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Good Doctor ep 10: Dramatic Recap-it

Sweet sleeping Joo Won  *happy sigh*

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of episode 10

1.  The Part that Was a Given
The singer's voice is saved by brilliant, creative thinking on Shi On and Yoon Seo's part.  Obviously.  We knew that was going to happen, but the other thing I wanted to mention was Hot Doc here.  Didn't we have a scene prior to this where he had himself come up with the same solution as he was going over the procedure in his office?  I'm pretty sure he did.  This is significant in that it turns the surgery into more of a test for Shi On.  Hot Doc is not only looking to see if he can physically and emotionally handle the surgery with his handicap, but also looking to see if Shi On can reach the same treatment conclusion that he himself had reached.  He's the teacher that came up with the answer sheet and is waiting to see if Shi On passes the test.  Shi On's game time solution matches what the Professor has already figured out ahead of time.  Passing teacher's test then opens up a whole new world for Shi On.

2.  The Part that Made Me Cry
A post-surgery wearied Shi On stumbles outside to take a breather.  In his dizzy and hazy state, he has a chance encounter with a strange man.  Almost immediately I figured out who this character was supposed to be and yes, I started crying.  It is Shi On's brother, imagined or ghost, I don't know.  But his brother all the same and they have a wonderful conversation.  As he leaves, Shi On finally realizes himself who this man is, or at least suspects that it could be him.  I just loved this part, it made my heart happy for Shi On.

3.  The Part that Made Me Laugh
Shi On is trying to explain to Yoon Seo how he sees things, specifically how he can see things in the world in multiple dimensions.  Her friend's super power excites her and so she challenges him to look at her.  She stands there, ready for his "x-ray" vision.  He takes a look and then starts giggling.  She suddenly realizes what he might be "seeing" and gets all shy and covers up, feeling all violated and stuff.  It was hilarious!  Hey, you asked for it!  He's a grown man, not some toy, silly goose.  It was a very cute scene between these two.  They really are fun and adorable together, aren't they?

4.  The Part that Made Me Cheer
After saving the singer, Shi On starts to finally get some well-deserved respect around the office.  He starts to be considered a real team member and (almost) everyone gives him the warm welcome that he didn't get when he started.  He's also finally allowed to be a regular resident doing 24 hour shifts instead of going home at night.  As he is finally treated as a peer, he begins to flourish.  He's learning.  He's growing.  He's changing.  He's becoming the hospital's rock star pediatric surgeon.  After so many sad episodes filled with prejudice and non-acceptance, this one was a welcome breath of fresh air.

5.  The Part that Made Me Laugh Again
The basketball scene.  Oh, the basketball scene.  First, I would like to file an official complaint.  Hot Doc was looking all hot and stuff while playing, but he wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a decent screen shot.  Boo.  I wanted a pic of Hot Doc being all hot and sweaty and basketball-y.  *humph*  Anyone wanting to sign my petition, let me know after class.  But anyway, so Hot Doc is playing alone when Shi On walks up and gets the ball passed to him.  It's just like last time - the music is all dramatic, he gets in shooting position and then, well, yeah...turns out that basketball isn't his game.  Which is kind of surprising given his talent for seeing things multi dimensionally as he can, but whatever.  Point is, he stinks and the ball misses, by like a lot.  Over and over he tries and tries again, with disastrous results, until finally, finally, he sinks it.  Yay Shi On!

6.  The Part Where I Really Liked Her Hair
Yoon Seo treats Shi On to a special dinner where they are joined by a guest.  One guess who it is.  Dinner with his girl that doesn't know she's his girl and his mom that he doesn't know is his mom.  Can I just mention how much I loved Yoon Seo's hair here?  Normally I don't really notice things like that, but for whatever reason, it really was distracting me throughout this scene.  She looked really pretty for her date.  I'm sure she's oblivious to the affect that she's having on poor Shi On, but I almost wonder if it was a subconscious effort on her part to get all dolled up for him.  Yes, I'm totally reaching here, but there's no arguing that the girl put in a lot of effort into her appearance this particular evening.  Either way, it was a touching scene, especially when Mom gave some food to Shi On which apparently triggered some sort of memory in him, though he was unable to recall it.  It certainly gave him pause though, but later when Yoon Seo asked him about it, he couldn't identify what it was about that moment that struck him.  I think it's very sweet how Yoon Seo is trying to reunite mother and son in such a subtle and non-intrusive way.  I anxiously await Shi On's reaction when he finally realizes who this cafeteria lady is.

7.  The Part that Gave My Heart a Flutter
Shi On's hiccups have stopped when he's around Yoon Seo.  His young love counselor informs him that this is because he has moved onto stage 2 - love sickness.  His love is growing from crush to more.  He knows that he is falling for her, yet she is still apparently oblivious.  Watching him around her as he explores this new emotional landscape gave my heart a flutter.  I worry about him getting his heart shattered later, but for now, he's adorable to watch.
8.  The Dramatic Part
Two dramatic moments I wanted to mention here:
1-  The Director sees Shi On's mom.  Nothing is said, just stares of disbelief shared back and forth.  And back and forth.  The camera work here was a little cheesy.  Sorry.  It was great during the basketball scene, but here, yeah, not so much.  Cheese.  And oh so dramatic.
2- Our new patient.  There's a pregnant woman that Shi On repeatedly encounters as she sits in the hospital and cries.  Her story is that the baby has some sort of cyst, an abnormality.  She's married to some chaebol guy who is working overseas and she is left at the mercy of her evil mother-in-law.  This dragon lady is insisting that she does not want the dishonor of a "broken" child marring their family name and so she is forcing the woman to give the baby up for adoption.  The hospital team is incensed because what the baby has is totally fixable with surgery, but dragon lady won't back down.  The woman is desperate to keep her baby yet must remain the ever-filial daughter-in-law.  It's quite the dynamic and understandably emotions are running high with everyone involved.  There's a lot of back and forth throughout the episode, but it ends with the woman choosing to have the baby there at the hospital and receive the surgery as planned, even if it means that she must divorce her husband and go through life alone.  In the stress of the final confrontation with the mother-in-law from Hell, the pregnant patient goes into distress and faints.  And that is our cliffhanger ending for this week.

Final takeaway after watching episode 10?  Maybe you've already been able to deduce this, but I enjoyed this episode a whole lot more than the previous ones.  It was so wonderful to finally see Shi Won getting treated well by those around him.  And we had less hospital politics going on.  They were still there, and I probably should have talked about them, especially the part where Hot Doc's fiance lets him know of her involvement in everything, but nah.  It'll keep til whenever.  There were too many happier things to talk about this time around and they deserved some attention because they haven't happened near enough up until this point.  I hope we get some more of these feel-good kind of episodes before the hard drama stuff comes back in later.  And I hope that Shi On's ghost/imaginary/whatever brother keeps on visiting him because that was just so sweet and tender.  He needs that right now.  So yeah, much better episode this time around in my opinion and gave me more hope for the future of this drama.  Yay!  See, I told you that I'm really truly wanting this one to pull through and make it and be a success.  With the cast they have assembled, they should be able to pull off a win in the end - even if Joo Won has to carry everybody on his lovely, broad back.  ;)

I hope that you too found some delightful moments this week with the Good Doctor.  What were some of your most memorable moments?  What would have been in your list of 8?

Until next week dear addicKts, I bid you a fond adieu.  May your weekends be fabulous and filled with wonderful drama moments.

Take care!

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