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The Master's Sun ep 3 {{Dramatic Review}}

I just finished watching episode 3.  It's 11pm Wednesday night in Wisconsin, it's been a long LONG day for me full of going, going, going, BUT I had to start writing right away!  I'll figure out the pictures tomorrow.  Such a good episode!  I totally "Squeed" about a million times this episode.  So many "Omo, Omo, Omo, Omos" I am sure my son who is watching anime in the family room thinks I am insane in the den.  But seriously, O M O!~~ Such a good episode!  I can't even get my brain to calm down enough to start figuring out how I want to write this one up...  Ack!  Show of "virtual hands" how many of you are loving this show as much as I am?!?!?!  I seriously love Gong Hyo Jin in this role, it was made for her! She is so creepy, weird, funny, adorably sweet, vulnerable, sad, pathetic, cute & perfect for this character! And So Ji Sub cracks me up!  I LOVE his vehement denial to all the proof she keeps showing him.  Big chicken!  Okay, okay so now you know & I got my fangirling out & in the open let's see if I can actually put my thoughts into a cohesive form tonight.  Wish me luck!  And one more SQUEEEEEE...before we start...

** Ahem  ** 

*Serious Voice*
Let's get started.

Today's episode brought to you by lying, skeevey, cheating, slimeball, murderous husbands.  And really great shoes!
Now I am a shoeaholic, I admit it freely.  I LOVE SHOES!  I don't have nearly enough of them, of course even if I had a closet full of nothing but shoes I would say I don't have enough shoes.  I inherit it honestly from my mother, she had a shoe fetish too.  However I am also a cheapskate, so I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a pair for more than $50.  So imagine my surprise when this week's Main Story arc started and was centered around a really sweet pair of pink stilettos?  I was in shoe heaven, minus the whole nasty looking ghost lady, that was chasing people down to get her shoe back.  It was also centered around the dead woman's cheating, murderous husband.

So here is the Main Story.  Lady comes to surprise hubby w a late night visit at his store, which happens to be the 4th highest earning store inside Kingdom Mall.  She peeks through the window of his store & finds him snogging one of his employees.  And then, as if that isn't bad enough, she overhears him talk about how much she likes hiking, that he needs to go hiking with her all the time, especially since that is where he is planning on killing her and making it look like an "accident".   He catches her and chases her through the mall, she manages to get away, but leaves behind one of her shoes in the process, then in her shaken, sobbing state she gets in her car & races through town, with someone behind her flashing their lights & honking at her, I believe it was him, the bastard husband, pardon the language but it's what he is, & then eventually, in her highly agitated state, she gets in a nasty NASTY car accident & dies.  Enter Tae Gong Sil, who tries on said shoe & ghost lady appears in front of her.  She gets Tae Gong Sil to confront hubby in front of his mother in law, his employees & half the customers at the mall but he gets her thrown from his store, with everyone "tsking" her & making her feel all alone & crazy....again.  UNTIL *trumpeting call of the arrival of the King* {{get it cos So Ji Sub's character is the owner of Kingdom shopping mall?  Get it?!?!  Oh whatever.}}  The King arrives and he has Cinderella's other slipper & they match the evidence & the husband & the mistress are outed.  Mother gets her moment w daughter & daughter passes on to heaven in peace.  Of course there was a little more to it than this but really the important part of this drama is the developing relationship & awesome chemistry between our 2 main leads, right?  You know I am.

Speaking of which....

Taking stubborn to a NEW level:
Through all of the main story Tae Gong Sil is still trying to convince Joo Joong Won that she isn't crazy.  That she really is seeing the dead.  Finally he accepts she has a 6th sense but since he can't see them he refuses to admit that he believes her, he says this out loud, that even though he knows he provides safety for her he refuses to be her safety.  Did anybody else laugh? I laughed.  You believe her, you admit you've seen the proof & you admit she must be seeing them & therefore you admit you can understand why she is scared but because YOU can't see them then you are going to pretend to continue to ignore her & the ghosts. BIG FLIPPING CHICKEN!!  I loved his face every time he realized she could see another dead person.  Nope, not stubborn AT A L L!  MEN!!!  I think my favorite part  in all this, is that while his driver is off reporting to his aunt & uncle, Joo Joong Won is going to drive himself home, remember he can't read, & the GPS, which has ghost programming, *insert rim shot here* leads him back to the hospital so that he can watch as murderous husband tries to throw away the evidence of the proverbial "Glass slipper".  "Right turn here". And when Tae Gong Sil repeats that direction to him and informs him that, yes 'ghost lady' was actually the one giving him directions, the look on his face was priceless!  That there is good stuff people!

But our main leads are not the only people in the show...there are various & sundry supporting cast members too.  From Tae Gong Sil's Unnie to the guys that work on the security team w SIG & the aunt & uncle, I'm beginning to like them all.  Although I still can't quite figure out the Aunt & Uncle.  Their still on shaky terms with me.  I need to see more of them.  But for example...

You meet the strangest people in the hospital parking lot climbing into sunroofs in the middle of the night:
I loved how SIG & Tae Ri Young meet for the first time.  Obviously there will be sparks there because duh they are the 2nd leads!  And because SIG's character isn't the least bit interested in the big headed model who is used to having men notice & chase her.  How awesome was her expression when he wasn't interested in getting her number?!?!  "This did not just happen to me!  I am a gorgeous model for crying out loud!  Worship me!"  You go SIG.  And I have to admit I love how sweet he is to Tae Gong Sil.  But now he believes she is in a relationship with the boss...all because one of the security guard cuties witnessed one little harmless BEAR HUG between Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Sil.  {{Pssst... I really got all breath catchy & tummy fluttery during the hug scene, anybody else?}}   This is why South Korea needs to hug more, so a simple bear hug attack from a woman to a man is not so suspect.  I volunteer to help!  I am a great hugger!  But then I am a woman of many talents.  *hint hint * Giggle*  But we did learn that he, SIG, is investigating the disappearance or death or whatever happened to Cha Hee Joo, whom we now know is not such a nice girl from Joo Joong Won's past.

But that was not where it we got quite the lovely little surprise in the end of this episode.  Also known as ...

Tae Gong Sil gets invited to hang out at a karaoke bar, with the security team, including SIG & her sister, drinking, being almost normal and, as her sister put it, balancing her yin with some "yang", AKA "Male presence", sister code for hanging with cute guys.  She wasn't supposed to be drinking, of course she didn't know that the security guy was spiking her Coca- Cola, we see her walk up behind Joo Joong Won, who is being followed by Cha Hee Joo.  Who else was thinking to themselves, "she's totally going to let Cha Hee Joo's ghost 'body jump'!!"  I was!  She said, she promised he'd let them meet if she ever saw the ghost again, well there is Cha Hee Joo, & Tae Gong Sil did have alcohol, which apparently turns her *literally* into another person, in other words, allows ghosts to enter her body. This means, "Hello Cha Hee Joo, why sure you can jump inside my skin & borrow me for the night to talk to your ex boyfriend.  No big deal."

I cannot wait until tomorrow's episode, or rather today's episode (#4) to see what happens, I mean I already have a good idea, because it was in the LONG preview but still it'll be nice to have subs & understand what is going to be said.  SO EXCITED!!!  And it is almost midnight & I have been up since 6am.  I will probably have to re-write this whole thing tomorrow as I am afraid it makes no sense right now but I had to try!


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