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Good Doctor ep 18: Dramatic Recap-it

Ack!  Darn cold will not go away.  Head cold, not weather cold.  The weather is still pretty warm during the day.  Not that you asked or probably even want to know but I told you anyway.  I'm a sharer.  But I've been down for nearly a week now with a case of the sniffles and such, which is why this recap has been so elusive.  It's been a long time since I've pulled a late night blogathon - oddly enough I've kind of missed it.  I'm sure The Husband is delighted to hear the constant click clack click clack that are my fingers racing across the keyboard while he sleeps.  Just one of the things that comes with the territory when you've married an addicKt I suppose.  I would suggest a support group for those who love those who love this world.  I think that there are times when they could use a shoulder of one who understands what it's like to live with people like us to cry on.  Or sleep on.  You know, whatever the situation requires at the time.  We just need a catchy name.  Any ideas?

While I let you think on name ideas for our support group for those that love those that love all things Hallyu, how about I chat a bit about this episode?  Sound good?  Okay, so you keep thinking while I review some of the top 8 moments of this episode.  And away we go!

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of episode 18

1.  I Got Your Back

About to perform a tricky operation on Kang Hyun Tae's son, Hot Doc collapses from his infected stab wound.  Insistent that he remain in the operating room, he turns the reigns over to Dr Cha and has one of the residents physically hold him up so that he can observe and direct.  This is all while Hyun Tae looks on from the observation room.  The surgery ends up being successfully completed, yay, but Hot Doc doesn't get off that easy.  Hyun Tae comes to find him and chews him out.  Hot Doc comes back with some story about how he held the baseball and couldn't leave the boy's side or whatever.  Whatever he says, it's enough to make peace with the difficult Hyun Tae.  PS - I really should have come up with a nickname for him earlier on.  It's kind of funny that this is actually the first time I've used his name.  You might not even know who I'm talking about.  Guess if that's true you'll just have to do what I did and Asian Wiki it ;) 

2.  Kangster Nurse

I recently heard and purchased a track from an album I had never heard of.  Part of the album title used the word "Kangster" instead of "Gangster".  I liked it.  So I pay homage to it by using the term to talk about our favorite murse.  After seeing a bit of news about their old "colleague" catching the serial stabber, a group of guys in dark suits show up at the hospital looking for our Mr Tough Guy.  They never so much come out and say it, but one is certainly left with the impression that Murse Jo used to be a gangster with these guys, or, as I like to now think of them, a "kangster".  They're trying to get him to return, but he swiftly sends them on their merry little kangster way and then tries to blow it off as just old friends from his neighborhood.  Yeahhh, I don't think anyone is buying it, especially not Head Nurse Nam, who apparently has a thing for bad boys.  After the run in with Mr Super Stabby, she started to look at him in a more positive light, fantasizing about him and everything.  This just further fans the flames of her interest.  She's definitely hot for his bad boy bod.  These two crack me up with all their goofiness.

3.  Mom's Reason

Shi On finally is ready to hear his mother's reason for leaving him all those years ago.  For 20 years he was abandoned.  I'd say that it's about time he found out why.  What compels a mother to leave her son?  She initially left obviously because of the beatings.  It must have gotten to a breaking point for her and she ran to save her life.  Once she had left though, her abusive husband was so angry and revengeful, that she feared returning would only put Shi On in more danger.  So she left him in the care of the Director.  Now, I'm still a little lost on some of the details.  Did he actually live with the Director?  When and how did this all come to be?  How did he get away from his father?  Did his mother arrange it ahead of time with the Director?  I still have a million other questions.  The point that I wanted to focus on though was, according to her, her staying away from Shi On saved him from his father.  Maybe she was afraid that if she was caught with Shi On, they would both be killed?  I don't know.  We are just to know I guess that she abandoned him in order to save and protect him.  I can believe it.  I still want more of the story to fully understand the circumstances and whatnot, but I believe that she loved her son very much and did not abandon him for selfish reasons.  I think her heart was in the right place.  It's still tragically sad, but if now Shi On as an adult can understand the deeper reasons behind her abandonment, he can make peace with it and with her and begin again from where they are now.

4.  Something's Off

Something is up with In Hae.  She's agreed to the surgery and everything seems copacetic, but there's something there that is nagging at Shi On especially.  He feels that there is something important that they are missing and that surgery at this point would be dangerous.  They at least want to handle In Hae's side of the transplant surgery there in the pediatric department instead of leaving it with the other department in charge of the case.  The Chief of that Department though is kind of still a big doodoohead and refuses their request when approached by Yoon Seo and Shi On.  Yoon Seo appeals to Hot Doc who basically assures her that he has something in the works to make it happen through medical justification.  There is most certainly some red flags all over this one though as multiple people keep pointing out that In Hae is not the same person she was before she got sick this last time leading us to believe that indeed there is something unseen lurking underneath the surface for our favorite teen love counselor. 

5.  Crying Uncle

I've been focusing a lot on Skele lately.  His story continues a bit and begins to involve all the other "business-side characters".  Finally learning the role of this money man trying to buy the hospital in her father's death, Chae Kyung is repentant and trying to fix things up.  This leaves an opening for new Chairperson, and Skele's uncle is picked as the temporary fill in.  Well, he wants the new job so he puts the pressure on his nephew that owes him for his current position, and who up until now has been cooperative in all their dirty dealings, to start helping the process along.  Skele though, after being befriended against his will by Shi On, has begun to have a change of heart and has found not only his conscience, but also rediscovered his true calling as a surgeon, not as a political maneuverer and wheeler dealer.  What will he do?  Follow his uncle's request and insure an even bigger promised promotion for himself, or follow his heart and protect the hospital and young patients that wouldn't be able to afford care if the hospital were privatized?  Another one having a bit of a dilemma is WhatsHisFace, Hyun Tae.  The experience with his son and the words of Hot Doc have started to work on him as well.  He's not quite the same bad guy he started out as either.  I love when Shi On tells him that he is now 50/50 - half good, half bad.  Sounds about right.  Which leads me to another tangent - I love when dramas stay true to actual human nature and give us these complicated characters that aren't really super good or super bad - they're people that make good choices and bad choices like many people do.  It just makes them seem more real to me. 

6.  Serenade

These last three points are going to focus on Shi On and Yoon Seo.  Yes, I know there was more in this episode that I didn't cover yet, but this is my favorite part and the only part of the drama that I am invested 100% into, so it's what I want to talk about most.  Hey, at least I bothered to make some attempt with the political blechy stuff first, right?  We got through that unpleasantness, now let's reward ourselves with a little lovin'.  Shi On has a parent of a patient request a new doctor because she doesn't like that he has this condition.  His friends and coworkers and even other moms try vouching for him and come to his defense like rock stars, but he easily gives the woman what she wants, with a smile and everything.  Later when a worried Yoon Seo is asking him if he's okay, he explains that things like that don't bother him.  He's okay with how new people sometimes react to him.  He gets it and doesn't take it to heart.  There is one thing though that hurts him....  Which he clams up about and doesn't explain until later that night back at home.  So he's down on his patio and Yoon Seo is above him on her balcony.  I'm not clear if he knows she's there or not.  It kind of actually makes a bit of a difference, but I couldn't tell for sure.  At some times I thought he knew and at others I was convinced that he didn't and that he was just talking to himself/the moon.  I suppose it's one of those things we just have to interpret for ourselves, at least at this juncture.  I'm of the belief that he did not know she was there, but am full on willing to admit that I could be wrong and wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he just found it easier to talk to her that way.  Knowing him though and how hard he works to protect her from his feelings, I am going to believe the first scenario unless proven otherwise.  Sound like a plan?  Good.  So, anyway, he's there staring up at the moon and begins to explain how his one-sided love hurts his heart.  And then he starts to sing.  And then we get a fantasy scenario with a "normal, healthy" Shi On and Yoon Seo in love.  We even get a kiss.  A dream kiss is still a kiss.  It may not be as good as a real kiss, but for now, I'll accept it and be grateful for it.  So he's down there singing his heart out, we're seeing what would be in a "perfect" world, and Yoon Seo is up there listening and crying.  And falling in love with him whether she realizes it or not.

7.  Hooked

I loved this scene here.  It was super duper cheesy, but it had its redeeming moments for sure.  The staff are putting on their annual (?) play in the pediatric ward for the kids.  They've chosen to do Peter Pan.  When pressed to participate, Hot Doc initially refuses, until his diabolical staff plays dirty and gets Hyun Tae's son to talk him into it.  Hot Doc has a soft spot for this kid and so next thing you know, he's Captain Hook and riding around on an office chair with a hanger for a hook.  Shi On is Peter and Yoon Seo is Wendy.  As part of the action on stage, "Peter" grabs "Wendy's" hand so that they can fly.  Only in this moment, Yoon Seo has a very non-Wendy reaction.  Shi On grabbing her hand and holding tight sends a shock wave through her and she forgets the play and focuses on the man that she's been falling for.  Afterwards, we see her go out into the hall and stare at that hand and try to calm her racing heart.  Ooh, she's got it good!  Yoon Seo likes Shi On!  Yoon Seo likes Shi On!  Shi On and Yoon Seo sitting in a tree....

8.  Oooh!  Did you see that?

Our final scene ends in a hug - a hug initiated by Yoon Seo.  A hug not meant as a friend or a sister, but a hug that says, "I've fallen for you".  She doesn't confess very clearly in words, since she's kind of stumbling all over the place trying to get those words out, but we know what she means.  Hopefully Shi On knows what she means too.  She probably oughta make it a bit more clear to him in the next episode, wouldn't you agree?  Still two to go - we'll see what develops.  Fingers and toes crossed!

And there we have it.  Better late than never.  Did you come up with a cool name for our support group?  Did you forget?  Were you distracted by all the love and feels and such?  Oh silly, silly addicKts.  That's okay, it's not like I can really even blame you.  It's Joo Won - I forget my name when he's around, let alone goofy tasks randomly assigned by some weird ahjumma lady.  I'll let it slide for now, but if you do happen to come up with a fabulous name for our fictitious support group for our friends and family who have to put up with our "hobby", let me know. 

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm anxious to move on to 19, so I think I'll bid you a very fond farewell at this time.  As I write this, I still have not seen it even though it came out today.  That's gotta be like illegal or something.  It's been a busy day and all, ya know?  Orthodontist, TaeKwonDo and the likes.  That's neither here nor there and I shouldn't be wasting valuable drama watching time by going through the boring details of my boring day that kept me from watching dramas.  So, enough chit chat for now, I'll got finish this up and hopefully keep my eyes open long enough to see what comes next for our love birds <3  Catch ya on the flipside!

I know I missed a lot in this episode.  There were easily at least 8 additional things I could have talked about.  If I didn't talk about your favorite part, I am sorry.  I didn't even talk about all of my favorite parts either.  There were some good moments in this episode worthy of mention.  As a peace offering though I offer up something that I just couldn't let go - some of the eye candy captured along the way.  I'm going to just state the obvious - it's very heavily weighed in Hot Doc's direction, but that's not because I find him to be the only attractive guy in the show.  Shi On had plenty of drool worthy moments, he's just a whole lot harder to capture.  Hot Doc holds his poses a lot longer and so his shots come out more clear.  Shi On is always moving and blinking and so very few turn out the way that I would like.  But we know, don't we?  We know that the Joo Won we adore is coming out more and more and he's so gorgeous and beautiful and worthy of lots and lots of attention.  Anyway, enjoy a bit of eye candy and recall some of the honorary unmentioned moments from 18.

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