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Yong Pal Episode 15 - Signs Your Wife Might Be Psychopathic Crocodile

The crocodile analogy continues as Yeo Jin chomps away at any competition to her power and position.  But what happens when you are a rich, emotional, and a paranoid crocodile?  If you guessed that you become swayed by outside forces (namely Tae Hyeon and Evil Secretary) then you would be correct.  So lets chat revenge and how Tae Hyeon should run, not walk, away from his doomed marriage

 -Signs Your Wife is A Crocodile-

#1 She Has Minions Listening to Your Phone Calls
 I have to admit that I was a bit shocked that Yeo Jin was having Tae Hyeon's phone monitored.  Even more surprising was that when she could not get through to him (because he was on the phone with someone else) Yeo Jin goes straight into paranoia mode and checks up on him.  Where's the trust that you supposedly had?  5 seconds of no phone contact and that trust is shot to hell.

It turns out that Tae Hyeon was on the phone with Chae Young who was frantic about Do Joon's accident.  She begs him to come to the hospital and look over him since Tae Hyeon is the only person who is trustworthy.

Upon learning that it was her sister-in-law that was talking to Tae Hyeon, any softness within Yeo Jin vanishes and the Queen Crocodile goes on the hunt.

#2 She Puts Her Brother Into A Coma
Usually I would make some kind of joke about karma right about now.........OK, I will because who doesn't love a good karma meme?  And then I will go into shock that Yeo Jin actually did go and have her brother operated on and forced into a coma.

Yeo Jin is quickly going into no redemption territory.  Especially when she makes Chief Lee (her new doctor lackey) wake Do Joon up just enough, so that he can hear her words.  Yeo Jin informs her brother that she will leave him in a coma for three years and then slit his throat, just like he did to her.  Is it just me, or is Yeo Jin looking less pretty and more psychotic by the minute?

#3 She Doesn't Understand the Most Basic Concepts About Human Empathy

Tae Hyeon is mortified by his wife's behavior (since he is not a flipping psycho) and tries to talk Yeo Jin out of her revenge plans.  He shares the background of Chief Lee, who previously had been a genius surgeon.  One who had saved Yeo Jin's life, but due to a malpractice lawsuit was caught in the Hanshin web of money and corruption.  I won't go step by step, but suffice it to say, that Chief Lee has a lot more in common with Tae Hyeon than previously expected.

This doesn't get through to our crocodile queen who screams that people need to pay for their crimes that they committed against her.  To which Tae Hyeon, in his infinite logic, asks her -- "What price will you pay for the crimes you are committing now?"  This seems to stump Yeo Jin (who literally did not think what she was doing was wrong) and Tae Hyeon continued to push common sense into her simple mind.  Tae Hyeon explains that Hanshin is nothing more than a crime scene where people get away with their evil deeds.  One of the reasons he helped her was because she wanted to destroy the system that kept her imprisoned.  Yet here she is recreating the exact same atmosphere.

Tae Hyeon begs Yeo Jin to stop the revenge, release her brother, and come back to him.  Yeo Jin seems conflicted as Tae Hyeon leaves the boardroom. 

#4 She Chooses Lackeys With Even Less Morals Than She Herself Possesses.

Secretary is not one to let a peon doctor overthrow his plans. Seeing that his Crocodile boss might be wavering with her "kill brother" plans, he starts planning on how to kill Do Joon without openly defying Yeo Jin. 

#5 Even Cute Side Characters Can't Make Her  Likable.

Its party time at the crocodile household and Tae Hyeon is forced to show up since it was for his wife.  But that doesn't mean he can't bring some friends to the show to counterbalance the butt kissers.

The writers literally bring every character that gave our crocodile queen support during her exile to attempt to humanize her.  Not that they phrased it that way, but I totally read the subtext.  Either that or they realized that people don't really like the leading lady so they needed to bring in the likable characters ASAP.

There is one guest who is not expected nor welcome.  That would be Yeo Jin's almost Father-In-Law, Chairman Choi of Daejung Group.  The father of the fiancee that died in the first episode.  The father of the son that died because of Do Joon.  He is there to demand revenge in the form of Do Joon's life and for Yeo Jin to hand him over.  Yeo Jin denies him, saying that she wants to be the one to killer her brother for the whole three year coma thing.

Chairman Choi agrees to let her have the joy of revenge, but demands that Yeo Jin needs to do it within three days or there will be consequences.  It looks like our Crocodile Queen is going to have to continue on her evil path whether she wants to or not.

My Thoughts:
I actually found this episode interesting despite my dislike of Yeo Jin.  It allowed Tae Hyeon to really shine as a human being (not that he has much competition right now).  Yeo Jin continues her descent into villain mode to an extent that shocks me.  Sure I mentioned that maybe the OTP won't end up together, but I thought the writers would shove them into happily ever after despite personalities and logic.  That is slowly looking less likely as Yeo Jin's actions cross the line over and over.

If nothing else Tae Hyeon will be learning a valuable life lesson. Don't fall in love with a pretty face of a coma patient because they might end up being a psycho crocodile in disguise.

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  1. I'm completly agree with you... I don't remember to dislike so much the main leading lady character... I hoped she was smart....yes she's genial... but... bad genius... I am curious if, the producer can make me like her enough, to be happy if Yeo Jin ends up with Tae Hyeon... As much as I like Yong Pal as much I dislike the Crocodile Queen... In this point, If they will not end up togheter, for me, it's not a tragedy...even if I love happy ending...and I'm watching kdramas to relax and to enjoy them...not to be stressed and generate a bad mood...

  2. Me too. It's kinda rare to have the female protagonist becoming evil. I actually ship Tae Hyun and that sister-in-law. At least she seems much more likeable.


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