Monday, February 24, 2014

Checking In and Updates and All That

Well howdy there addicKts!  How's it going?  How's life?  It feels like it has been forever since I have been here with you, and well, that's probably because it has been forever.  *super duper sad face*  Are you sitting there tragically wondering "wae?" as you search the blogsphere for any news of a couple of crazy ahjummas meeting an untimely demise or other unfortunate accident rendering them fingerless or in some other way devoid of blogging capabilities?  Well, good news is that both Unnie and I are alive and well.  Well, "well" being subjective of course.  We have not been piggybacked to the hospital on the back of some hottie after standing outside in the cold too long.  *super duper, DUPER sad face*  Instead, I am afraid, our story is much less dramatic and falls to the simple fact that life got away from us both.  Unnie with her son (and three other kids, dog, new puppy, husband, etc) and me with my new job.  "But Dongsaeng, I thought writing to us was your job?!?!???"  *pats you all on the head comfortingly*  Sadly, as much fun as constantly living in the wonderful world of K can be, it fails to pay the bills.  The orthodontist won't let me pay him in Trident gum or in blog posts.  Punk.  So yeah, I went out and got myself a real for real job where I have to wake up early, shower, do my hair and makeup, put on clothes and drive into work.  Ick.  I even have a time clock I punch.  For reals.  An actual time clock - yes, they still do exist.  Who knew?  Anyway, so in all the adjusting to the new reality that is my life now, other things have had to be put on pause.  Things like this here blog.  Thankfully KMuse has been awesome and has risen to the occasion marvelously and is covering our butts like diaper cream on a baby.  Isn't she amazing?  What a brilliant addition to our little team here, huh?  Can't give the girl enough props for what she has done in her time here.  Thank you a million times over KMuse for keeping this labor of love alive after Unnie and I dropped the ball.  And boy, oh boy, did we drop it big.

With that, I have an exciting announcement of sorts to make.  Back in the early days of TCA, Unnie and I had talked about the possibility of opening it up and making it more of a communal kind of gathering place - a place where other people could contribute and write and such.  At the time it was just a passing thought and one we tabled for another time.  Well, guess what?  What better time for us to give it a shot than now???  As wonderful as KMuse is, we don't want to leave the entire burden on her (albeit obviously capable) shoulders.  So, we're inviting other guest bloggers to share with us their own contributions.  We'll feature writers that have their own blogs as well as those that don't.  If you would like to be considered for a guest blogger spot, please let us know.  You can email us at  The guidelines are pretty simple - keep it PG and well, yeah...the rest is kind of up to you and what you want to chat about.  Granted, we will have to control some of what gets on.  For example, we're not going to have a dozen different people on here talking about how daebak EXO is.  Sure, they're daebak enough and all, but that's overkill, even for Exotics.  Make sense?  Gee, I hope so.  My writing has gotten a little rusty and I worry that I no making the senses.  When you start to see new names popping up on here, make sure you give them a warm welcome and lots of love.

Okay, that's what I had to say for now.  My sincerest apologies that my My Love From Another Star reviews abruptly ended.  I have, after some serious marathoning on my one day off last week, finally caught up for now on watching, so feel free to chat with me on FB or whatever about it if you want.  It makes me sad that I can't finish reviewing the series, but I won't even pretend that I'll give it a try.  It's just not going to happen right now, unfortunately.  It is not in the cards at this time.  Fabulous drama and deserves lots of attention, but it will need to be attention from elsewhere.  *sigh*  Real grown up life can be a drag sometimes, don't you think?

Until we chat again, I wish you all the very best and many wonderful drama moments!

All my love,

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  1. I am so excited to see what everyone contributes! Cant wait!


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