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Heirs ep 16 She's All I Have Left

Captain Obvious is sitting here telling me that I better hurry up with this because the new episode is due to come up at any time and I've got to get up to speed on what happened last week before it does.  This episode was heart-wrenching.  It had some really cute and funny moments, but we sure paid for it in the end.  I'm going to start with some of the funny and then move on to the meat of the episode if that's okay with you.

The Funny
Kim Tan is the hot topic in the press, and reporters show up at the school.  They start peppering Eun Sang with questions about him, which of course starts to distress her, which of course brings Dark Knight Young Do in to defend her.  Myung Soo is there for comic relief also as that is his forte.  Myung Soo turns the cameras onto the reporters, and when asked who they are, Young Do claims he is the 3rd son of Jeguk Group and Myung Soo is his kid sister.  Myung Soo plays his role well, tosses the reporters a kiss, and the three of them stroll off together.
Keeping her promise to Bo Na, Eun Sang delivers a picture of My Chan as a boy.  My Chan's reaction was perfect, as of course was Bo Na's.  She asks for more, goofier ones that she can use as blackmail in case they ever break up.  Eun Sang gives a wan smile at their adorableness and then gives them both a hug.  The pair suspect that Young Do somehow tempered with the drink she has offered them and blame it for her odd behavior.

Time to Get Serious Now

Obviously all is not all fine and good as Eun Sang is trying to convince everybody of.  She's made a deal with the devil, and considering how she is still running around and not shipped off yet, it would appear that she went with deal #2 - two weeks to see Kim Tan all she wants and then, boom, off to wherever Daddy Tan decides to ship her.

The signs get too obvious to ignore.  Like all of their debt suddenly and mysteriously being paid off, turning Eun Sang into, as she put it, "the girl who ended up taking the money".  It would appear that this was part of the deal she hadn't been aware of.

 Remember our cliffhanger from the last episode?  Eun Sang standing at Kim Tan's bedroom door while he's under house arrest?  Now we see what came next.  She leads him to believe that she somehow snuck in, and doesn't tell him of the deal she has just struck with his father.  Not knowing that he's already too late, he's apologizing to her and promising her that he's going to make everything better.  He tells her that in order to be with her later on, he's going to have to be without her now.  Oh sweet honey boy, if you only knew, Sugar. 

The poor prince locked in his castle tower can do nothing but sit and watch on the surveillance as his girlfriends goes off to school without him.  Once she is at school, Eun Sang soon discovers that one of her classmates isn't too thrilled with her.  They've trashed her locker.  Enter Dark Knight once again to the rescue.  This time he brings in a huge stack of drink boxes and goes to start chucking them at every locker in the school.  He doesn't know who did this, so he's going to punish everyone.  Eun Sang of course stops him and then the two of them have an interesting moment where they finally connect and begin to understand one another just a bit more than they did previously.  

Back at home, Secretary Yoon tips Kim Tan off as to the possibility that his father has plotted to ship Eun Sang off.  This enrages Tan who stalks to his father's office, demands his phone back, calls Fake Mom for a ride to school, and appears to get his way, claiming that he is only using the sword that his father has given him.  He's chosen to do everything in his power as a major shareholder of Jeguk in order to protect Eun Sang.  Fake Mom shows up and takes him to school, unable to argue now that her Fake Son has all this power granted unto him.  "Mother" and "Son" put on a nice happy family spectacle for all the cameras and crowds.  I loved Myung Soo's comment, "He may be an illegitimate child, but thou shall not challenge Tan-god".  

As soon as the show is over, Tan stalks into the classroom and grabs Eun Sang, dragging her out of the classroom and straight to Myung Soo's studio where he then proceeds to dump out her bag, searching until he finds what he's looking for - plane tickets.  To Argentina.  This upsets him that she has done this and not told him about it.  They have yet another angst filled conversation, Eun Sang explaining how she was scared and didn't know what to do.  She starts crying and he backs off and begins to wipe her tears when, once again, Dark Knight shows up to save his damsel in distress.  He's upset at Tan for making ES cry, but instead of fighting with his former friend, Tan does something new - he asks him for help.  Young Do is the only one that he has to count on to help him protect Eun Sang.  Of course Young Do has no option other than to help, he is her Dark Knight after all.

Family dinner time.  They smile pretty for the cameras, and then get down to business.  Namely, Dad announces that in two weeks time, there will be a special meeting to vote whether or not Kim Won should remain as CEO of Jeguk.  Uh oh.  The war is really raging now between father and sons and brother and brother.

The brothers band together and start meeting with shareholders in order to gain their support.  Promises are made, deals struck.  For example, in exchange for Kim Tan's support, Kim Won must give him an apartment.  Won sweetens the deal with a car and more to boot.  Kim Tan's intention is to immediately move Eun Sang there for safe keeping to get her out of his father's home.

While Kim Tan is dealing with his family drama, Young Do is faithfully babysitting his young charge.  While they are out, Kim Won starts to get suspicious that something is up.  He assumes that Kim Tan's dad must be up to something, a point that he brings up when Kim Tan shows up.  

Things are ugly back at home.  Daddy Dearest actually slaps Tan's mother and accuses her of bringing this shame upon him.  That doesn't sit well with either one of them.  She starts defending herself and Tan starts defending her.  It's an ugly fight, and Eun Sang cowers in fear, hiding in the other room.

We get a nice redo of our pantry scene from an earlier episode.  This time there is an actual kiss.  And not just a little one.  It is a full-blown desperate, passionate kiss.  Park Shin Hye actually closes her eyes.  She managed to get rid of the shocked look, but the pained look still remained.  I can't dock her though, as she is supposed to be in agony at this moment, as she knows that she's about to leave and break his heart.  All the overtones of sadness and grief kind of diminished the moment as far as the butterflies go, but it was high on the angst scale.  And the Lee Min Ho kiss scale.  Whoa.  It looked like he was going to suck her face right off. 

Hold on to Your Hearts, Because We're Getting into the Extreme Sadness Parts

Young Do is worried and goes looking for Eun Sang, eventually finding her sitting outside "their" convenient store.  The conversation that follows next breaks my heart.  He tells her of the first time they met, when she was sleeping and he fought with those two little kids that were crying to stop them from waking her up.  She is surprised by this story as she had no idea that he's been there, watching out and looking out for her from the very beginning.  Here she really just thought he was a bully.  She tells him that she knows he's a bad guy, but now also knows that he's a good guy too and she wishes she hadn't found that out after it was too late.  He begs that it's not too late, but she assures him that it is and then goes on to give him advice on what to do the next time he likes a girl.  Basically, don't be mean to her.  She then gets up to go and he freaks out, grabs her and pulls her back down, begging her not to leave.  That nagging worry he's had is screaming at him - he can sense that she's saying a final farewell.  He points out that he has experience here after all, what with his mom leaving.  His intuition is telling him that here is another woman that he loves about to disappear from his life.  Oh, how my heart hurt here!  She plays it off, and only gets away because she assures him that she's going to go meet Kim Tan before the big meeting he has.  

Ouch!  Here's another scene that just ripped my heart out.  Kim Tan tells Kim Won how he's loved his father and his brother for the past 18 years, but now he has lost them and the only person he has left to love is Eun Sang and so he's going to give all that he has to protect and keep her.  Judging by the pained look on his face, I think Won is starting to finally see the picture with little brother a little clearer.  Does this mean that he'll actually finally believe that all his brother wanted all this time was his affection, not his power and/or position?  Does Kim Won finally see the error of his ways and how he has been a part in this poor young man's downfall?  Does he see some of who he should have been in order to protect the one he loves?

Following her, Young Do sees that Eun Sang was telling the truth - she does indeed meet up with Kim Tan before the meeting.  They get couple shoes and share a sweet moment in a cafe together.  Afterwards, he takes her to the new apartment that he has secured from his brother in payment for his support at the meeting.  He tells her how this is now her home and she and her mother are to move in immediately.  Hanging in the window is of course the dream catcher.  Then it's time for Kim Tan to leave and go to the meeting.  He instructs Eun Sang to stay there and wait for him until he gets home.  He's glowing and happy and in love, thinking that he has protected his woman.  She's all smiles to.  Until, that is, the door closes and she collapses in tormented sobs.  Something tells me that she's not planning on being there when he gets home after all.

The meeting turns out to be a farce.  After all their lobbying, promises, deals, and worry, Kim Won easily maintains his CEO position.  It was all a ruse cooked up by Dad to get his boys back in line, prove a point, and distract while Eun Sang takes off.  He callously informs his second-born that his girlfriend left the country an hour ago.  A search at all her normal hangouts reveals that yes indeed, all signs point to the fact that Eun Sang has left.

Oh the pain.  The agony.  The angst.  The tears.  Heartbreaking.  Simply heartbreaking.
Poor Kim Tan.  Kid just can't catch a break.

Speaking of break, that was a long week to wait in between episodes, wasn't it?  I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready for 17 now!  I wonder if it's up yet.  I hope that this helped catch you up to speed and fill in some of the waiting time, but let's go see if our agony can finally end, huh?  Off to DramaFever! (or you know, wherever you're watching this one)

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