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The Master's Sun ep 9 Review

Looks like it's my turn to have drama drama drama in my life.  Needless to say I am once again late with these reviews, & for that I am sorry.  This first week of school for my kids was filled with a million appointments for me, & not a little stress.  But seeing as I don't get paid for this job & seeing as I am pretty much my own boss, I guess I get a little leeway in my self appointed deadline.  Oh yeah, it's good to be a boss.  Now why don't we get to it, you aren't here to hear me brag about my cushy life are ya?

Last week episode 8 was loaded with feels.  Oh my the feels.  Some were bad, when she found out he was using her, not romancing her.  Some were happy, when she realized he cared enough about her to feel guilt, & then when he protected her, not just from ghosts, but from gossipy/judgmental employees.  And of course whenever he stares at her.  Sigh... big sinking into a puddle sigh.  He's so good at staring at her.  And then she finds out just how bad a person Cha Hee Joo was in life & that she is still protecting someone, the real culprit behind his kidnap, as a ghost & that Joo Joong Won wants Tae Gong Sil to be his protector.  FEELS!!!!

Then this week I saw a teaser/preview & there was a kiss!!  Now you know that I waited the entire episode for this one moment right? On the edge of my seat waiting for a Kiss!  Only K drama's do this to me.  What is this evil power they have over me?!?!  Of course a lot more than just a kiss occurred I know that, logically.  But my inner fan girl just keeps jumping up & down & chanting, "He Kissed her!! He Kissed Her!! He Kissed Her!!"  Holding her back has not been easy.  So bear with me.

After some reflection JJW comes to the realization he was a bigger fool than he thought.  He was being used by Hee Joo from the beginning she never cared anything for him, not if she is still protecting the bad guy, even in death.  It seems JJW's dad believes Hee Joo to still be alive that's why he is in Spain.  And JJW refuses to talk to his dad through Candy Kang, so father & son play mind games with each other.  Knowing each other's weaknesses they decide it's time to meet but each is determined to do it his own way.

{{You know KDrama families always make my family look like one of those perfect families in 1950s TVland. I always think to myself, "And I thought my family was screwed up."}}

It was sweet & funny watching Tae Gong Sil explain to Candy Kang that she can see ghosts.  She no longer likes him anymore, she finally has fallen for Joo Joong Won, which takes the pressure off of her as a possible girl friend.  At first he thinks she is telling him she can see ghosts as revenge for him not liking her & using her as a spy on Joo Joong Won but she explains she isn't angry, she really can see the dead, & talk to them as well.  That this was the reason she has stayed by Joo Joong Won, because she is looking for Hee Joo, for answers.  And then she tells him about the pretty white cat that is sitting next to the grandma on the bench, the cat he can't see, but she can.  She walks off & he approaches Halmoni & asks her if she used to have a cat & she searches through her phone as she answers yes she did but it died, then shows him the picture of her & a very pretty fluffy white cat.  And suddenly he believes Tae Gong Sil.  He also looks more than a little pale at the idea of ghosts being real & all around him.

Stealing Bodies:
Now the main ghost story for this episode I thought, at first, was very sweet & sad & romantic.  Brilliant, famous pianist's wife has passed away, just prior to a concert he is giving, at Kingdom of course.  But in his tremendous grief, he can't function without his devoted loving wife.  The wife who was always by his side, helping him, encouraging him, loving him.  TGS goes to him & gives him a pecan pie that his ghost wife instructed her specifically how to make & explained his wife is still with him, the sheer joy at knowing she is with him, was very evident on his face. And TGS continues to be the "go between" the ghostly world & this one by following his wife's instructions on helping pick out clothes & encouraging him.  Which seems sweet at first until you start to realize this guy will probably not be satisfied w TGS helping him just this one time.  Then he overhears TGS & her Eonnie discussing the repercussions of allowing the wife to simply take over her body & help him & how it's possible that TGS's own soul would be permanently replaced.  UH-OH.  So he slips her a mickey & once she's out cold his wife slips inside her body & takes over.

While all of this is going on, JJW & Secretary Kim are headed to the airport for his week long trip to China. Now I totally knew that somehow or other he was going to save the day & the girl, duh.  K Drama 101.  But I admit I was nervous about it at the same time, especially when Aunt & Uncle came to pay respects to the pianist just prior to the concert & he informs them that she is his muse & she will be leaving with him, directly after the concert, for France.  I did love the look on Aunt's face when Tae Gong Sil became the muse for a famous concert pianist.  But thankfully big mouth uncle stepped in & called JJW at the airport & our hero made his dashing entrance.  But not before the doting, loving wife, in Tae Gong Sil's body, turns into a nightmarishly cold woman to her husband.  Apparently she hated being married to him, hated having to serve his every whim, to perfection & living under his constant criticism.  Dang! She was harsh.  He goes off to the concert & plays, while sobbing & Joo Joong Won confronts the wife, who never had any intention of staying inside TGS to begin with.  But before she goes, doesn't he want to know the girl's (TGS) secret.  How does TGS feel about Joo Joong Won.  We flashback to when they were making the pecan pie together.  The wife notices how lovingly TGS watches JJW, when he isn't looking of course, & TGS confesses she likes him as more than a boss, but he is in love with another girl, Hee Joo is my guess, and as a result he doesn't see her & she swears the wife to secrecy.  Guess the wife figures I'm a ghost & about to disappear anyway, what do I have to lose?    But Joo Joong Won is not interested in the secret, he pretty much knows what it is anyway.  He wants to stay ignorant rather than face the truth, he already suspects.  Then he walks up to the wife in Tae Gong Sil's body & kisses her.

Breaking down the kiss:
Okay, so I'm torn, the kiss was not passionate.  It did not involve the full participation of the 2 people in the kiss.  BUT at the same time that is because it wasn't Tae Gong Sil that was being kissed.  It was a woman who was already married to another & dead too btw.  So, I'm glad there was no passion on her part.  However!  So Ji Sub did one heck of a job making it into a very memorable kiss.  Maybe it wasn't passionate but he did his best to make it slow, tantalizing & romantic.  {{Of course I HAD to watch it repeatedly to make sure I got a full & unbiased picture for this review, I work so hard for you guys.}}  When he held his hands away from her bare back & then finally gave in to the desire to just hold her, I swooned.  You could see he was very into it, knowing it was Tae Gong Sil he was physically kissing, but also he was holding back because he recognized Tae Gong Sil was not the one participating in the actual kiss.  So no, it was not a first class kiss, but the story made it so it couldn't be, I don't want them to have that kind of kiss when it isn't even Tae Gong Sil.  So I was happy the way it played out & I enjoy that it left me wanting so much more.  I pray that they do finally get that kiss, and that all 4 lips & arms are involved.  Come on Hong Sisters, directors, actors, don't let an ajummah down.

Where it all goes horribly wrong:
After he kisses her, the ghost of course leaves her body, which means Tae Gong Sil goes back to being drugged & asleep.  He stays with her until her hears someone coming & he leaves, she wakes up just enough to see a blurry vision of a man walking away but, supposing he is already on his way to China, she forgets about it.  He sits in the airport, with Secretary Kim, & they discuss the changes that have been wrought in our hero, against his will since Tae Gong Sil's arrival.  His heart is softening, especially towards her.  He's always been a good man but she is making him into an approachable one too.  He is scared of these changes & what this means so he decides he can't do this any longer.

It's already been a week.  She made it through & is so happy he will be returning to Kingdom & in essence to her as well.  She passes by the trash can ghost at the mall, the one that Joo Joong Won left an important job for.  Which was quite comical in itself.  Flashback to before he leaves he approaches the trash can, he can't see anything but an empty bench & a trash can but he remembers that Tae Gong Sil said about a scary ghost man who always sits there.  He takes the necklace he bought for her, but has been too chicken to give her, with the charm of a sun on it & he rests it on the back corner of the bench.  Then tells the ghost guy to keep it safe & when he sees Tae Gong Sil to give her this special amulet from Joo Joong Won.  And bless his ghostly self, he does.  Which overjoys Tae Gong Sil & she rushes to see Joo Joong Won when Cutie McLittlesecurityguy rushes to her & tells her that the President is back.  Unfortunately, he is not alone.  She meets secretary Kim by the water fountain & he looks uncomfortable & then Aunt & Uncle arrive & Aunt very proudly & snottily informs Tae Gong Sil that Joo Joong Won is not alone.  That he is to be married & his fiance has arrived with him.  They both turn the corner & he boldly & coldly, accompanied by his beautiful new fiance, walk right passed Tae Gong Sil, as though she isn't even there.  And my heart died for her.  And the show ended there.

Before I close I will say I watched episode 9 while sitting in my car waiting for my eldest to finish Tae Kwon Do.  I have to or the other parents inside the dojaeng think I am nuts with all my squeeing & laughing & gasping.  And I was going down the "OH No! No don't be so mean to Tae Gong Sil" path & getting emotional when all of a sudden Dongsaeng started sending me text messages & a few a those were captured on my screenshots.  We really enjoy trolling each other when we're watching our review shows.  Kind of hard to be emotionally invested in a show when messages like this pop up on your screen mid screen capture.  Thanks Dongsaeng for keeping me from crying in public.  You have perfect timing.

Now as I said my week was long, involved, & stress filled, so I haven't even watched episode 10 yet.  Guess I better get cracking huh?  Wish me luck addiKts.


PS Normally I don't do this but I just had to add in a couple of scenes that just made me giggle & fall more in love with this quirky show.

Joo Joong Won The Protector & Keeper Away-er of Ghosts!!
When Joo Joong Won went into Tae Gong Sil's office & found her in a restless nightmare filled sleep in ehr little wing chair, he realized that something or rather someone ghostly was obviously filling her dreams so he went into protective mode, speakign to an empty room he tells the ghost to leave her alone when she is sleeping, he then sits on the arm of the chair & protectively wraps an arm around her shoulder & lays her head on his arm & sits there quietly while she sleeps peacefully.  Awwww... I have a hard time seeing my husband doing this for me, of course in his defense I cant see or hear dead people so....

The payout:
Realizing that she won't be much help getting info from Hee Joo, who is protecting someone, Tae Gong Sil & Joo Joong Won both realize she isn't the 10 billion radar she once was to him.  He decides he needs to take care of her financially but she's pretty sure what with all the money taken from her paycheck for all the touching etc....she's probably int he negative.  So he tells her to find out & check her bank account as her paycheck should already show up in the account balance.  I loved the look on her face when she hears how much money she earned!

Advising the guy you like to go after the girl he likes, only it isn't you!
When Candy Kang was sitting at the piano thinking about Tae Gong Sil & how he likes her but she likes Joo Joong Won & what can he do if she doesn't like him, when Little Tae sits down next to him & advises him that, that is when you don't give up, you go for it even more.  Much like she has been doing with him. He get all excited & determined & leaves after thanking her for her advice & in the hallways she realizes it's Big tae he likes not little Tae & that she just told him to chase her rival. AISH!

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