Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heirs ep 13 "Is She Really Going Out with Him"

Sometimes certain episodes will leave me with a certain theme in mind.  With episode 13, I couldn't help but play the song "Is She Really Going Out with Him" over and over again in my mind. 
Something about Kim Tan and Eun Sang walking around the school campus holding hands and watching every one's reactions sparked that for me, so I'm making it my title of this episode.  That's the main thing that happens here, Tan and Eun Sang make it official and start dating.  Of course, this is not without its angst before, after and during, so of course we have more to talk about, but that was the main event here.

Kim Tan has just gone public about his great big birth secret to his would-be fiance, Retchel and Retchel's mom, Esther Lee.  And he did so in front of his father and fake mom at a nice family dinner one night.  Needless to say, this doesn't go over too well and so he ends up in front of Eun Sang's work and in tears.  He begs, she declines, then in the end she caves and goes in for a hug.

Well, that hug is enough encouragement for Tan.  He has been wondering where Eun Sang has been staying the past two nights since leaving his house and is worried that she's shacking up in Young Do's hotel.  Now that he's run away from home too, he takes her to Myung Soo's studio for the night.  She's a little resistant to the idea, but he takes care of that by trapping her knees with his.  And yes, dear writers, this had the intended effect you had hoped for I'm sure.  Never before has the kidnapping of one's crush and holding her by sheer knee power been so sexy.  Congrats.  When Myung Soo show's up at his studio, he can't get in because Kim Tan changed the passcode on him.  Of course, as they are having their little moment trapped together, Young Do calls Eun Sang and Tan answers and the battle between the boys continues.

So Tan and Eun Sang spend the night together, if by spend the night together you mean she studies while he sleeps on the couch.  He of course tries for more from her, but she is stubborn to the very end and refuses to be his girl.  There is a sweet moment where she turns, thinks that he is sleeping and wishes him sweet dreams.  He replies and says that his dreams are already sweet because she's there with him.  Awww!  The next morning, they are shocked to find that Myung Soo has camped outside all night.  He's starving and freezing, yet takes this opportunity to embarrass them greatly by snapping shot after shot of them coming out from their apparent "den of love" {eye wiggle implied}  He is having fun with this one and is hilariously adorable doing so.

Once our lovebirds arrive at school, Eun Sang does her normal "I can't date you" blah blah blah, but this time Tan calls her bluff, pointing out that she hugged him and therefore can't deny that she has feelings for her.  He challenges her to take courage and take his hand, to which she eventually succumbs.  Boom.  Just like that, we have official couplehood!  They walk the school campus holding hands for all to see.  And see they all do.  This new couple is all the buzz, but not everyone takes too kindly to the news.

It's not just Eun Sang who's in trouble now.  The harpies descend on this girl next.  It has just come to the attention of Retchel and Bo Na that this girl's mom runs a hostess club, a fact that she was hiding for obvious social reasons.  Now it's her turn to be bullied.  Retchel (and an unwilling to say no to Retchel Bo Na) has ordered the hostess's daughter to sit in "the spot" - the spot that makes the sitter the new object of torment.  Things are tense.  Then Kim Tan shows up on scene and takes over.  As in, he takes over the spot.  He sits down and there's nothing that anyone can do about it.  He's the second son of the Jeguk company - the school bears the very name.  He's untouchable.  Except for Young Do.  A little shower of curry and the war between our boys continues to rage.

Things don't get much better for Tan back at home.  He is stripped of everything, even the very coat off his back from a father who is very ticked off that his son has spilled the beans regarding his parentage.  This leaves Tan broke and homeless and hitting up his girlfriend and friends for help.

Can I just say that I actually really adore Tan's mom?  I couldn't stand her at first, but she has grown on me.  She is so cute when she comes to find Eun Sang and Kim Tan.  She wants them both to come home, but has to settle at least for now with just Eun Sang.  Tan, having no where else to go, ends up at his brother's doorstep.  Things are okayish at first between the brothers.  I mean, Kim Won let him in, that's gotta count for something here, right?  It's all seemingly going to be alright until Won gets a call from Secretary Yoon about the company shares that everyone is focused on going to Kim Tan on his birthday.  While I don't get all the intricacies of the situation, it is rather clear that everyone involved is quite concerned with what happens to the company and which son of the chairman will inherit it.  For some reason that I don't think we really even know fully right now, Kim Won is pretty concerned that his younger half brother will take over.  Or at least become a threat in some way.  At this point, it doesn't appear to me that Tan is actually all that interested in the family business.  Right now he's just a teenage kid looking for love from his screwed up family and friends, but what do I know.  Anyway, this phone call I guess reminds Won of why he hates his brother and he kicks him out, instructing him to go get a room of his own.  Only there's a problem when Kim Tan tries to do this. The front desk clerk has been instructed not to give him a room and pulls out a amusingly drawn composite sketch that, lo and behold, Young Do has given him.  Cute little scene that ends with Tan back in his brother's room, with the younger brother trying unsuccessfully to reach out to his big brother.  He's wearing him down slowly but surely - I just hope he keeps on keeping on until Won finally chills a bit and let's his brother in to his life.

Things look like they are about to be shaken up at Jeguk High from none other than Kim Won's off-limits love.  She's tired of the money and status ruling the school and wants to change it to a performance-based hierarchy.  It is a school after all - grades should count more than what their parents do for a living.  Good luck to her!

This scene was popping up online prior to the airing of the episode, so I figured that I may as well include it.  It was short and sweet and we're calling it the "Donut Kiss".

We end the episode with a rejection and a kidnapping.  Young Do has reserved the cafe where Eun Sang works for two hours so that he can see her.  She tries ignoring him, but he eventually gets her attention and gets her to sit and talk to him.  Before he can really even start in, she realizes what he's about to do and beats him to the punch.  She knows that he has sincere feelings for her so she counters with a clear cut rejection.  The truth hurts and is hard to hear.  I swear I could hear Young Do's fragile heart shatter.  He is so venerable when he's around her - so raw and real that you can't help but pity the poor kid.  He doesn't handle the rejection very well though, and we end the episode with him about to make an announcement regarding Kim Tan's big secret (a secret which he has been okay with going public with).  This gets the result he's looking for when Eun Sang runs to the control room to stop him.  He grabs her and holds her, locking the door when Kim Tan comes running.  There they are, our convoluted love triangle, all angsty and messed up.  Both boys are just tragic characters and poor Eun Sang is caught in the middle of it all.

Oh, and Bo Na and My Chan had a fight over the bullying incident and are currently on the outs.  :(  I had to throw that in there too before signing out because, well, because.  They're an awesome side couple and I love them and wish I could devote more time to their story.

And there it is, a brief recap of what all happened in episode 13.  It really had a lot of cute and sweet moments, again, moments I wish I could elaborate more on.  Moments like when Eun Sang was in the bathroom and Kim Tan was standing guard sending all the other girls away.  Or every single moment between Bo Na and Kim Tan where Bo Na is totally convinced Kim Tan is still not over her and Tan totally plays along.  Moments like those that just add a certain something special to this drama and make the hour together just that much more entertaining.

I don't know about you, but I am curious to see what episode 14 brings.  What is is that Young Do so desperately wants to say to Eun Sang that he's willing to risk the further wrath of not only Kim Tan, but the school as well?  Hopefully soon our wait will be over.  Time to go check and see if it's up yet, huh?

Also, in case you noticed, yes, I skipped episodes 11 and 12.  I watched them, I took hundreds and hundreds of screenshots, and I even started the reviews, but just haven't finished them.  Okay, honestly, they are no where near finished yet, so I chose instead to jump straight into this week's reviews in the hope that someday soon I'll be able to back track and finish what needs finishing later when I get the chance.  So sorry if you are missing them.  It's the old worn-out excuse of life getting in the way while the drama marches on.  I will do what I can, until then, hey, at least I'm currently current ;)


  1. Heyyy omgg I finally found a blog that actually reviews Heirs eps!!
    I've been a big K-Drama fan for a long time now and I'm glad I came across your blog!! :)

    I watched the 14th eps yesterday and somehow I'm starting to like Young Do more and more!! Arhhh I hate when that happens! I just think this drama is too predictable!! I mean we obviously know that even if Young Do could be a possible love interest, she is still going to end up with Tan!

    I do hope that Eun Sang has at least a nice and perhaps somewhat romantic moment with Young Do!!
    Yes he is sort of an ass most of the time but I believe that he genuinely cares for Eun Sang! And I just can’t resist that puppy face he has sometimes^^

    Can't wait for ep 15!!! Too bad there wasn't a preview for this weeks eps! I really wanna know what's going to happen!! x]

    Loveee Bo Na and My Chan by the way!! They're hilarious and super adorable!! ♥

    P.s I just started a blog on my own a few days ago!! It's obviously still very new but I'd be really happy if you'd check it out! :)

    1. Hey Kmuse here:) Just checked out your blog and LOVE those shoes. Very cool and different. Keep up the good work on the blog!


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