how to go about finishing up my review series.  This is always the hardest post to write - the end.  The one where we say goodbye to a host of characters and stories that have become part of our week for 9 weeks now.  Since it is so difficult to say goodbye, I'm going to try to put them (my goodbyes) down in writing.

Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul for ep 18, the finale

1.  The Amazing Supporting Cast

Dear Supporting Cast,

You were fantastic and added so much to this drama.  "Electric Fan Judge" (as Hye Sung dubbed you on her phone), you and I have come a long way, haven't we?  I wasn't your biggest fan in the beginning, but you grew on me through the weeks.  Now I look at you as a dear, wonderful, goofy friend.  You were always good for a bit of comic relief.  And it was refreshing to see your human side come out after spending so much time in a courtroom with our amazing leads.  For your humor and goofball antics and for just sometimes being in the right place at the right time for a good laugh, I thank you. 

Attorney Shin, you started off as a gruff old man that was mean to our Hye Sung, but to see you soften and warm up and to see you're cute, soft, cuddly side emerge was a whole lot of fun.  By the end, you too had won my heart.  You are like this watchful grandfather figure, looking out for the younger generation as they face the adult world for the first time.  You were a true friend until the very end. 

Cutie Pie Mr Adorableness in the Defense Attorney's office whateveryournamewas, dude, you were hysterical and so stinkin' adorable from beginning to end.  Your one-sided bromance attempts with Attorney Cha still make me giggle.  And at the very end when you danced into the office all happy that Do Yeon was in trouble and everyone reacted in the exact opposite way -- man, that was a perfect way to end your role in this show.  Thank you for being there to always help lighten those heavy moments.  All the best to you my dear sweet boy. 

Judge Dad, seriously man, you screwed up and you lost your family and yet you're still being stubborn.  I don't even have words for you beyond pity that you're so blind and I'm grateful your wife and daughter had the good sense to not put up with it anymore.  Toxic pride has destroyed you more than doing the right thing would have done.  You're a jerk, yet I pity you in your ignorance. 

To the rest of the supporting cast, like you two who I admittedly short-changed in my attentions to you here in my reviews, yet thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless,

I appreciate you and your contributions as well.  Really, you were all fabulous.

2.  Do Yeon

Dear Do Yeon,

Sweetheart, you were another one that I didn't particularly care for in the beginning, but you certainly grew on me as the show progressed.  I know you've been through a lot and didn't always make the best decisions, but you finally showed your true colors as time went on and lessons were learned and sweetie, you're beautiful.  Deep down you are a dear with a good heart and a tough spirit.  Let the past go and continue on this path you have found for yourself.  Be strong.  Don't let fear or anything else cause you to ever doubt yourself again.  Everyone makes mistakes, don't let your past govern your future any longer.  Learn what you can and move on.  And find happiness.  Love yourself.  Love those in your life that are truer friends than you would have ever expected, and do good in the world.  You have it in you.  I'm sorry your career was derailed a bit, but you'll be okay.  You did the right thing and can take comfort in that and be proud.  Sorry your adoptive dad turned out to be such a douche.  Thank you for being there for your birth father in his final days.

3.  Min Joon Gook

Dear Psycho,

I have a bevy of mixed emotions when it comes to you.  I feel sorry for you and the pain from wrongs done to you, but everyone is right, you took the low road.  Revenge and anger destroyed your life.  I hope you can see that clearly now.  I hope that you can use the rest of your life behind bars and try to do something good with whatever time you have left.  If nothing else, you should serve an example of what not to do when wrong is done to you.  Your story is one of sorrow and warning.  You were a once decent enough guy who let tragedy ruin you.  And then you committed some major crimes, including taking of innocent lives and serious intimidation and blame-putting on other innocents.  I am glad that you are finally taking responsibility for your crimes.  You're still not a good guy, but at least some shred of humanity still remains in you.  I hope you're happy now that people know your side of the story.  Was it worth it?  Didn't think so.  Be grateful that your life was spared, but rot in jail using this opportunity to reflect on where it all went wrong and how others proved to just be better people at heart, even when under similar circumstances.

4.  Attorney Cha

Dearest Oska,

You are a hero in my book.  I am so overcome by all my admiration of you and the man that you are that I don't even know what else to say other than you are just amazing and definitely one of, if not the very best, character to come out of this drama.  I'm sorry you lost the girl, but man, you sure did it with class.  You were an all-around class act up until the very end.  You saved the day in many many ways.  I know that Soo Ha and Hye Sung expressed their gratitude, but allow me to do so as well.  You were beyond awesome.  I will love you forever.  And ever.

5.  Hye Sung

Dear Hye Sung,

You very well may be my official favorite drama heroine of all time.  You are at the very least at top contender.  I loved you.  I loved your weaknesses just as much as I loved your strengths.  I am glad you finally came around to Soo Ha and accepted him in your life.  Your begrudging confession at the end was classic Hye Sung and made me smile.  I love how you are both fragile and strong at the same time.  Your courage and strength won out in the end and you triumphed not only over the bad guy, but yourself and your own self-defeating tendencies as well.  That fighting spirit you had as a young girl may have hidden for a bit under the understandable fear you felt, but it came out and was resurrected once again in glorious style.  Thank you for the laughs, sorry for the fears and tears.  Do your momma proud by living an outstanding life, loving and going forth from here.

6.  Soo Ha

Dearest, most wonderful and magnificent Soo Ha,

I love you.  You my boy are one fantabulous and outstanding young man.  I am so glad you triumphed in the end, proving your true mettle.  Your devotion and constancy towards Hye Sung makes me melt.  You have to be one of the truest and purest humans to ever appear on my screen.  I will forever remember you fondly.  Congrats on getting into the academy by the way!  Good luck from here on out.  Love her as you always have and don't ever doubt, as I'm sure you won't, her love for you no matter what she says in those moments of self-doubt she will probably always be subject to.  She's got her quirks, but I know you know that and love her all the same which makes you even more awesome.  You both deserve happiness in life and with each other.  Just keep doing what you're doing, you've got this.  I will miss you and your sweet self so very much in these coming empty weeks.  Take care my dear, wonderful, amazing boy.

All My Love,

Okay.  I did it.  I said goodbye.  *sniff sniff*  Here we are now, at the very end.  Min Joon Gook, with the aid of Attorney Cha, is saved from the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.  Do Yeon gets demoted because of her decision to drop the case against her birth father.  Soo Ha's charge of attempted murder is dropped to unlawful possession of an illegal weapon and he will not be prosecuted (thanks to Do Yeon's going easy on him after a very convincing argument from both Attorney Cha and the judge), so he is now free to live his life and pursue his dream of making it into the police academy.  His and Hye Sung's relationship takes some major strides forward and they end up living together.  And having a crazy butterfly-inducing kiss scene that made me weak in the knees. 

Everything was resolved just perfectly and I have no complaints.  I do want to thank a friend for her heads up to watch through to the very end.  I almost closed it as the credits started rolling, but would have missed a wonderful moment if I had, so to her I say thank you again.  All in all, these past 9 weeks with this drama has been a superb ride and I thank you for joining me on it.

So, what's next from here as far as my next drama review?  I'm leaning towards Good Doctor with Joo Won and Moon Chae Won.  It looks intriguing.  Plus, I'm hoping to have a bit of redemption after Level 7 Civil Servant.  It begins on Monday (the 5th) so the timing couldn't be better.  It just fits.  Now let's just hope it pans out to be worth the hype, huh?  ;)   So, unless you hear otherwise, assume that's what's coming next Friday.  And, as always, thank you for stopping by.

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