Thursday, April 10, 2014

Long 5 min Teasers for Gap Dong and Witch's Romance

I am just going to declare this the week of the trailers since you are getting a whole lot of them here at Crazy Ahjumma's.  Luckily they all seem to be for very good upcoming shows so I hope you will stick with us until I start recapping again this weekend.  I just could not resist showing both of these since I am at least planning to attempt to recap one if not both shows.  

Gap Dong
Seriously????  How beyond creepy is this show going to be?  If we are judging by the trailer then I think we are definitely in for some disturbing nights.  Have only watched the 5 min trailer and I am already shouting and covering my eyes expecting the worse to happen.  I especially like how creepy Lee Joon is as a clown.  And what is up with the girl walking in spooky unlit countryside?  You are just asking to be murdered.  Gap Dong airs tomorrow and hopefully if I am able to find subs (heard a rumor that will be having subs for this)  I will start recapping ASAP. 

Gap Dong Long Trailer (for some reason I could not find the trailer to show so will provide the link to the trailer til I can fix it)

Witch's Romance
Witch's Romance also came out with a long trailer and I am happy to see all of the scenes that made me enjoy the Tdrama version.  I will admit that I am not completely sold on the leading lady yet (Uhm Jung Hwa) but I am willing to give her a try.  Especially when the leading man is hot up and coming actor Park Seo Joon (I Summon You Gold).  His puppy dog looks and nice guy charm fit perfectly for the character and judging from the steamy make out scenes in the trailer, it looks like chemistry is not going to be a problem for these two.  This drama starts this upcoming Monday.

Witch's Romance Long Trailer

The Kdrama God's willing I will start recapping this weekend so please be sure to check back for all my amazing insights into both of these dramas.  Also don't forget the weekly top 5 countdown on Sunday.  Until then I wish you all a happy kdrama filled weekend.


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