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Pretty Man Episode 4: We're Questing

Episode four had several great plot threads in it.  And since the story of the wicked witch does not really interest me (she is evil ..........  even if she has a sad back story I really don't care .....  the end) so we shall ignore her at least for now.  And the Step Mother of Mattai

(is she really his step mother if he has not been acknowledged, and really what was up with the stupid codeword, if he knows who is biological dad is does that even matter, and if not why did it even come into the plot to begin with? I digress but that has really been annoying me since episode 1) 

is even more evil and we shall henceforth refer to her as the evil queen.  But for this mini blog we will also ignore her.  Just be assured that both she and the wicked witch are up to their glossy hairdos in plotting against Mattai.

We will instead focus on the two quests that we have in episode four.

The first is a quest for Bo Tong to sell the white socks (does anyone else give inanimate objects nicknames.  I personally call these socks, the fluffy white socks of DOOM, since they only seem to multiply and cause havoc)  And Quest two is for Mattai to seduce/charm/just be honest and ask the electric fairy  how to read people's hearts.

 But first what blog about quests would be complete without a clip of the most epic of quests (at least to all those total geeks out there) so sit back and enjoy this clip that really has nothing to do with kdramas, but hey it is funny and my mind has been stuck on it ever since I decided to do a quest themed blog post.

And now that that is out of my system (or is it???????????? HEHEHEHE)  we return to our kdrama quests.  Hopefully they will contain less falling cows and more success for our hot hero and crazy heroine.

Quest 1: Sell the Fuzzy White Socks of DOOM...........
So in case we have forgotten, several episodes ago the wicked witch gave Mattai the challenge to sell 10 million (who can remember the actual number) of white fuzzy socks.  In order to sell them he enlisted our crazy girl Bo Tong to team sock to get rid of them as fast and cheaply as possible since everyone knows white socks are worthless.  He then more or less put them on the back burner as his love life took the forefront.  But Bo Tong is a girl who does not forget, nor does she ever give up on a quest.  She becomes determined to sell those socks for her oppa so when selling them on the street and in a discount store fall through she turns to home shopping.  It is here that she meets  Choi David who instantly becomes enraptured with our heroine and also agrees to join team sock.
 So here we are four episodes later and our girl is still working diligently to sell the little suckers.  And in a burst of brilliance David and Bo Tong decide to market them as the next cleaning sensation....... Now the hard part comes........  Getting Mattai to agree to her plan.
 But luckily for her, Mattai becomes unengaged and now must again sell the socks as part of his own "gain power over the whole female world and then get revenge and find my daddy" quest so Team Sock is a go again.
 As they enter into the company that Bo Tong has scouted out to sell the socks of doom, we discover that it is the company of his biodad.  He just closes his eyes and exclaims "did it have to be this company"?  Unknowing about his connections Bo Tong just chatters away at all the reasons no where else would do and gets a little cranky when Mattai just snaps at her.  Even going to the point where she fake hits him behind his back..........  She is so adorable .................  Mattai turns around and she pretends that instead of hitting him she was really grabbing for a book she had made him on all the best looks for him in his upcoming wedding.   Mattai tries to walk faster and refuses to take her wedding journal but she is relentless telling him not to worry since she had been planning his look for when they got married and that he would look perfect.  HEHE.  Forced to admit that he is now "unengaged" a very very very happy Bo Tong chases after him yelling that there is a god at the top of her lungs and this is why people say that it is never final till you are at the alter.  HAHAHA  I really feel for poor embarrassed Mattai right here and again kudos to him for not snapping at her.

 So A very happy Bo Tong is off to introduce the two men in her life officially for the first time..... and it goes pretty much as you expect.  Its loath at first site and both silently call the other a loser.  And then they smile, shake hands, and each try to do that manly (I am trying to break your hand because I am the alpha) handshake that men do............ and both kind of fail......... HAHAHAHA  This show never did say that the men were overly macho, just really pretty.

 The two creative powerhouses of team sock even come up with a super beyond words cute dance/song/jingle to sell the new cleaning socks.  It includes spilled coffee and David cleaning up the spill with his foot, which gets burnt because the coffee is still scalding hot.  AGAIN I AM LAUGHING SO HARD.  Why would I ever want to clean my table with my foot?  But reality aside it does make a glorious comedic moment.

With the big reveal being an epic failure, team sock regroups (while David soaks his burnt foot) and agrees that they might have to work on their marketing strategy.  David also asks if they had copies of their credit scores and their permits for the product which results in a lot of blank looks and cricket level silence from Bo Tong and Mattai.  It seems that in her eagerness to sell the socks of doom Bo Tong forgot that thing called reality (something that i think happens whether she is involved with the socks of doom or not).
 Disheartened Mattai stomps out and Bo Tong is devastated and left without a ride.  But in steps her white knight who is delighted to give her a ride home and take pot shots at Mattai (he has nicknamed him "that bad guy") to her on the way.  But not to worry because things like reality and business are nothing against our heroine's good cheer. And when he suggests maybe finding a company that already has all of the needed paperwork to be the middleman for their cleaning socks her focus shifts like a laser-beam and Team Sock is off again.

So I would just like to point out that I warned you I was on a Monty Python kick.  And what better clip to compare Bo Tong to then this one of The Black Knight.

Quest 2: Disarming the Electric Fairy

So on the other side of the main future couple, Mattai receives his own Quest from the Wicked Witch.  To find out from the Electric Fairy how to read a persons heart.  And to make it just that much tougher the wicked witch lets the Electric Fairy (how awesome is her nickname and characters.  I love that that is what people call her as if it is her name) know that he is going to try and use her.
But never let it be said that our Pretty Man is not up for a challenge.  So what is a hot young man to do when he has to charm a girl that already knows you are kind of a jerk?  Why what any kdrama hero does.  He gets a hair cut and style.
And OH MY WORD DOES HE LOOK HAWT....................  Just letting you all know that I highly approve of the new hair style.
Entering into her psychic parlor like he owns the world, he stands for special effect and charms the room of ahjumma's and secretaries, leaving them speechless and with their mouths hanging open.  He then demands to speak to the electric fairy and when he is told it is a two hour wait he uses his "special" smile to try and charm his way in.  But unfortunately for him the electric fairy cant see the new improved him and he is given a pager and told to please wait.  BWAHAHAHA
But no Hero can achieve his objective right away and obviously the gods were out to get him because as he waited he fell asleep.  Which I guess is super perilous to all those pretty Korean boys out there because while he sleeps the scary ahjummas sitting next to him have their way with him.  Yup instead of observing a persons space bubble, they start to pet him while he is asleep.  Poor guy I feel so bad for him right now because that would just be so scary to wake up too.  Scary for him but oh so funny for us.
I would just like to take this moment to do a quick shout out to my kdrama/kpop discussion group because I know that a lot of you would love to be in this situation with your bias's and that thought just made me laugh all the harder:)

Luckily for our Hero he was able to escape the ahjumma's with his clothes still intact and finally is able to meet with our electric fairy who turns him down cold with not even one smile or gasp at his hotness.  Mattai stalks out and our fairy literally gasps in deep breaths and fans her face because she had to hold in her reaction to him.  Yup no one is immune to his brand of yummy.
Not deterred Mattai waits again until she gets off work.  Luckily for him it is pouring rain outside because the only thing better then the newly coiffed Mattai is a brooding wet Mattai.  But again Electric fairy stays firm and turns him down cold.  But at least she did let him know that there was a nasty cold in his future and he should get some cold medicine on his way home.  As she walks back into her shop Mattai drops his suave persona and stomps around muttering that he posed in the rain for two hours for nothing and forgets the cold medicine as he runs home.

  And of course he gets a cold.  And like any heroic manly man on a quest he takes the challenge like a true man would and calls Bo Tong to come and take care of him.  And again (sorry for being so repetitive) but he is the hottest and cutest sick pretty boy, that I am so thankful I never have to actual take care of when he is sick, ever.. ever.. ever.  He is winy, cranky, and reverts to the maturity of an eight year old.  But of course Bo Tong puts up with it with only a few mutters under her breath.  LOL
 While this is going on we see Electric Fairy troubled and alone reflecting back on a meeting with none other but the Evil Queen.  Seems that she is concerned over the connection between Mattai and the wicked witch and she hires the EF to break them apart.   I knew there had to be a reason that she was standing firm because that much of Mattai would be super hard to resist.  But money wins again (at least so far) and the Electric Fairy again builds up her emotional defences against our hero.
But Bo Tong's nursing is obviously what he needed and the next day he is again ready to break down the Electric Fairy's electric walls.  He decides to dump all the posing and fancy boy attitude and instead act like a friend and find out what she needs.  And what she obviously needs is to dump her workaholic ways for an afternoon and go out and play with him.  He drags her from her work and proceeds to try and charm her with all the fun stuff she is missing by being cooped up.  And when a call from her family comes through he promptly offers to drive her.
Seems that Electric Fairy was raised by two deaf and mute parents and is the breadwinner of the family.  And although she provides them with more then enough money they like to sell food in a cart for fun.  Unfortunately some street thugs had thrown around their tables so they needed some help cleaning things up.  What follows is the funniest and cute scene between Mattai, trying to do random hand movements to talk to them, and the parents who are confused as to why their daughter is with this pretty boy.  Just a quick note that nothing is funnier then trying to see Mattai figure out how to sign electric fairy.  Hehehe.  He and the parents quickly bond and he is shameless as he agrees to dinner at their house.
I love how Mattai thaws her, not from being the prettiest boy who is the perfect accessory but, by just letting some of his real personality leak through.  I think that it is still planned to a certain degree, but you could see moments of real happiness on his part start to spark through.  Moments that personally just made my heart melt.  And the last scene as he drops her back off to work is epic.  She tells him that if he ever gets over the wicked witch then to give her a call.  He looks at her like she is crazy and asks why she thinks the wicked witch is in his heart.  Then he leans in REALLY SLOW AND CLOSE AND SMILES......  Oh my word he smiles the best smiles...  Totally my favorite smile so far of the drama.
But someone should have told the wicked witch that he has not emotional connections to her.  Because when he arrives home he finds her crying and grasping him into a hug.  And let me just say that the expression on his face in the end scene makes me nervous.  The last thing I want is him to have any romantic entanglement with that fake witch.  And to make matters worse Bo Tong witnesses the whole thing and of course jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Both of our leads expression in that last scene were so beautiful.  Kudos to the director on being able to wring every once of emotion out of just an expression.  It has really made this show come alive with lots of feelings.  What would have been just a shallow plot with so so actors jumps to another level when every expression of a "good" actor adds depth to the scenes.
I love that although they both have different quests in this episode they are both striving to the same goal (more or less the achievement of) Mattai's happiness.  Although I look forward to the day that Bo Tong decides that she wants to be happy independently and Mattai begins having to make concessions or lose her.
Now I am off to watch episode 5.  So excited since it looks like the guys begin to have a more serious rivalry and I personally cant wait to see him get more serious about Bo Tong.  And I also might watch all of Monty Python and the Holy Grail since you cant really watch just a few clips and be satisfied.  So until later this week I hope you all have a wonderful time watching kdramas.


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  1. That smile really was mesmerizing, wasn't it? I totally swooned. I agree that these characters are really coming to life in a fun way thanks to the efforts of the actors. It really is fun to watch, even with the weak plot. I can handle a weak plot so long as it is executed with finesse as this one most certainly is. Great review!


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