Sunday, November 17, 2013

Basketball : Game Over

So I am throwing in the towel on doing weekly updates on this drama.  It is not the worst thing I have ever watched ( except for the main actress who truly is my new #1 least favorite leading lady) but having nothing really positive to write each week has gotten very frustrating.  I am hoping to do a review of the drama as a whole in four weeks when it is over, but for now I am hopefully onward to bigger and better dramas.  I just hope that I can see the actors that play San and Chi Ho in something else soon.  Both of them should be congratulated on being able to stand out even within a so so drama.  I hope they both have a long career ahead of them.

So you might ask what is next for me.  I am seriously contemplating reviewing Pretty Guy which starts this week.  It looks wonderfully fluffy and after drowning in the mediocre melo of Basketball that sounds like a nice change.  So I am going to watch the first episodes and see if I am inspired.  If not this one then I am sure that I will find one soon.

Have a wonderful week full of kdrama's and for those of you who are going forward watching Basketball I wish you luck.


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