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Good Doctor ep 19: Dramatic Recap-it

Let's just soak up the happy for a bit, shall we?

It's here.  Once again we begin the final week of yet another drama together.  It is as bittersweet as ever.  I know that in the beginning of this drama I had my doubts, but, barring any ridiculous ending (knock on wood), I can say with surety that I am glad I watched this one.  Is it the greatest ever?  Will it live on in the KDrama Hall of Fame?  Maybe not.  But that's okay.  It was still solid and sweet and had a good message.  It wasn't shocking or intense or mind-blowing.  It wasn't ultra romantic and swoon-worthy.  It was sweet.  And gentle.  And helped us to maybe feel a bit of compassion for others.  It showed us that people can change - that through small acts of kindness and just treating people with respect and less judgement, the world can become a better place and hearts can be softened.  We may not be able to "cure" someone on the autism spectrum, but they can still be humanized and treated as a person, not as their disease.  It helps us see the value that all people have inside of them.  A little philosophical?  Am I reading too much into a drama?  That's up to you to determine for yourself, but as for me, these are things I gained or was reminded of while watching and I'm grateful for this drama.  It is a heartwarming and positive story and I like those, even if they don't make my heart race.

But enough of that, let's go ahead and delve into the nitty gritty of this episode in preparation for the finale later today.  And away we go!

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of episode 19

1.  For Goodness' Sake Lady, That's What Hairbrushes are For!

After she confesses that she too has reciprocal feelings for Shi On, he asks Yoon Seo to promise him something.  He is worried that she will come to regret her words and her choice as he often does upon reflection of the previous day.  He says that if she does regret what she has confessed, that he wouldn't be able to bear hearing it in words, so he asks for a sign from her.  If she takes back what she has expressed to him, she is to wear her hair in a ponytail at work the next day.  So, hair up - broken heart.  Hair down - girlfriend.  All without words being exchanged.  Clever idea.  So what happens the next morning?  Yoon Seo awakes at 6:30am (Shi On's professed time of personal regret) and ponders her feelings.  The next thing we know, we see a very anxious leg-bobbing Shi On waiting for Yoon Seo and his fate to arrive.  She shows up and at first we just see her lower half.  He is too nervous to look up.  Finally, as he does, our collective hearts all break for, what do we see but a ponytail on her head.  What?!?!?!  How can this be???  She sees his crestfallen face and starts to giggle.  Her explanation?  It was windy outside so she had to tie her hair back.  He breathes a sigh of relief and runs off happy, secure in knowing that she has made the choice to date him.  And I'm left sitting there feeling a bit rejected still.  That was not my favorite moment, I'm not going to lie.  I mean, I'm glad she still likes him, but why would the writers do something so cruel to us?  Lame.  What?  Can she not wear her hair down and then, oh I don't know, go to the ladies' room to fix it before showing up in front of him?  I mean, really.  How hard is it to fix your hair?  She has to be some sort of cruel to do that to us him.  Yeah, not my favorite moment.  But whatever, if Shi On can move on then I suppose I can to.  I guess.

2.  This Freaking Better Not Be the Foreshadowing I'm Afraid it Might Be

I am nervous about this whole In Hae thing.  Long before we even get to the end of the episode.  First there was all that talk in the last episode about how Shi On feels that there's something amiss that they haven't identified.  His spidey senses are tingling and he can't put his finger on it.  And then we get the scene where she's writing in her diary "just in case".  And this is after Shi On's weird dream where she was standing there like she was dead - peacefully passed, but still dead.  Dead, dead, dead.  The pediatric team wins their argument to perform In Hae's side of the transplant surgery (hurray!), but still, something just feels off.  I am really worried as she is being wheeled into the operating room that we are saying goodbye to this lovely young lady.  But more on that later....

3.  Psychic Connection

As what I suppose we could call their first official date, Yoon Seo and Shi On go to visit a psychic.  She reads them individually but also as a couple.  It looks pretty good - they are a good match.  With one little problem.  I guess they only get one chance at this.  If they break up, that's it.  They will never see each other again.  There won't be any chance of their fates crossing again.  One shot - make it or break it.  The pressure is on. Hopefully their relationship will be like the Rubik's cube puzzle Shi On so easily solved in 10 seconds with his eyes closed.  Please say yes.  Please oh please oh please.

4.  Man Up

I loved the part where Hot Doc confronts Shi On's rotten father.  Bad Dad is on his death bed, yet he's still being the big giant jerk he's always been.  He's cursing Shi On and whining about how he wished his older son was there instead.  Hot Doc overhears this and later goes to have a chat with the "piece of work".  He tells Dad that Shi On should be treated as the adult he is and no longer as a child.  He reminds him that his son has grown to be a full-fledged doctor and needs his father to treat him as such in order for him to recover from the trauma of his youth.  What a wonderful substitute hyung Hot Doc has become!  Maybe his words will get through to Daddy Dearest before it's too late.

5.  Broadcasting It

Shi On has expressed his interest in keeping their relationship quiet for now, but at a department dinner out, Yoon Seo bravely stands to announce that they are dating.  The initial excitement in the group dies to an awkward near silence.  Some are supportive, like our adorable and loveable Jin Wook, but most don't really know what to say or think.  Poor Shi On.  Crushing.  After this announcement, the hospital grapevine gets busy.  Some support, some gossip.  An unexpected supporter comes in the form of Dr Grumpy Butt who was the most resistant to Shi On at first.  Some, like the brand new character that shows up (in the freaking next-to-last-episode) and is Yoon Seo's close friend, advise her against it.  Specifically this friend is worried about Yoon Seo's mother's reaction which, let's face it, is a legitimate enough concern.  We may not have met her, but yet Mom appears to be one who wouldn't necessarily approve of her daughter dating someone as "unique" as Shi On.  I smell trouble brewing as I watch Shi On and even Yoon Seo deal with the aftermath of them making it public.  Remember, they only get one shot at this if you want to believe the psychic.  Could spell trouble in our love connection.

6.  Peter Pan

The staff has their stellar performance of Peter Pan for all the young patients.  It was actually really cute.  I loved Murse Jo as Tinkerbell.  And Skele as the Little Mermaid who was lost on her way to find the Sea Witch.  Yes, I giggled at all the silly cuteness.  And then that giggling took a sad turn as my radar picked up on yet more foreshadowing in the final scene between Peter and Wendy.  I don't even want to talk about it, but I'm sure you know what I mean.  Mean writer.  Why can we never just be happy?  Why do we always have to be looking over our shoulders when something good finally happens?  Wae?!?!  Haven't we and haven't they been through enough already?  Can't we just have something go right without the obligatory hiccups as soon as things take a turn for the better?  Sheesh.

7.  Murse Jo's Story

So I guess I was wrong about the Head Nurse's Bad Boy fetish.  While I still would argue that it does still get her blood pumping, I guess it would seem as if she is still concerned about Murse Jo's past and kangster ties.  She wants to be assured that his past is truly in his past and that all ties have been severed.  And she wants to know how and why.  It turns out that Murse Jo had a sibling who passed away leaving a child behind and he became this child's caretaker.  The child was sick and hospitalized, and while he paid the expenses and supported the child that way, because of his kangster ways, he was unable to physically be there to care for his young ward.  When the child died, he received a letter from her/him expressing gratitude that he had been there for her/him.  This was too much for our sweet kangster to handle, so he vowed to leave his kangster ways behind him and treat sick children.  Fast forward to today and that's still his life's work in honor of his brother's child.  He starts sobbing and even the stoic Nurse Nam tears up at the emotional tale.

8.  Back to In Hae
Remember what I said before about this director and hands?  This episode had A LOT of hand action.

It's surgery time.  It's also confession time between In Young and Dr Han.  They are just so sweet together through all their tender moments in this entire episode.  And yes, I cried as both girls were being wheeled in for surgery holding hands.  And then when Jin Wook returned to In Young's side before going in to In Hae's surgery.  They got me with all the emotions surrounding this transplant.  I sat there watching and crying and pleading at the screen to not kill off In Hae.  I'm so scared.  I was relieved when the surgery finished without any difficulty.  I was happy when In Young opened her eyes and saw her Doctor in Shining Armor sitting there beside her.  And I wasn't one bit surprised when in the recovery area, In Hae's situation turned critical.  I really, really hope she pulls through.  I hope that this isn't somehow the "bridge of souls" that binds Yoon Seo and Shi On.  My fear is that In Hae dies and it breaks up our happy couple - with Shi On leaving or something like that.  After all, In Hae is credited with bringing them together - if she is gone, what will happen to the two of them?  Plus I just really hate when they kill off loveable characters in the end of a drama.  My only hope at this point is that I was wrong before, so I'm probably wrong now.  They want us to worry and fret, but they won't take her away from us for real, right?  They also won't separate our couple.  They can't do that to us this late in the game.  I say that, full well knowing that they can and have before in other dramas, but not this drama.  I'm going to stubbornly stick to my belief that they will not do that, that everything and everyone will live happily ever after.   So there.  Take that mean ol' foreshadowing.  I ain't falling for your tricksties this time.  :-P

Okay.  That's episode 19 for us.  One more to go.  Aggghhh!  What will become of it all????

Guess we'll just have to wait and see....

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