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I Need Romance 3 Episode 6 - Why am I Putting Myself Through This

I am starting to remember why these writers drove me nuts in their past work.  You never know what they are going to be doing with the script and there is no guarantee that the OTP (One True Pair) that you want together is going to be together in the end.

 UGH.......WHY WHY DO I KEEP PUTTING MYSELF THROUGH THIS?  Oh yes, because I am a drama addict that is why.  LOL

Some of the stress probably has to do with the fact that I am still a bit sick and emotional, but the thought that sweet Joo Wan might not get the girl just breaks my heart.  It also does not help that our main heroine has the emotional awareness of a one celled organism and her lack of intelligence when it comes to other people makes me want to ring her thoughtless flipping neck!  OK I'm breathing, I promise we can get through this blog post without anyone dying.  Although it might take some chocolate to calm me down.
I have two favorite scenes in this episode, the first being the big pileup of characters in Joo Yeon's entrance.  You have Joo Yeon being her usually clueless self (Please bare with me in this recap.  Since she made me cranky I might be just a tad snarky when referencing her.  Just be aware that I still like her, just not at this moment.) Joo Wan has brought breakfast sandwiches for her after working in the studio all night, and Tae-yoon is coming out of the shower looking yummy.  Joo Yeon gets a deer in the headlights expression and her face and then blurts out that Joo Wan is the delivery boy bringing her breakfast.  She then stuffs money in his hand and shoves him out the door yelling that it is just her work sunbae so don't think anything weird.  HAHAHAHA  Seriously how does she think that is going to work especially when Joo Wan is more of the bulldozer type.  But hilariously that is just her imagination going wild.  In reality she awkwardly introduces the two to each other both of them glaring/ looking bemused at each other.  The moment is broken when smoke begins to roll in from the kitchen and we find that Joo Seon had been ironing his shirt and making hangover soup.  Both which had started to burn.  Poor Joo Wan is getting bad vibes about this whole situation and continues to act bratty, refusing to let Tae-yoon borrow a shirt or socks.  And when he ask Joo Yeon to tell him the truth, is he just a friend, she of course is lacking in sincerity.
Remember in episode one when I introduced the fashion squad.  I thought they were Joo Yeon's best friends but it turns out they were more of coworkers/occasional hang out buddies.  At least where Joo Seon is concerned.  Over the past several episodes we have had to watch while she treats them horribly if they make mistakes.  Not only does she have problems letting men inside her shell but she also has some serious issues with just your basic concept of human kindness.  Her supposed best friend ("hotel hook up" girl) is having a really hard time.  She is getting gray hair, (although are we supposed to believe that her reddish tinted hair is her natural color?  I think not.) having hot flashes, and vision problems.  When she goes to the doctor and finds out that she is having early onset menopause she comes back to work devastated.  She starts to cry and tell her "friends" but they just stare blankly at her.  Joo Yeon says an awkward "sorry" and then goes immediately back to work not even faking that she cares.  The other coworkers follow suit and Min Jung is left crying and devastated at the actions of her supposed "friends".  She yells at Joo Yeon that she is a crustacean  and a bitch with no blood in her veins.  And then glares at the others saying that they are following in her footsteps and becoming horrible people.  She looks at them and asks if they could not even give one sentence of sincere sympathy to someone who is hurting and then she walks out.  Later giving her resignation via text.
 This leads us to my second favorite scene of the episode.  Joo Wan comes home, finding Joo Yeon's car parked at home but minus his prickly love.  He hunts her down at the local restaurant that she likes to get drunk in and sure enough she is drowning her pain in Soju and soup.  He looks at her with a bemused look and asks her if she got in a fight again.  She replies by asking him what a crab, a lobster, and Shin Joo-yeon have in common. He immediately says they’re all hard. HAHA  And adds that it is actually a pretty good description.  She just looks depressed and says that do people think she does not have a heart.  When crustacean is damaged they dont heal.  But Joo Wan just smiles and says that she will be fine since he is there to block all pain coming towards her.  Then also quickly adds that he loves her.  She laughs and he says she is just going to have to get used to him telling her that even if it is cheesy.  She responds by passing out which gives Joo Wan the opportunity to carry her piggyback style to their house.  I love how he recalls the stories of her carrying him as a child and them being one person.  He says to himself: “There was a time when we were stuck together just like this. There was a time when I thought we were one body. When we were really really young. But it feels like that now, for just a moment—that we’re one body.” And then we see the younger version and the current version walking side by side home.  The role reversal is just one of those sweet moments that makes this show worth watching.
Unfortunately the happy feelings did not last, at least not for me.  What follows is a lot of work one-up-manship between Joo Yeon and her nemesis which ends up with Joo Yeon falling flat on her face at work.  She totally tanks with one of her programs, she loses her supposed best friend, and looks like a fool in her fight with Se-ryung.  But what really upsets her and makes her cry is that Tae-yoon does not smile at her after her broadcast.  SIGH........  and of course she is sobbing and telling our cute Joo Wan all this at home making him realize that she is really in love with Tae-yoon and that is why nothing else that has happened has really upset her.  He hugs her to him and prays that she never realizes her feelings since he is not going to give her up.

My Thoughts:
Joo Yeon (as a character independent of Joo Wan) is kind of a witch.  Sorry, but there is no excuse for the way she treats people.  So she had some bad relationships and has been hurt.  That does not give her an automatic pass on acting like a human being.  I could rant on for another paragraph or two but you probably get the idea.  I also get annoyed that the writers have written her as so totally unaware of her feelings that she can not even realize that she is interested in someone.  I can believe that that could happen to an certain extent, but not to the level they are trying to force feed us.  For me it just feels like they are creating something to force issues into the storyline.  And I know that that is the point of every drama, but I personally don't like it when it is so obviously done.  It makes me disconnect from the story and start to be a little cynical.  That said, I do like the OTP (I swear I am going to say they are the OTP until the bitter end.... it better not be a bitter end) together.  He seems to break through the personality traits that annoy me about her.  I also like that he does not placate her all the time and tell her that she is always right.  That is the last thing that girl needs since she is narcissistic enough as it is.  Although I ended this episode with a sour feel in my stomach, I have hopes that things will still continue to grow for the main couple.  He is obviously ready to be there for the long haul and she is totally an emotional idiot so there is definite hope that she will figure out somehow that she is really falling for Joo Wan.  I wish everyone a great weekend filled with dramas.  I will be back with my top five countdown Sunday night and my next recap on Monday.


  1. After watching this episode for so many times (gosh, I am sucker for this drama), I am sincerely thinking that the script writer better write a good flow of the drama till ending cos I am so gonna flip if anything happens to my Joo Wan (like Joo Joong Wan in The Master's Sun, dying after being stabbed but came back).... I dont think I can take in another cliffhanger such as that... and yes, I am with Joo Wan that Joo Yeon will never learn her feelings cos these two has superb chemistry with each other...I cant wait for them to fall in love and have great romance :)

  2. Joo Wan's so cute, he piggybacks her and comforts her while crying.I agree that Joo Yeon is not being lovable at the moment, but there's hope for her character. We have 10 (!?) episodes left.


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