Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pretty Man episode 10: Meh.....stuff happened

So I am not sure if it was just because I watched episode ten when I was feeling a little sleepy or if I am the only one out there that was just not feeling this episode.  Personally everything that I loved about nine just seemed to pause in episode ten.  It was not that things did not happen plot wise, but when it came to the OTP it was as if we went one step forward and then ran back to several episodes ago.  Also is it just me or is anyone else missing the perky happy Bo Tang that did not let anything get her down.  With only three weeks left before the end of the show, I am starting to fear that we wont get the super cute couple moments between our OTP that I was hoping for. 
Add to that the fact that I have been crazy busy with all things Christmas and that leads to a super mini blog post today.  I am sure you all are sobbing that you cant read a regularly sized post written by yours truly, but hey, reality does intrude occasionally.  And since it was just so so i hope you all will forgive its shortness.  I promise that the next one will be of a lengthier nature.

Mattai's Revenge
Unless you forgot that Mattai has a slight issue with being ignored or slighted, it is brought to the forefront as he invites Bo Tong to lunch (just the two of them) to make up for the infamous Christmas Dinner.  He is all smiles as they order their meal and he asks her (in that super sexy voice he has, oh my gosh did he sound so so so sexy here) if she realizes how horrible she made his Christmas.  Him, Mattai, having to sit across from an uneaten steak being stood up.  She does her kicked dog look and then tries to do the cutesy girl oppa voice asking for forgiveness and he just tells her to talk normal (hahahaha).  They eat and he dine and dashes leaving her with an insane bill of $130 and a lesson learned that you don't ditch Mattai.  Sometimes I wonder if he is really maturing or are we just more accepting of his jerky ways after 10 episodes.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

David Learns to Cope With his Psychological Problems (kind of....)
So we also learn that David grew up with a depressed drug popping alcoholic mother all because his father ditched them to marry someone else (again why is it such a good thing that this loser is Mattai's father??)  He tells Bo Tong how he actually followed in his mother's footsteps going on antidepressants and having extreme mood swings until he met her.  He tells her that she saved him and as long as he has her in his life he can get through the days drug free.  Is it just me or does anyone else thing that basing you happiness and ability to function on someone else is just a bad idea. And a little annoying.
I have to admit that I am kind of tired of the whole one persons actions decided how a characters whole life turned out story line.  It just seems that it is a Korean characteristic to make certain characters stop developing at a specific time (because of a death, a divorce, a secret found out, the loss of a epic love, ect....) and they have a crappy life devoid of anything good or pretty much anything until something (usually love) starts them up again.  For once I would like to see a character actually take a tragic event and have it make them a better person for once.  

Just Let Her Die
So we meet another of the weekly Bimbo's.  This one is a 19 year old heiress brattling who likes to cause problems for anyone that crosses her path.  She also sets her eyes on Mattai and demands that her dad buy him for her.  Yup... that is right.... the dad is going pimp for his daughter and buy her a pretty boy.  That is wrong on so many levels.  When her dad and mom initially say no she threatens to kill herself and proceeds to self choke .  I personally say let the brat die the world would be a much better place.
 She has a huge amount of cash sent to Mattai's workplace ($50,000) and he is ordered to show up for dinner.  When He arrives he proceeds to make her fall out of her chair, fling his food at her (on accident of course....wink wink), and teach her that trying to buy someone with a pizza box of cash is low class.... she should instead give it in a nicely wrapped gift box.  She fumes and asks him why he showed up if he was not interested in her.  He replies that what he wants from her is not money, but an invitation to a party being thrown by the who's who of GM company.
Mattai gets what he wants and accompanies the brattling to the party.  Dressed up  in his pimpish best (wow that is one really red suit) he comes face to face with his errant dad?????? the evil queen, his older half brother, and unexpectedly with David the long lost hidden half brother.  Talk about a very awkward and messed up family reunion.
So that ends episode ten.  I really hope that we quickly skip past this whole who's my daddy crap that is going on and get to the important stuff.  I WANT MY ROMANTIC COMEDY....  not a story about long lost crappy fathers and their inability to figure out birth control.   I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and was able to spend some wonderful family time today.    Catch my next posts on My Least Favorite Dramas of the Year (not only of this year but from EVER!!!!) and Pretty Man episode 11.


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