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My Love From Another Star ep 10 "Just a Girl, Standing In Front of an Alien..."

I have good news, and I have bad news.  Bad news is that I am way way way behind on all of my dramas, including this one, having just finished last week's episode today and with no idea when I'll get to this week's episodes.  The good news is that I'm so far behind because I've been having a freaking amazing time hanging out with real for real Koreans in real life.  There are 4 kids visiting my son's Taekwondo master for the month and this past 3-day weekend, we had the opportunity to travel with them all to Los Angeles.  KTown LA, Hollywood, Orange County, the beach, and tons of fantastic Korean food and treats.  It really was a fabulous trip, which, as I mentioned is great news for me (hey, it beats being sick or out for other less awesome reasons), but bad news for my drama viewing.

Did I mention that I was at Huntington Beach where they filmed the first part of Heirs????  I was in fangirl heaven!

What made it even better was when I saw the restaurant, you know, this one here...

and turned around to try and explain to one of the new friends, Ji Hae, who loves dramas (woohoo! Best friends for LYFE, right Jihae???), that that was where Park Shin Hye's character's sister worked in the drama, blah blah blah, but it turned out that eye contact was all we needed.  No words.  Just catching each others' eye and simultaneously letting out a huge "SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!"  It was magical.  See what dramas can do?  They can bridge culture gaps and language barriers in one fell swoop.  Someone should notify like the UN or something, maybe they could find it useful.

Okay, okay, okay...I could go on and on about this, but it has nothing to do with the actual reason we are all gathered here today, so I will put it on the back burner, save it for another time and place and move on with writing this review (if for no other reason than I have to finish it so that I can watch this week's episodes).  Ready?  Let's go!

This episode was mostly focused on rising suspicions.  Suspicions surrounding Do Min Joon and his origins.  Suspicions building around the death of Han Yoo Ra.  Suspicions of a developing crush.  And so on and so forth.  First, we begin by dealing with just what is up with Min Joon.  Hee Kyung and Song Yi both confront him about odd discoveries they've made - Hee Kyung regarding whether or not Min Joon was the one that saved Song Yi 12 years ago and just so happens to appear exactly the same as he did back then, and Song Yi regarding the shard of headlight she found in his garbage can from when he saved her from careening off the cliff in her car.  He artfully dodges both, but something tells me that they aren't completely pacified.  I mean, where's the fun in that, huh?

So, just how creepy is our bad guy, Jae Kyung?  Pretty darn creepy.  So creepy that even little brother Hee Kyung is starting to get a weird vibe.  As Min Joon starts to look into it further by watching this mysterious USB drive that seems to be of particular interest to the bad guy, some kind of creepy things are hinted at, like the disappearance of an ex-wife.  Is it just me, or did Han Yoo Ra seem to be intentionally recording this conversation.  Could she have possibly suspected something was off about her would-be-husband-and-baby-daddy-turned-murderer?  Things are starting to get dangerous for our alien friend as the plot thickens and he gets deeper and deeper involved.

Do Min Joon isn't alone in his troubles.  Song Yi is having to face a reality of a different kind - her rapidly dwindling finances in the face of her career going down the toilet thanks to the whole Han Yoo Ra business.  She begins to do the unthinkable - sell off her "babies", i.e. her collection of designer bags.  She attempts to make a deal with a boutique, but when she is rebuffed there, takes her "babies" to the internet.  She takes photos of herself with each item and posts them.  Hilariously enough, poor Min Joon is unknowingly dragged into the whole affair when she lists his number as the contact.  He has no idea why suddenly calls start flooding in asking about the bags, discounts, and so forth.  The dude has got to be crazy about her, because any guy not totally smitten would have blown up over something like that I'm sure.  I just loved how it showed the humor not only possessed by Song Yi, but shared between the two of them.

It doesn't just end with the bags though.  Oh no.  Do Min Joon is further dragged into Song Yi's financial business when she takes him along to negotiate with her former agency.  The scene where she asks for his help is actually rather touching, she admitting that she isn't fierce enough to handle it on her own and that they would soon see that.  It's a moment of weakness and vulnerability that makes her all the more likeable.  We see her human side, her frailties as opposed to her brashness and pigheadedness.  Turns out that asking him along was a brilliant idea, because not only does he help her save face, but he finds some nice little things in the contract that work to her advantage.  Even after the meeting, he continues to save the day.  While there at the agency, Song Yi bumps into Se Mi and her entourage.  The five of them sit down to a very awkward conversation and ends with Do Min Joon escorting an injured Song Yi out of the mire.  He's so good at protecting her in so many varied ways.  <3

Grateful for his help, a still vulnerable Song Yi asks Do Min Joon to stay with her.  He is the only one around her that she trusts.  He of course responds by further pushing her away and even telling her that he won't always be able to be there for her and she should look elsewhere and not lean on him.  Her response to him pushing her away?  She begins to look for any way, shape, or form that she can keep him close.  When she returns home she finds that her mother has left some kimchi there for her and her brother.  She gets all excited because certainly everyone knows that such things as kimchi must be shared with neighbors - it's only proper after all.  She pushes little brother to take the box of kimchi next door, but is disappointed when he comes back with an uninteresting report.  So, she cooks up another reason to visit - she absolutely must have her beloved kimchi box back, don't you know?  But, does she just go over and fetch the box?  Of course not.  This involves an outfit change, makeup and hair done up.  I love how she just keeps clinging and won't take no for an answer.  On anyone else it would probably be pathetic and annoying, but on her it fits and is so very cute and adorable.
PS - did you notice the ET reference???

Her obsession grows to the point when even she is forced to take notice of it and come to realize that she has developed a crush on the sexy alien next door.  And then this next scene - the balcony confession. Anyone else get the serious Notting Hill/Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts vibe here?  Famous actress, "regular Joe" (only our regular Joe obviously isn't so regular) - actress falls for the regular guy and confesses awkwardly to him.  I could practically hear Song Yi saying, "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, telling him she likes him" or however the actual line from the Notting Hill movie goes.  Like I would know that.  It's not like I have watched that movie over and over again over the past years that it has been out.  Nah, that'd be lame.  *side eye*  Do Min Joon's response to her confession?  Silence.  Dude, that's cold.  I get it, but still man, say something.  The poor girl is suffering enough as it is.  Just freaking tell her already.  Give her all the juicy details.  Go on, I'm waiting.

I loved the part where Song Yi is having some jajjangmyeon with her closest thing to a friend bookstore lady and talking about how she needs to hold a press conference to try to clear her name and get her life back.  They've got the whole thing perfectly choreographed and worked out.  We'll see how all that goes later, huh?  It was cute.

What wasn't cute was when the prosecutor was taken down by our Psycho Killer guy and our Alien apparently framed for it.  Min Joon is waiting to hand over the incriminating USB drive to the prosecutor and gets suspicious when he doesn't show up.  He arrives on the scene just as the hospital is taking him away.  And wouldn't you know it, but Psycho himself is sitting there in his car in the parking garage just waiting for Min Joon to appear.  No words are needed, just a staring show down.
Min Joon follows Jae Kyung to a dark and deserted location.  The USB is dangled and a tranquilizer gun comes out.  Guess by making it a tranq gun, they got away with not having to blur it.  Yes, these are the things I focus on.  My apologies.  Things look bad for Min Joon.  Suspicions surrounding his true identity have been raised on multiple fronts and he needs to be careful to not reveal himself for who he is, especially with Mr Psycho himself.  But what to do?  The guy is out to kill him so that he can get to Song Yi.  Speaking of Song Yi, our dramatic show down between the two guys just so happens to involve Song Yi as well.  She, ever so adorably, is looking for any excuse to see Min Joon.  Just like before, she invents a reason to go over there (she apparently left a favorite hair band at his place) and gets all dolled up (yes, to go fetch a hair band - could she be any more obvious and adorable?).  She enters his apartment and is searching for him, going into his secret lair where Psycho's henchman just so happens to be hiding.  He is there to put some sort of will and/or suicide note on Min Joon's computer so that his murder will be assumed to be a suicide brought on by the guilt of what happened with Yoo Ra.

Back at our Mega Man Showdown, Min Joon has a gun pointed at him and a decision to make.  Well, when he knows that he must defend not only himself, but the life of Song Yi, what other choice is he going to make?  I mean, come on.  Just as the gun is fired, *POOF*, he's gone.  Jae Kyung stands there dumbfounded as he is suddenly alone.  Until Min Joon comes up behind him ever so suavely and squeeworthily and reminds him in a low, threatening voice that he, Jae Kyung, can never kill him.  Oooh!  Burn!  Such an awesome moment!  And that is where we end it for the week.  Pretty ah-maze-ing!  Loved it!

And there we have it.  Now two weeks late instead of one, since I'm finishing this wayyyy after I started writing it.  So sorry you guys.  My life has suddenly taken a crazier than normal turn and I have found absolutely zero time for watching or blogging.  We kind of sort of made the decision to try and buy a new house.  Oh, and I'm trying to get a job at the same time so that the new house can become a reality and not just a dream.  The clock is ticking and I'm so stressed and freaking out.  The whole house thing is a total secret though, so let's just keep it between us for now.  Our families don't even know yet.  Good thing none of them read my blog. ;)  I only tell you all so that you'll know why I'm such an unreliable blogger as of late.  I feel totally bad about it though because this drama is awesome and deserves better from me.  Oh life.  Life, life, life, life, life.  You can be so full of tricks and turns and surprises sometimes, can't you?  I know everyone is kinda bummed that there is only going to be one episode this week thanks to the Lunar New Year, but honestly, I cheered when I heard that because it gives me just that little bit extra help in order to hopefully do some catching up.

Until I return, back hugs and wide-eyed fish kisses!


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