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The Master's Sun ep 5 {{Dramatic Review}}

Recap of ep 4 ending:
When last we left our dynamic leads, Tae Gong Sil was facing off against a huge car accident {{that would soon be filled with all the ghosts of the people who died in said accident}} & Joo Joong Won had just arrived announcing himself as her "safe hideout".   He performs the "arm grab, spin her around & hold her lovingly in your arms" device well.  And I admit I got chills & tummy flutters.  I'm human and apparently one of those girls that gets tummy flutters very easily.  I admit I love the wrist grab, the arm grab, the pull her into your arms thing BUT only when I know that the heroine secretly wants it too.  There are certain times when it's applied, that I don't actually care for it.  I take it one scene at a time & look at the context of everything that is going on.  IMHO, there are certain moments we really want to be left alone BUT then there are certain moments when we want the guy to follow us, stop us, grab us, hold us.  The trick is, if it's the right guy & if he truly cares about you, he should be able to know by context, your mood, your body language, your personality, which is the right answer.  But then again I understand that men are not mind readers, which seems weird because aren't they always sure they know everything? ;)

Picking up where we left off:
Not only does Joo Joong Won hold her hand, he calmly and sweetly walks her through the accident scene to the other side of the street to walk her home & get her a safe distance from all the ghosts.  {{Okay, I do have to nitpick one eensey weensey detail here that irked me.}}  I get the importance of him escorting her through the scene but in reality that would all be roped off & there would be no way on earth you would be able to just walk right through the scene of an accident like that.  Of course, we'll go with the whole 'this is a K Drama' rhetoric & walking through the scene was to show you how sweet & soft he is to protect her & make him look manly at the same time. {{Got it.  Moving on.}}  After they get a safe distance away, he asks if there are any ghosts following them & she looks around & then even though she confirms that there aren't any she grabs his hand again & he asks her then why are you grabbing my hand again & I love her response & that goofy smile, "My hands keep wanting to reach out and touch your body."  And all I could think as I laughed at her blatant honesty was, "Yeah I know exactly how she feels."  Then I thought to myself as I was writing this post, "KDramas are so clean, nothing like US TV, maybe US TV has already done it's damage to me, because while the dramas are themselves clean, when watching them I often have naughty thoughts."   

The rest of that opening scene was so sweet & funny. His personal 10 Billion Won Radar.  And how sweet was she when he said he was giving her a job closer to him?  Bless her little tired heart.  I also enjoyed how much he would deduct from her paycheck for each time she touched or hugged him.  And how she had already used up this month's paycheck.  So miserly with the touching, Joo Joong Won, really.     

Touching Charges:
Holding Hands = $100
Hugs = $1000

And finally his reasoning that he wasn't charging her enough as holding hands was worth less than a bottle of champagne & hugs were less than the cost of his refrigerator.  I really do like his version of the Typical KDrama Jerk. But the very best part was when she was talking to the giant stuffed cat in her apartment later & decided that she shouldn't allow herself to have lustful thoughts of him or she might lose her "safety hideout".  Yeah good luck with that sweetie, not have lustful thoughts about So Ji Sub?!?!  Better luck holding back the tide!!  See there are those naughty thoughts again.  

This week's episode brought to us by Weddings for the Dead:   
Actually, I had already heard about this custom.  Weddings for the recently deceased.  It happens honest, probably not as often as it once did & certainly not as out in the open either, it's called a Ghost Marriage & is a Chinese tradition.  But it isn't solely a Chinese tradition, there are many different versions of this, in several other cultures as well.  I think it's kind of sweet.  

Wikipedia had this to say about it:
Chinese ghost marriage was usually set up by the family of the deceased and performed for a number of reasons, including: the marriage of a couple previously engaged before one member’s death, to integrate an unmarried daughter into a patrilineage, to ensure the family line is continued, or to maintain that no younger brother is married before an elder brother.
It just so happens that the CEO of another company, is in talks to go into business with Giant, the rival company to,  Joo Joong Won's own, Kingdom.  And it also so happens that the CEO grandson recently passed away & she is trying to get people to stop talking about her grandson's spirit haunting her & driving her out of business.  She figures if he gets a soul mate, sorry I couldn't help myself, he'll be at peace & things will return to normal.  Why does everyone think this is a result of a haunting? The cut flowers, green roses specifically, which were placed in his room at or near the time of his death, several weeks {{or was it months}} ago, are still blooming beautifully when they should have withered and died a long long time ago.  So she hires, the Chinese version of, Elvira Mistress of the dark to find her grandson's spirit a mate.  But it turns out that he isn't interested in what his grandmother or Elvira are up to.  He already has a girl he likes.  Of course the process of discovering this was quite comical.  So we'll talk about a 3 of the funniest moments that pertain...  

1.) Tae Gong Sil is approached by JJW's aunt, as a special request from Elvira to go to the house.  No one realizes that Elvira has overheard TGS talking to a ghost & is therefore decided she should be the one to marry the grandson as she has her feet in both worlds.  JJW sees this as an opportunity for TGS to ask the Grandson what his grandmother's plans are regarding her business w Giant Vs Kingdom, he sends TGS to their house for ghostly reconnaissance.  But she is feeling a little nervous about seeing the ghost & what if the ghost follows her back to her house & keeps her awake all night long?  This is important so Joo Joong Won pulls out the big guns.  IF she goes, *he opens his arms wide* she can then touch him & hug him for free, he won't dock her check.  OMO!! The look on her face!  I was so glad I was watching it in my car while my son was in Tae Kwon Do or the entire Dojaeng would have been giving me the strangest looks while I laughed my head off.

2.)But when he figures out everything what is actually going on, namely that the Matchmaker is going to perform the ceremony for the wedding with LIVE bait, namely TGS. He goes to rescue her from having to spend the night with the ghost.  Only CEO granny meets him at the door & threatens him that if he opens that door she will work with Giant & not Kingdom.  So he changes his mind & plans on leaving TGS in there, BUT TGS opens the door herself at which point he grabs her head & shoves her back into the room, then closes the door, pointing out to grandma that he isn't the one who opened the door.  I burst out laughing so hard & rewatched over & over, when he actually shoved her back in the room, by grabbing her face & head & just pushing her in & closing the door!  Then said, "It wasn't me who opened the door, it was this woman," when TGS comes back out again.  The facial expressions in this episode were to die for as well.  Especially the Matchmaker for the Dead, she was awesome!

3.) After Grandma gets the funnily delivered message from her grandson, via TGS of course, she accepts that the Ghost Wedding is not what he wants.  Eventually it comes out that he has someone he likes & he is waiting to show her the green roses.  But when TGS does a little investigating she comes to the conclusion that the grandson is gay.  It was a man he liked not a woman.  The look on JJW's face, Priceless!! Eventually, they discover that the former milk boy, was actually a milk girl.  The milk girl & he formed a rapport over the many different color versions of roses, including the rare green rose & even shared a sweet little kiss in the garden.  He just wants to say goodbye to the girl, who treated him like a regular person.   And they bring her back to the grandson's room & she sees the roses & the grandson "kisses" her & he is able to move on peacefully.  And JJW gets grandma's business.  Yay!  Win/win!

Someone she likes, who likes her too:
During all of this we got to see more & more of SIG.  He is worried about Tae Gong Sil always being afraid & the little boys who live in the same building inform him that she has people chasing her.  They don't specify that it's actually ghosts so he thinks its a loan shark.  He asks her about it on the way to work but she chickens out on telling him the truth & says it a stalker.  He offers to be her bodyguard, awwwww.....heart melted all over the dang keyboard...hold on...

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There all cleaned up.  Thanks for your patience.  Anyway, she feels bad about lying to him & afraid she will disappoint him & she tells ALL of this to Joo Joong Won, who is very obviously not happy that she likes another man.  But he hasn't figured out yet why it bothers him, nor has he admitted to himself it bothers him.  Typical male ego thing here.  He didn't want her till he noticed another guy wanted her first.  Ugh!  Anyway, during all of this the Aunt has finally told Yi Ryeong who it was that ruined her wedding & that she wants to get TGS away from JJW & that this is where Yi Ryeong can not only get even but help out the Aunt, by being the woman they wave in front of JJW to woo him from TGS.  So Yi Ryeong goes to the apartment to confront TGS & instead has another awesome run in w SIG.  After she reveals that she is going to steal TGS's man, aka JJW, from TGS he offers to be her secret weapon.  In return Yi Ryeong has to find out why JJW is so interested in TGS.  You know Yi Ryeong might end up being the bad girl, love rival, but I think she is hysterical, especially when she interacts with the ever gorgeous SIG.

The next day Tae Gong Sil is sad, she gave SIG the brush off because she felt guilty for lying but didn't trust him or herself to tell him the truth about herself & even he admitted he had no right to like her because he had secrets too & was afraid he would disappoint her as well.  Of course when she tells this all to JJW he is quite happy, until the end when he sees her talking to SIG & then hears from her that she is going to risk it all & go for happiness.  

Before we end completely though there was...

A Warning:
But all is not pretty for TGS, she gets a very dark warning from the matchmaker, after SIG very manly like beats up her thugs & protects Tae Gong Sil.  The Matchmaker tells her, 

"You are shining very brightly.  That is why the dwellers of the dark seek you.  They complain and ask for favors, but you must be on your guard.  Some of the ghosts are quietly waiting for an opportunity.  They will try to use you to find a chance to come back.  The darkness swallows the brightness in the end and the dead swallows the living in the end.  Be careful not to be swallowed up."

The whole time she was talking we watched as Hee Joo watched JJW from behind him sinister like.  And then we discover that the youngest of the 2 little boys in the apartment building can see ghosts too.  Although that could just be because he is a child & they say that children are more easily able to see the other world than grown ups.  it was eerie & creepy but we'll have to wait & see if they develop that story.  

My Thoughts:
Another great episode!  Laugh out loud Funny, yes that Funny was Capitalized.  Sweet, romantic, creepiness in just the right places & delivered beautifully.  The story is moving smoothly & cohesively.  So far, so good, Hong Sisters.  I can't wait for next week's episodes!  Heck I can't wait for tonight's episode!  Can you?  See you tomorrow AddiKts!


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