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Pretty Man Episode 11: Am I the Only One Annoyed?

So if you were at all confused about my feelings toward this episode you can look at the picture above and imagine me doing the same face through a good 2/3rd of this episode.  Before I start my ranting (yes sorry readers, you are about to be ranted at) I want to thank my Kdrama bestie Angela for suffering through this episode with me.  Also for her input and help selecting the photos that best described my feelings tonight.   I am also going to change my blogging style just a tad so that I can fit in all the things that annoyed me. (don't worry there still was one or two scenes that I did enjoy and I will add those in  so as not to leave a horrible taste in your psychological mouth).

#1 Crappy Deadbeat Dads, Evil Step Mothers, Self Absorbed Brothers
Seriously who would really want to be part of this satanic family.  Talk about walking into a lifetime of situations that would require therapy.   Could these people be any more horrible to each other and everyone else that encounters them.  The dad is a philandering jerk who hides his illegitimate offspring from his psycho of a wife who seems to be the only women in this world he managed not to impregnate.  And then he has completely superficial relationships with the sons and even worse relationships with the women he dumped.  The only thing that keeps him from being a total deadbeat is his money (but considering that he did not give any money to Mattai and his mother that does not really even save him... I think we can official call him a loser deadbeat dad.
We all know I pretty much hate the stupid step mother.  She is a total sociopath and has no empathy for anyone.  Especially anything that is related to her husband and his infidelities, although I think she hates everything just because so there was no hope for her to begin with.  My biggest fear is that she is going to end up being Mattai's mom and will suddenly be all flowers and smiles (remember the matching watches and missing son?  I don't know how those would fit in to the plot otherwise.  But even if she does end up being bio mommy in some messed up twist I would still hate her.  Her actions are still despicable and cant be fixed.  For now I will just choose to pretend that she is just another evil step mother.
And then we make it to the brothers.   I know that a lot of people are loving David Choi and actually prefer him to get the girl over Mattai (I will go more into details about my feelings about that in the future), however as a brother he is kind of a major jerk.  He not only ignores the older brother (OK he is the legal heir and you two were not raised together.......whatever) but then acts like a complete total jerk to Mattai even after finding out that they are brothers.  David's lack of empathy for what he knows Mattai is going through (since he himself has also experienced it but with the support of his father being in the background) really bugs me.  I seriously don't see what other people see in him.   With the exception of Bo Tong he is very distanced and cold to those around him.

Whether they are using him for his looks, his hidden birth secret, or just want him dead all of the women in this episode are very very annoying.  It has gotten to the point where I don't even care who the bimbo of the week is since they are pretty much interchangeable and the only thing that matters is how they hurt Mattai to force his character growth.  Used (just slightly better then the password concept) as another blunt plot shaker and mover, the current bimbo concept is getting old.  The only good thing to come from their existence is to shine a light on how awesome Bo Tong is.  She is the anti bimbo in that she always stays by his side as a strong support regardless of how much money he has, who is father is, and despite his looks.

So with this episode being so jam packed with annoying scenes, these following scenes ranged from ok to hilariously funny.
That's Some Very Expensive Pizza
Refusing to take no as an answer our brattling princess continues to send Mattai more and more pizza boxes full of cash.  Obviously someone does not understand the word NO.  Mattai continues to decline the money but then goes to see Daddy Brattling and says that his price for dating his daughter is SS Home Shopping (MG's biggest competitor).  
Well it is good that Mattai is understanding his worth (kinda sorta) now.  But cant we see him succeed without selling himself like a street corner hooker?  It would be such a nice change if he said Screw it I will succeed for myself and not to prove stuff to my DBD.  And then he could truly succeed on his own without having to use every women he comes across.  By him doing it this way it just leaves a slightly icky taste in my mouth.  I still like him, I still want him to end up with Bo Tong and hopefully leave his messed up family in the dust, but I still feel that he is slightly less then he could have been as a leading man.

 Finally Someone Decks that Annoying Brat
Mattai (finding out that he has been dumped by his actress bimbo) decides to date the brattling for what he can get from her.  Going to a party in her honor she stands up in front of everyone and declares him her boyfriend.  Then she demands that he kiss her (and then specifies her foot) in front of everyone.  Trying to decide if he should since this is the only way to save his company (sigh...... yes again) he hesitates.  Then a voice from the back starts yelling that he is better then that and if that witch thinks her oppa is going to kiss her foot then she is crazy.  Oppa is way to pretty for that type of behavior (BWAHAHAHA  I love that she actually said he was to pretty to act like that).  She then rushes up and whacks the brattling with her hand made sea shell clutch.  It was truly epic and a shining moment in an episode of mediocre grayness. 

(I'm sorry to have no of screen caps for this scene.  For some reason the mix of camera work and my inability to get the right second resulted in a bunch of blurry photos so feel free to go catch the scene half way through the episode.  It is so worth it.)

Prison gets romantic
Bo Tong ends up in jail for her assault via sea shell purse.  Determined to get his obsession out David runs off to beg daddy for help.  Mattai uses this time to come in and have a romantic (or at least as romantic a moment as we are going to get from this drama) moment with Bo Tong where he assures her that he is going to be right by her side and get her free.  I dont know if anyone else was having the same thought I was, but in my head I was singing "Kiss the Girl" from the little mermaid.  Of course nothing happened since that would be asking to much.  But still at least I got to see some cute chemistry between the two.

This episode was full of people talking about the super duper secret "password" that would suddenly make Dead Beat Dad acknowledge Mattai as his son.  WHAT THE HECK SHOW THIS IS JUST A DUMB CONCEPT.  I know you have heard me rant about this before but to have to jump through hoops to have some pass code, password, secret handshake or sign is just a very stupid plot device.
I especially was annoyed that DBD (aka Dead Beat Dad) refused to even see Mattai until he had so said password (although it seems like it is some type of item from the way he refers to it........... maybe the stupid watch???)  One why did his mom not tell him what it was.  She knew she was dying.  Was she truly that stupid to not make provisions for her beloved son.  Two, stupid evil daughter in law (aka...wicked witch) knows what the password is but has refused to tell Mattai since she wanted to use him.  However she has been almost non existent and has had no impact on the plot for a good 6 episodes now so why is this even an issue.  It is officially the most convoluted way to make a plot move forward that I have ever seen.
 Finally in the last several minutes of the episode Bo Tong begs the wicked witch for the pass code which forces David to tell her who he is and offer himself up as a sacrifice so Bo Tong wont be sad, and Mattai receives the pass code (and possibly the chance to be free of the wicked witch's plots).  We are left still not knowing what it is but she hands over her phone she copied mothers last words on.  (You remember that..... back when she was still a real villain, letting his mother die, catching her last words on her phone rather then calling the nurses).  And of course when she gives over the phone to Mattai she cant resist telling Bo Tong that she must truly be loved since David is giving his life for her to get this.  Which throws her into the waiting arms of David and leads to my #4 thing that bothers me with this episode.

Now I understand from reading blogs and groups on FB that there are a whole lot of David/Bo Tong shippers out there.  I personally really don't see it.  At first I really enjoyed how cute they were together.  The spacey BFF vibe they threw off was adorable.  But the last few episodes David has become more and more of a whiny jerk.  Sorry everyone, but all he does is obsess over her, whine and fret that she does not like him and is instead paying attention to Mattai, and goes around yelling at Mattai for not loving her (Mattai has said that he is thinking over his feelings for her.........  just because he is more cautious with her is not a reason to treat him like scum.  With the exception of sticking her with the bill last episode he has been treating her very well.........Like an equal, a friend, and several times as a women.  And especially in this episode he has been putting her first even above his need for money and parental confirmation.)  David on the other hand has confessed and been treating her like his own little happy pill that makes his life better.  Knowing that she did not feel at all romantic towards him he continued to confess (OK if you absolutely have to that is fine) and when he was nicely turned down he proceeded to lay guilt about his depression and her fixing of that so said depression on her.  Instead of just acting like her "friend" he constantly tried to insert himself into the boyfriend role.  For me he has become the #1 thing that annoys me in this drama.  His laugh annoys me.  His moodiness annoys me.  The way he looks down on his brother (and the way he treats him) annoys me.  Pretty much everything about him annoys me.  I wish they had left him as a likable quirky character since they have somehow managed to drain all of those aspects from his current personality.

So we start on an annoying note, go through a lot of annoying things (with a couple cute moments) in the middle, and end on one huge annoying cryfest of a scene.  Sigh........  I miss the romantic comedy from the beginning.  The only thing I can be thankful for now is that we only have five more episodes to go.  And that there is no way that Mattai and Bo Tong are not going to be the final OTP of the drama.  I am sorry for those of you who are still loving this drama.  I agree that it does have its redeeming aspects but for at least now I am just officially bothered. I am crossing my fingers that tomorrows episode takes steps to redeem this week for me.  Until then I wish you a good day.


PS the idea of being annoyed with this episode and using the word bothered made me think of Jimmy Fallon's parody of Robert Pattinson Bothered.  So if you are up late and need a quick laugh after reading my sad blog then feel free to watch this clip!


  1. OMW, Kmuse. Ditto times a thousand. Especially on #4. David's emotional blackmail is seriously getting on my nerves! & I haven't even watched ep 11, yet. Thanks to ur recap, i think i'll wait until we hopefully veer back into happier territory. But I'm looking forward to seeing the Bratty Girl I Wish Would Go Away get shell smacked. How i luv Botongie!

    1. Just letting you know in case you were not following my other posts that it does get better:) Also I am loving your Love from another Star recaps!


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