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I Need Romance 3 Episode 5 - Pride Before Love

Just a quick apology for the lateness of this post.  It seems the only thing harder then having sick family while trying to blog is being sick yourself.  You end up with one sentence the size of a paragraph, or even worse you end up simplifying things until your sentences resemble a reading primer.......He is hot.  She is a big meanie. Etc. Etc.  Regardless, I decided it was a good decision to wait a bit until my mind could actually hold a thought longer then a sentence.  I probably would have waited one more day but I made a solemn vow to not watch the second episode til the blog for the first was done.  And since I really really really want to watch episode 6 I had better spit this one out quick. 

We open with Joo Wan finally coming clean by admitting that he is really sweet potato, the little boy she raised.  Surprisingly (at least I was surprised since I was expecting ranting and chucking of random objects) she handles the news relatively well.   For a while she just stands in shock as she tries to figure out how an ugly and slightly unintelligent little kid could have grown into the man standing in front of her.  She declares it is a miracle (all in her head of course).  Joo Wan just continues to go on about how he looks cool now doesn't he.  After a few seconds of silence she starts to shrill at him, at which point he replies that she must be back since she is screaming.  HAHA.  She also asks him why he did it?  He looks at her and says "The Kiss?  I did it because if you had known that it was me you would have started treating me like a little brother (wow did he call that one right) and I wanted you to see me as a man."  She sputters and finally says that it did not mean anything since he is a bad kisser anyway.  He just laughs and reminds her that he heard her phone conversation earlier when she was saying she was falling in love from his kiss.  She reverts back to her usual position of cold disdain and biting words.  He just looks sad and asks how she got so messed up in the last 17 years.
Joo Seon eventually ends up storming out of the house obviously furious about this change of events.  Joo Wan follows her and tells her to get in his car and when she just glares at him he asks her to please get in the car and she can consider it his birthday gift.  She stomps over and remains silent the whole ride pretending to sleep to avoid conversation.  She remains in her "fake sleep" state even after they arrive (this makes me laugh since is she expecting him to leave the car?) and only moves after he threatens to kiss her awake (seriously he is too cute).  She does not leave without putting him in his place though and tells him that there is no way he loves her.  Can he even say when he fell in love with her?  Then she disdainfully stomps away....only to find his face staring at her from a magazine cover in which he talks about his "first love" who she realizes is herself.  Poor girl might as well give up now.  There is no escape.
Poor Joo Seon is much more flustered then she was showing and she walks down the halls of work totally oblivious to everything.  Only when her boss starts snapping his fingers in front of her does she come out of her musings.  She promptly asks him if he thinks she is messed up and he immediately replies that yes she is.  Which I guess is a total surprise to her since they go into the kitchen for an intimate chat.  He tells her that she is known as the ice queen at work and everyone thinks she is stuck up and mean.  She wonders why this is a bad thing since emotions and work should not coexist.  He just smiles and tells her that as her boss he agrees with her, but then he also adds that sometimes she is so beautiful that she takes his breath away (NO NO NO NO please don't try to make their relationship romantic.  I like that they are good friends and she can be a nicer person around him.  I really don't want the writers to muck up their cute relationship.  Not to mention that if she ends up with anyone other then Joo Wan I am going to go ballistic).
But I think we are safe since it is very very obvious that he still has feelings for his ex, the evilish (not totally evil more just really selfish) Se-Ryeong.  I don't know about anyone else, but when you constantly go to where you have memories with one of your exes to drink yourself silly, you are not really over them yet.  Why did they break up?  I wish we had a more definite explanation since we get the rumors going around their office  that she became more famous and dumped cutie boss to go on to bigger and better men.  And from a previous flashback it seems more of a matter of to much pride all around and things just fell apart.  Either way he is obviously still stuck on her, and her on him, since she finds him at "their bar" and tells him that she wants to get back together.  He replies that he hates her and has no interest in rekindling their relationship.  She just smiles and says that the fact he hates her means there are still feelings there which makes her happy and that she will wait.
As we switch back to our other couple we find Joo Wan all ready and willing to declare his answer to the question "why do I love you" to Joo Seon.  He starts by telling her some of her faults and then says that the answer to the question is that he has no clue.  He doesn't know why it is her that he loves but he just does.  She of course just mocks him and asks if he is writing lyrics to his next song.  When he FINALLY does get mad at her she just yells back that she truly hated raising him.  That all the things he remembers as being wonderful were horrible too her.  He put gum in her hair and she had to cut it.  And when he gave her a piggy bank for her birthday it was really his mothers and that she was accused of being a thief.   Upset he walks out of the house, and behind him Joo Seon worries that he is not wearing enough clothing and where is he going at this late hour (awww  I like how she worries about him, even if it is always after she says something horrible and spiteful).  Joo Wan wanders the neighborhood recalling stories he had heard from his mother about how he was a colicky baby.  And how he would only go to sleep after Joo Seon would walk with him outside.  An imaginary Joo Seon walks ahead of him as he feels worse and worse for the poor girl who had to give up her childhood raising him.  He even starts to worry about her lack of warm clothing and starts to tear up over his imaginary vision.
Eventually Joo Seon gets too worried to keep up the cold facade anymore and calls Joo Wan.  He answers and both eek away from anything overly personal.  He even offers to grab her some steamed sweet potatoes, only to smack himself, asking if he is crazy to even mention the word.  She of course does not let it go and tells him to pick out one that looks like him (hahaha).  Joo Wan comes home a while later carrying a bag of roasted chestnuts.  When she looks up at him and asks what the heck is this he just replies that there were no sweet potatoes that were as handsome as he is. 
The next day he leaves her a note saying that he is going to be gone late and not to wait up for him.  She huffily asks what he has that is so important that he is not even coming home.  Our handsome and sweet hottie is in fact working overnight but stops to grab breakfast for Joo Seon.  AWWWW to cute!!!!!   This would have probably been perfect if not for the fact that Kang Tae Yoon got himself utterly plastered to the point where Joo Seon was called to come and fetch him.  Being the good friend that she is she brings him to her place to let him sober up.  So when Joo Wan comes home he finds a pair of man's shoes in the entryway and a recently showered hottie coming out of their bathroom.  Needless to say this episode ended with some serious jealousy vibes being sent forth.  
My Thoughts:
I am actually enjoying the whole fallout for the most part.  I do have to admit that Joo Seon's snarky cruel attitude can get on my nerves at times.  I know that when she is feeling upset she tends to lash out, but someone needs to tell the girl that just because she can be a total witch does not mean that it is OK.  I think that people really give her to much leeway considering the horrible things she feels she can say out loud.  Sometimes being sorry afterwords should just not be enough reason to be forgiven.  Other then that I am happy with the way the story is going.  I like that Joo Wan does not have a real answer as to why he loves her (because let us admit she is not the most lovable human being).  And I also like that he is having to actually try hard to win her and cant just fall back on his good looks and talent.  I am not sure how I feel about the whole love triangle.  I am a huge fan of her and her boss being besties and I don't want that dynamic to change.  However, I might also love there being a lot more jealousy moments driving the plot.  Especially if they tend to be on the funnier side rather then cruel.  I guess I will just have to see what the writers have in store.   And on that note I am finished reviewing episode 5 and am on to relax with some tea, a blanket, and my TV screen, watching more INR3 episode six.  See you soon with my next recap.



  1. Thanks for the recap! Joo Wan's too cute, please don't be mean to him anymore, Joo Yeon!
    Cant wait for your thoughts on the ending of episode 6!

    1. Thanks for reading my recaps. I hope you have enjoyed the rest of the drama and sorry it took so long for me to reply. Your comment snuck in under my radar:)


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