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Good Doctor ep 12: Dramatic Recap-it

It's not late until the next episode has aired and has been 100% subbed.  Sorry to those that were waiting for your final appointment of last week with the Good Doctor.  Things got a little backed up in the office.  Thank you for your patience.  (Yes, I almost went there - I almost said "patients" but it was too much for even me.  You're welcome).  I need an Oreo.  BRB  Okay, I'm back.  Got my Oreo and threw in a bowl of cocoa krispies while I was at it.  Guess I'm having some major chocolate cravings.  What does that have to do with my review?  Absolutely nothing.  Though, now that you mention it, I bet that there are a few lovely sets of chocolate abs hiding under the scrubs on this show.  I'd go search online for pics to prove my theory, but then the chances of me returning would be very slim and this is already late as it is.  We'll have to save our hunt for chocolate later.  :(  It's tough being a responsible blogger sometimes.  :(

{{Now you see why this is late.  This is the mood and frame of mind I've been in for days - it's like ADD in overdrive.  I've been trying to save you all from having to witness it for yourself, but I'm just plain out of time so sadly you must now be subjected to it.  I'm trying to reign it in before I start in on the actual recap.  I've got music going to focus me.  Think I'll open a window too so that I can gaze outside and daydream instead of typing whatever comes to mind.  I have a Jejung folder here on my desk.  I think I should hide that too because it's distracting me.  He's hawt.  Listening to f(x) right now and yes, it's still a hot, hot summer here in the desert southwest.  September is a tough month.  October is slightly better, but also not.  Window open and looks like a I have a thirsty orange tree out there.  BRB again.  Okay.  Back.  It's a Valencia orange which are juicing oranges so they tend to be extra thirsty and it's already broiling hot out there today.  Poor little tree.  It looks so sad and droopy.  Wonder how long the dog will stay out before demanding to come in from the heat?  Sun just popped out from behind a cloud so I give it another 30 seconds.  Ooh!  She just spotted something out there - add in another minute or two to explore before she comes trotting back to the door.  .....
Yes.  I'm done here. Sorry.  Back to work!  See - told ya, I really have been trying to do you all a solid this past week by procrastinating as I have done.}}

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of episode 12

1.  Saves the Day and Gets in Trouble

Seems to be the theme of Shi On's career at the hospital so far - save the day, yet still get in trouble for it.  They are doing the c-section and surgery on the lady with the MIL of nightmares.  As predicted, it gets to a critical point where they decide they must give up on saving the baby in order to save the mother.  Shi On can't bear this, insists that they can still save both, does so, and then afterward gets reprimanded by Hot Doc.  Reprimanded and praised both.  Looks like things are improving between these two.  I'm glad.  See, told you Hot Doc was too good looking to stay a bad guy for long.  I knew he'd come around.  So our patient is saved, her baby is saved, and later on her husband unexpectedly shows up and stands by her side no matter what Mommy Dearest says.  Looks like it could be a happy ending after all for our sad yet brave new mommy.   

2.  Flirting and a Convenient Store Hammer

Let's just come out and call this what it is - Hot Doc is totally putting the moves on Yoon Seo, whether he's meaning to or not.  It's so obvious to those of us watching, including Shi On.  Hot Doc insists on driving her like the block to her apartment after work.  She and Shi On had been walking out together, Shi On using the excuse that he had to go buy a hammer at the convenience store.  He listed a couple of other more typical things you would find at a convenience store first, but had to switch it up each time Yoon Seo pointed out that those things were already available to him and he could save himself the trip.  It was so cute.  The poor guy just wanted to walk her out but couldn't admit to it so kept coming up with excuses as to why he had to go to the store.  And then Hot Doc shows up and takes her away after all of his creative thinking and spoils it all.  He is becoming more obvious in his attentions to Yoon Seo.  I suspect that Yoon Seo is not entirely blind to this, but hesitates because he's supposed to have this girlfriend/fiance/whatever.  Things aren't looking so good between he and Chae Gyeong and I'm sure Yoon Seo will soon play an even bigger role on that front.  It sure looks like that's the way he's heading at least.  And the hammer - before I move on, I must mention the hammer.  The next day at work, Shi On has indeed pulled out a brand new hammer that he supposedly found at the convenient store.  Yoon Seo is kind of surprised that he found it there, until of course she discovers the price tag from a hardware store on the handle.  Shi On's bluff is called and he's understandably and adorably flummoxed and embarrassed to be caught in his little fib.

3.  Acing One Exam, but Failing Another
Remember all those case reports Shi On was supposed to memorize in order to be able to pass a test administered by Hot Doc?  Well, the day has come and it's test time.  He passes with flying colors despite the highest level of difficulty.  Just like we knew he would.  We had faith in you Shi On!  Shi On fighting!!!
A little overkill on the screencaps here, but seriously, they are both so gorgeous in their surgical scrubs that I couldn't help myself.  Trust me when I tell you that this is scaled back from what I could have shared.

Sadly, the cheering only goes so far as the knowledge part of the exam.  When Hot Doc pulls Shi On into the operating room for a pretend surgery for the practical part of the exam, he repeatedly panics under the stress.  To his credit, however, he keeps returning in order to conquer his fears, which in my book, is still a win.  He'll get it, I know he will and the victory will be all that must more sweet when he does.

4.  Yoon Seo Learns More
As she talks with Shi On's mother, Yoon Seo learns more of his past.  Shi On has forgotten all about his childhood except for his brother, including his own parents.  Well, now we know why.  Well, we already knew why, or at least had a pretty good idea, but Yoon Seo didn't know so she's just now finding out how Shi On and his mother were abused by his good-for-nothing father.  This made his condition worse.  Time for another one of my theories here.  Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if, as the story continues, we discover that a great deal of Shi On's current condition can be linked more to his experience with his father.  His mother says that the beatings made him worse.  I'm thinking that he was born slightly autistic or maybe just "different" in some way and his @#$%^* father scarred him so badly that his symptoms developed into what they are today.  Once things resolve with his daddy issues and he finds love, maybe a lot of his "symptoms" will resolve themselves?  We know autism can't be "cured", but what if they go the route that it is more psychological damage that has been done and less autism that is to blame?  Just saying that it's very possibly the way they are going here.  What is your take on it all? 

5.  Commercial
the hair killed me!  hahahaha!  I love him!

A film crew has showed up at the hospital in order to shoot an ad.  Yes, everyone is hilarious as they awkwardly try to go about their day while in front of cameras.  The underlying threat though that certainly was not far from our minds during this part was that obviously Shi On's father would see his son on TV and come a'callin'.  Sure enough....

6.  Kicking it Up a Notch

Hot Doc's flirting with Yoon Seo is kicked up a notch when he awkwardly brings her to a store and tells her to pick something out.  She's flustered and confused and incredibly uncomfortable, finally resolving to pick something out for his fiance instead.  Shi On's jealousies increase until he finally admits to Yoon Seo that he likes her and he wants her to stop treating him like a child.  She's dumbstruck.  Gobsmacked.  This obviously will change the way that she sees and treats Shi On.  Time to re-evaluate everything there Honey.
7.  Competitors in Love, Student and Teacher, and Brother Figures
The relationship between Shi On and Hot Doc is morphing and growing.  Shi On is earning Hot Doc's respect at work while he still is being challenged and tried and tested and pushed to his limits.  Now they have both set their sights on the same woman.  And then, after an accidental run-in on the street that turns into Shi On being beaten by some drunk idiots, Hot Doc turns into a "big brother" and saves him from the bullies just as his real life big brother used to do.  I had to laugh when Yoon Seo shows up like the mom to bail both of them out.  ^_^

8.  Things Get Ugly
Sure enough, just as we figured, Shi On's @#$!%^&* father sees him on TV and comes looking for him.  The anticipated reunion that Shi On had looked forward to and welcomed doesn't go as he had thought it would.  Forgetting his past as he has done, he assumes that meeting his parents would be a happy reunion.  Only, obviously his subconscious hasn't forgotten what his conscious mind has.  He takes one look at the man that is standing before him as his father and collapses from the overwhelming fear and stress.  Heartbreaking!  I can only hope that this is like everything else challenging him at the moment - a necessary trial to pass through on the road to "recovery" or at least living more of the life he desires to live.  A life where he can work doing what he loves and love the woman he wants.  A life where he no longer is haunted by the nightmares of his youth.  A life where he can contribute and be appreciated for the treasure that he is.  It's hard and it's painful, but good things can come from these experiences.

This was a very emotional episode to watch.  I cried for Shi On all while cheering him on in his victories.  I'm sure there are more growing pains in front of our hero and other cast members still to come, but I anticipate good things to come when all is said and done.

I am so glad that today is Monday and we get to see what happens with our story and our beloved hero.

I am also glad that, better late than never, this post is finally done!  Yay!  Thanks all for stopping by and can't wait to see what 13 holds for us all!

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