Friday, January 17, 2014

My Love From Another Star ep 9

My very first single episode review of this drama! I am so excited! I spent a large portion of this episode gasping and squeeing and yes, even kicking my legs like a giddy little school girl and more than once at that. I have no shame in admitting it. This was an episode with many squee-and-kick worthy moments. From the kiss, to the naked sponge baths, to the very first face-to-face showdown with Mr Evil. And so much more! But we'll of course get into all that in a second here. I think I ended up getting screenshots of the whole episode. I was trying to capture our lead guy when he looked all gorgeous and hawt and stuff, and well, he was completely gorgeous and hawt throughout, so what was I to do? Anyone know of a great way to upload hundreds of photos to share? ;) Anyway, I am totally stoked to talk about and share with you the awesomeness of this episode so that we can all bask in its glory and loveliness together. So, what do you say? You game? Let's go!

 We start this episode right where we left off last week - our two leads sitting there snogging on the couch like the good alien and bratty actress that they are. I loved that this time around they interjected two things in - first, his lecture on love vs hormones in regards to skinship as well as the heart rate monitor for both of them before, during, and after the kiss. I wish there was a way to type the giddy gleeful reaction I had then and am having now as I remember the moment, so that I could truly express to you how much I loved this part. It was awesomesauce with a side of bacon. Hours later, the poor boy's heart was still racing. And then he got a fever. Looks like we now understand the reason behind the statement he made in the first episode about how he cannot exchange bodily fluids with a human. Looks like our resident alien caught a good old fashioned case of the cooties from a girl (thanks to my good friend Anne Violet who said it first!).  His spit swap gets him very ill and Song Yi gets concerned about him and even nurses him while he's ill.  And what a good nurse she is too - taking her job so seriously.  Like when she calls her only "normal" friend to ask how to treat a fever.  The friend, assuming at first that Song Yi is caring for a child and not a perfectly gorgeous grown man, instructs her to strip him naked and rub him down with warm cloths.  Song Yi's reaction to that was priceless!  And then she goes for it!  Well, she at least unbuttons his shirt and starts wiping him down with her eyes averted, but as we all know, in kdrama world, that's gotta be at least like, what, third base?  I thought it was a home run personally, but that's just me.  *rimshot*

I also loved how she got stuck in the sleeping bag and he wouldn't let her out.  Omo!  And then her new year greeting to Jang Young Mok (who she thinks is Do Min Joon's father) seriously had me in stitches.  Cheap humor?  Yeah, but still, freaking hilarious and I adored it!

We get some interesting background in this episode that I should mention.  First, the story about how Min Joon learned (the hard way) how he can't exchange fluids with humans.  It also just so happens to be how he met Young Mok.  He was working in a bank back in 1976(?) and a coworker spit in his coffee which he then drank.  Young Mok at that moment was in the bank pleading for a loan in order to save his mother.  Min Joon got sick and Young Mok didn't get the loan.  Both ended up on the roof - Young Mok to throw himself off and Min Joon in ill health.  Min Joon's abilities were hampered though thanks to the coffee sludge and so when he went to save Young Mok, it wasn't perfectly seamless and there was no hiding that something supernatural had just happened.

We also get a little insight into Song Yi's history.  She talks of her parents divorce and the misunderstanding that happened between her father and herself when she overheard her parents arguing.  It was as she was running away, completely distraught and sobbing, that she ran out in front of that truck and Min Joon saved her those 12 years ago.  She hasn't seen her father since.  Which is why she lists "stability" as her number one requirement in a man - she wants someone who will always be with her and never leave her.  Of course.  Duh.  You know, because Min Joon's time is almost up and so of course that would be the one thing that meant more to her than anything else.  And of course now he's going to feel bad because he knows he's leaving and that feelings are developing on both ends and he's going to just end up hurting her.  Or having to make the decision to stay.  He does, after all, need to protect her against Mr Evil, Jae Kyung, who has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet in this episode.

Speaking of Mr Evil, let's chat about what's going on there for a moment.  Dude just keeps on getting freakier and freakier.  It comes out that Yoo Ra had been pregnant before she was killed.  This was apparently going to be her big reveal the night of the party.  I wrongfully assumed that that was the real reason Psycho had killed her, but no.  He didn't even know.  No, he just killed her instead of dumping her.  That he dodged the whole "daddy thing" was just a lucky bonus.  This guy is so seriously scary!  And now he's after Song Yi.  As in, he is in her freaking apartment looking for her, scary creepy "where arrrre you?" and all.  A still recovering Min Joon, looking ever so dashing in his cream colored sweater by the way,
hears him in her apartment and confronts him as he exits.  And then we have the gauntlets thrown down by both men.  How amazing was it when, thinking he had won, the elevator doors open and Min Joon is standing there????  I died!

Finally, let's take tabs on who knows that something fishy is up with Min Joon.  Se Mi has it figured out that he and the mystery lifesaver from 12 years ago look oddly familiar, or you know, identical.  She has shared this tidbit now with Hee Kyung.  Even Song Yi is starting to get a little suspicious that something is different about this man.  She finds the piece of broken headlight from the car from when he saved her.  She hasn't linked the man from 12 years ago to him yet, but you know it's just gotta be a matter of time before that bombshell drops.  I am scared for when Jae Kyung knows too much.  I mean, he already knows too much for my taste, but when he knows everything, as he certainly will at some point because that's just how these things work (bad guys always have to learn someone's weakness and/or biggest secret and then use that against them), then watch out.  Se Mi's brother, the prosecutor, will probably play a role in all this somehow as well.  Which reminds me, is anyone else out there getting nervous about Miss Se Mi?  I can't fully trust her.  Is she Song Yi's friend or not?  She says she is not, yet she still usually acts like it.  I can't fully trust or distrust her at this point as her position is not entirely clear.  Will she turn out to be an enemy or will she remain loyal?  Will her brother be helpful or cause problems?  How far is Hee Kyung willing to take his "claim" on Song Yi?  At this point I can only trust Min Joon and Song Yi and Young Mok to not become antis.  On the other hand, I can only trust that Jae Kyung will remain evil.  And creepy.  The rest of the cast I am on the fence with.  I want to like them all, but until they prove themselves trustworthy, I'm going to keep them at arm's distance.

Alrighty.  That's what I have to say about that episode.  Now on to watch ep 10!  (yup, I am a day behind on my watching.  tragic, isn't it?  totes.)  See you when I return with my thoughts on that one.

Back hugs and Kdrama kisses,

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