Monday, March 17, 2014

Jae Joong Joins Cast of Brother Drama Triangle

So we finally have a the third actor slotted into the drama Triangle's cast and it is our Dongsaeng's bias Jae Joong.  I know that this drama is probably not on everyone's radars yet, but since I am a huge Lee Bum Soo fan (he will be playing the oldest brother) I have been actually following the casting news pretty closely.   Triangle will be replacing the ratings juggernaut Empress Ki on the MBC Monday/Tuesday time slot.  It will also mark the first non Sageuk drama to fill thit time in over a year so it has big shoes to feel.  The story follows the lives of three brothers who were separated when they were kids.  The oldest (Lee Bum Soo - Prime Minister and I) becomes a cop and reconnects with Jae Joong's (Protect the Boss) character, who is actually a local gangster.  Not sure about the youngest dongsaeng's (Im Shi Wan - Moon Embracing the Sun) but judging by the casting he might be the innocent sweet one. 

So far we are minus a lot of leading ladies but since it is rumored that the script readings start in another week or two, I suspect we will be hearing something post haste.  So what do you think?  Are you going to be checking in to see some brotherly angst?  I know that I will and I anticipate, if nothing else, there will be a lot of attractive eye candy moments now that Jae Joong is on board.


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