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Favorite Kpop Videos of 2013

Here are my top favorite Kpop MV's of 2013.  They do tend to drift towards the humorous since that is what I like.  So if you are looking for great ballads you should probably search elsewhere or check back for my favorite OST list coming out in the next couple of weeks. 

#1 Swings featuring Seo In Guk - Would You
With its Jazzy slow rap and amazing Vocals sung by my #1 Bias Seo In Guk, this song and MV easily earns a spot on my favorites list.  The colors visually pop off the screen and the story of a man bringing gifts to a picky injured girl is entertaining.  And did I mention Seo In Guk is in this MV!!!!!!!!!!!  He is so beautiful and charismatic.  I can and have watched it over and over again.

Would You MV

#2 Miss A - Hush Hush
This wins my vote for sexiest female MV of the year.  With the group dancing  (in very odd locations................ subway, empty store, bathroom/shower stall which I find as being kind of an weird/icky place to dance) to a wonderfully up beat song that gets stuck in your head.  I also like that unlike many other female groups, they looked like they were really dancing and not just roboticly copying each others movements.  I also appreciate that they decided to do a sexy MV without actually having that random one guy theme that so many of these groups go with.  Nothing is more distracting to a song/MV then watching a group of women/men all dating the same person.

Hush Hush MV

#3 MBLAQ - Smoky Girl
This was actually my first introduction to MBLAQ since I am fairly new to the whole Kpop scene.  I remember seeing posts about their "comeback" song and how amazing the MV was going to be.  And I for one was not disappointed.  Bringing a mature smooth dance club vibe, the MV and the five singers slipped their way into my favorites list.   I love the black and white theme and even the pop of bright pink courtesy of Thunder's hair.  And their wardrobe was beyond sexy and for once consisted of normal clothes.  Even months later I still am happy to hear it on my song rotation and their MV makes me want to go clubbing with a paint ball gun.

Smoky Girl MV

#4 Im Chang Jung - “Open the Door”
This is one of those MV's that is so epic you just want to share it with everyone (kpop fans and non kpop fans alike)  I was so impressed with this MV that I made a post just to share it earlier in the month.  It is so funny and filled with a whole truckload of cameo's (Super Junior's Heechul, U-KISS, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Jae Dong, Cho Dal Hwan, Jung Sung Ho, Yoon Da Hoon, Bobby Kim, DJ DOC, Solbi, Choi Daniel, Lee Jong Hyuk, Yoo Se Yoon, and more).  I joked with my mother that you truly have become Korean obsessed when you can start to enjoy trot.  I guess after three years of dramas I am there sine I even enjoy listening to the song.  So please enjoy Im Chang Jung “Open the Door”.

Open the Door MV

#5 Heo Young Saeng -The Art of Seduction -
Prepare yourself for a fun video full of very bright sets and an even brighter wardrobe.  Add in a fun storyline of one fan's fantasy/ kidnapper reality and you have an awesome MV.  Musically it is an all right song but mixed with the MV it becomes one of my favorites.  I imagine that many a fan has had similar fantasies and it is hilarious to see a stalker fan and Heo Young Saeng  live  in her fantasy world.

The Art of Seduction MV

#6 B1A4 - Whats Happening 
This is one of those videos that you watch and then watch again and you are still left wondering "What the heck did I just watch"??????  A mix of super cute and super weird it is one of those MV's that you have to just sit back and enjoy without asking any of the hard questions like: What are they doing?  What kind of house is that?  Why do they have plastic Barbie neighbors?  Where the writers drunk when they came up with this concept (the answer is yes yes they were very very drunk).  It is especially a great MV if you have a younger child/friend/sibling you are introducing Kpop to.  My 11 year old LOVES this MV.

Whats Happening MV 

#7 Exo - Growl
Boasting some of the most innovative camera work in an MV this year, Growl makes a group dancing in a empty room interesting for once.  I usually am not a fan of the empty room/dancing MV's but this one combined a great song, an awesome one shot rotating camera, and some amazing dancing into one hugely successful experience. 

Growl MV

#8 Lee Hyo Ri - Bad Girls
Girl power done right is the theme of this MV.  Following the life of one girl from birth to adulthood we get to enjoy a fun spunky storyline and a very upbeat song.  Not to mention some awesome makeup and equally Dabaek eyebrow action.

Bad Girl MV

#9 Kim Hyun Joong - Unbreakable
So I totally watched this MV for its amazing hip hop vibe and artsy visuals.......... You know the visuals that are shirtless and sweaty and dancing.  I declare that this is hands down the "hottest" MV of the year and Kim Hyun Joong makes us all want to push the slow-mo button and appreciate his many assets. So here is prepared to have the urge to rewatch it over and over.  You know so you can understand the deep and important message that the MV is trying to portray.

Unbreakable MV

#10 GD - Who You
 I had a hard time coming up with a 10th song that I really loved. So I decided to get some help from my awesome Kpop/Kdrama group on FB.  We had a poll and they voted and GD's "Who You" wins!  I personally had not seen this MV til now and was surprised at how cool it was.  I love the concept of filming the whole video in front of a live audience and it goes to show you how talented he is that he can perform this way and not have any hesitation.  He truly is a visionary.

Who You MV

So that concludes my Kpop segment of my favorites of 2013.  Be sure to share the love since that is how we spread the word on how fun Kpop and Kdramas are.  Nothing better then getting your BFF or family members hooked on your Kobsession.  Have a wonderful Christmas and check back for My lists for least favorite dramas of 2013 as well as favorite actors.

Merry Christmas,

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