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A New Batch of Dramas

It has been several months since I last weighed in on the new dramas available for watching so I figure it is the perfect time to do some kdrama initial thought recaps.  Just in case there are those of you out there trying desperately to find that next great drama.   We have a wide variety of shows available, from romantic comedy, to fast paced action, and add in a couple new daily dramas to round everything out.  There is a bit of everything in the mix.

Can We Love (Could We Love)
 I LOVE THIS DRAMA......Seriously I truly love this drama.  All of the cast is highly entertaining and somehow I have been sucked into their lives and trials and am very invested in how it all turns out.  The story revolves around three friends (since they were in high school) and how at thirty nine their lives have turned out different then they expected.  It is a rare drama where all of the men are highly likable and not only that but the women (despite all of their messed up women issues) are also likable.  Rather then be over dramatic and depressing, you instead are able to see a reality to their lives that is often missing in kdramas.  That is not to say that you still do not have some traditional kdrama elements, but they seem to be muted which makes a person a lot more invested in everyone's story.  I suggest giving yourself three episodes with this drama and I bet you will find yourself surprisingly addicted (I say this from experience since I have suggested it to multiple friends so far and everyone has had the same experience).  So if you are looking for something a little more realistic and less fantasy relationship then give this drama a whirl.  You wont regret it and will be blessed to see one of the best kdrama kisses along the way (Check out my weekly countdown this week for the kiss clip).
Can We Love Trailer

Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling)
 There is nothing greater then being within the emotional grips of an awesome action drama.  And to be honest, while there have been some great dramas that have included action scenes, there has not been a lot of dramas that I would define as action dramas.  Often if a drama is all action then it loses out on the plot/writing (Iris 2) or tends to be more of an intellectual fighting (Nine, Two Weeks).  So it is with the utmost pleasure that I have discovered that Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling) has the best of both.  I seriously care about the stories of all the different characters, and if you have checked out the cast list you will see that that is an insane amount of characters to introduce.  Whether it is the leads, the assassins/minions, messed up fathers, or murderous grandfathers, each character is introduced into the story and forms a connection with the viewer.   And can I again point out how rare that is?  So regardless if you are a huge action fan, or hate period pieces, give this one a chance, its amazing writing and directing might drag you into a great drama experience.

Inspiring Generation/Age Of Feeling Trailer

A Well Raised Daughter
 If you took the feel of Baker King and Married it to every gender bender drama the you would  pop out A Well Raised Daughter. They created a mix of charming, cunning, and family squabbles and the result is an entertaining drama that is not too stressful and the perfect for my weekend dramathon needs.  The leading lady is the youngest of four daughters (just so you know daughters are totally worthless in this family) and because her mother can not produce a male heir she is kicked out when her best friend instead bears the needed boy.  Her husband dies and she finds out that she is pregnant with another daughter, but in order to survive they disguise the child as a boy and get back into the grandfathers good graces.  Raised as a boy, she must fight for her right to learn the family Soy Sauce business while avoiding love and discovery. I am enjoying this drama and its light plot really suits my tastes.   And for some reason even the bickering/stupid mothers don't annoy me as much as they usually do.  I would highly suggest this drama to anyone needing an easy filler and at forty episodes in, I am still a huge fan of the show.

A Well Raised Daughter Trailer

Angel's Revenge
 For those of you who are new to following my blog posts, then you might not yet realize that I have a slight daily drama addiction.  And by daily dramas I mean the one's that are aired Monday - Thursday and have 30 min episodes.  They tend to have a large episode count (100-130) and are awesomely addicting.  You never know if you are going to fall into a total gem of a drama like Ugly Alert, or one that is going to have you cursing the tv (Cruel Love).  But regardless of how they end, they all provide one heck of a rush.  The newest daily drama available is Angel's Revenge.  It is about a women (who is on the cusp of taking the vows of a nun).  However fate intervenes and her sister dies a tragic death.  The main actress of course then throws off her habit to take revenge on the evil family that killed her sister.  All while falling in love with one of the sons of so said evil family.  They pretty much had me when they said Vengeful Nun.  It just barely started so we are not yet to any smiting, but there have been a lot of cute OTP meetings and I am a fan of both leads previous work, so I have high hopes.  If you are looking to check out this drama then it is being subbed on Youtube on the KBS youtube Channel.

Link for episode 1

Angel's Revenge Trailer

Emergency Couple
 I am so sad that I am not enjoying this drama more and I can pinpoint one giant hunky reason why....Choi Jin Hyuk is a total complete whiny self absorbed jerk.   And I know that having a total jerk as the male lead is common in dramas, so when I say he is a jerk I mean that there is no redeeming qualities to his person in the first two episodes at all.  However if we ignore that large pretty mess of a character the rest of the drama is actually interesting.  Song Ji Hyo has never been a favorite actress of mine (I pretty much like her in Running Man and that is it) but she is very entertaining and I totally find myself rooting for her character.  She came out of a HORRIBLE MARRIAGE (did I mention these two should never ever ever be remarried) and built her life back overcoming a lot of hardships.  I am interested in her interaction with the other doctors, including the other male lead (who I of course prefer), and cant wait to see what she does next.  So in conclusion, if you are looking for a must watch drama then this is not it, but if you want something different then you might give this one a try.

Emergency Couple Trailer

I Need Romance 3

I wont spend a ton of time describing this drama since it is currently the drama I am reviewing for Crazy Ahjummas.  Just know that it is awesome, beautiful, and has Sung Joon and his uber sexy voice in it.  If you are not already watching it and modern comedy romances are your thing, then quickly get caught up and be sure to read my reviews (HINT HINT HINT.....obvious and non subtle promotion of my recaps HEHE).
I Need Romance 3 Trailer

Coming Soon
The Ghost Seeing Detective Yoon Cheo Yong

 I have been waiting FOREVER for this drama to finally air.  This drama has been pushed back at least once for sure and I cant help but feel like it was maybe even twice.  It was scheduled to come out back when everything was ghost this and ghost that (Masters Sun and Who Are You) so it was probably in its best interest to give viewers a chance to recover.  It is by far the creepiest if you are judging by the trailers.  Add in that it is a cable drama (not to mention the awesomely scary trailers) and we could possibly be seeing some serious freaky deaky stuff coming our way.  Be sure to look for this drama airing next month and it goes without saying that it will be joining in the competition to be featured on my top five countdown.

 The Ghost Seeing Detective - Trailer

 Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds)
We are surprisingly light on the melo revenge/tragic love style dramas right now.  So those of you who love to cry should be looking forward to Full Sun (is possibly going to officially be called Beyond the Clouds but for now just going to stick with Full Sun).  It has everything you could want.  Accidentally killings, jewel thieves, falling in love with people you shouldn't, and some very pretty criers.  From what I have heard our leading man kills the leading females fiancee and after he has served his prison sentence he comes back and falls in love with her.  So more or less a reverse secret??  Whatever the plot I am always up for a pretty melodrama so I am in.  Check out the beautiful trailer below and look for it to be out mid February.
Full Sun Trailer
This concludes my winter recap of airing dramas.  I hope you can find a couple to try out and be sure to watch for my weekly top kdrama moments coming out every Sunday as well as my I Need Romance 3 and Dongsaeng's My Love From Another Star recaps.  And if you have any dramas that I missing from my list please send me a quick note.  Or if you are wondering where you can find subs for any of the dramas listed let me know since I am happy to give you all the links.  Til next time, enjoy your dramas.


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