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Gap Dong Episode 11 - Anyone Can Be A Gap Dong

Color me surprised! This episode of Gap Dong not only made sense (there were a few eyebrow raising moments but in comparison to the last 5 episodes it was brilliant) but also renewed my interest in some of the other characters that are not hottie psycho.   Talking about our resident psychopath, he  is not even in this episode as much as usual (which usually would drive me nuts) but when he was the writers really hit it out of the park with his character development.  Is this a preview of better episodes to come?  Personally I am not going to bet the farm on it, but will appreciate the better plot for as long as it lasts.

This episode really pushed the"anyone has the ability to become a psychopath" concept as we delve into the mystery that is Gap Dong.  As profiler Han Sang-Hoon  says "Anyone can be Gap Dong or what we call a neighbor psychopath. They hide themselves behind a layer of normal in order to blend in with us humans."  However, is it just me, or is there an enormous amount of killers packed into this drama.  Let's countdown our possible Gap Dong's and see if we can make an educated guess on who it really is.

Wannabe - Gap Dong Killer #1
Just as Wannabe Gap Dong is about to bludgeon his victim, Moo Yeom tackles him wrenching away the hammer, and cuffing him with a victorious smirk ( Is anyone else disappointed that there is no nunchuck action yet?  If we don't get at least one nunchuck take down I will be seriously distraught.)
Waffling between fear and defiance, Wannabe mostly just glares at Moo Yeom during interrogation.  He refuses to say anything and causing our Mad Monk some serious cranky moments.  Called into the CCT room by Chul Gon, he is told that there is no way this is Gap Dong, but instead an impostor.  Mocking his analysis at first, but eventually accepting Chul Gon's opinion, Moo Yeom reenters the interrogation room and goes a tiny tad bit crazy.  Dragging in  a giant hammer, he tells wannabe that things were now going to get real, and he slams the hammer into the table (does anyone wonder about the police budget for ruined furniture because of unethical interrogation tactics?)  The onlooking officers inquire if maybe they should do something and break this off, but it is not until Wannabe breaks through his bonds and is about to slam the hammer into Mad Monk that they scramble towards the interrogation room.  I am totally wondering about the whole police stations common sense.  From their actions, it is obvious that they just don't have any.
Luckily for our Mad Monk, Wannabe does not follow through on the swing but instead slams the hammer into the two way mirror yelling at Chul Gon. “This is all your fault. You began it. I lost everything because of you. At one word from you, my entire life went down the drain.”  It seems that he also was a possible suspect in the initial murders and due to his handling of the case, Chul Gon caused Wannabe's downward spiral.  
He continues to rage at Crazy Tiger, ignoring Moo Yeom “You’re even worse than Gap-dong. At the very least, Gap-dong knows who he killed. But you don’t even know who you killed, or how many.” For once, Chul Gon seems to lose his cocky expression and asks if an apology would mean anything now.  It truly is a wonderful scene for Chul Gon's character.  Starting to come to the realization that he actually caused so much heartache and began butterfly effect of brutality seems to humble the detective.  I really appreciate this moment of growth in a character that I truly hated at the beginning of the drama.   

Monk Jinjo - Gap Dong Suspect #2
OK, I admit I don't really find this character as a viable suspect as Gap Dong, however I had to have some type of segue to discuss the whole moving to Dr Maria's house craziness.  And the show has provided a few half hearted attempts at making him seem suspicious so suspect #2 he becomes.  In an effort to protect Dr Maria (but really how do you protect this ditz from herself), Moo Yeom has the monk and his little orphan monks in training move into Dr Maria's. 
I have to assume they are moving into the apartment next door to her dinky trailer since 5 people would be a little tight in that small space.  Maria seems a bit overwhelmed (as she should since she did not OK this, and I personally think that Moo Yeom really stepped out of bounds with this move) but lets the homeless monks stay.  She lets them stay even after two of the mini monks run through her trailer, breaking her Gap Dong bust (no worries Dr Oh, you can look at the police sketch and recreate it.  HEHEHE).  I just have to question the safety issue though.  Sure this provides our heroine with safety by numbers, but isn't it very reckless of the adults to put four innocent boys in the zone of a serial killer.  Even if you disregard Tae Oh as a threat, she seems to parade every other possible Gap Dong through her front yard.  For shame on the adults in this drama for that wacked out decision.

Han Sang Hoon - Gap Dong Suspect #3
Dr Maria's stepfather and blabbermouth extraordinaire becomes the focus for quite a bit of this episode.  He not only knows all the details of the crimes, since he was the profiler (and maybe killer) in the original cases, but he has befriended multiple children that had their lives turned upside down by the murders (Wannabe, Moo Yeom, Dr Maria).  
He also seems to get a kick out of throwing out leading comments about people's possible guilt, and or involvement in the Gap Dong murders, into the conversation.  Especially comments about Chul Gon and his possibly murderous tendencies.  However these kind of comments backfire and make him a prime suspect in Moo Yeom's eyes.  After digging more into the profiler's background and why he was fired from the police department, Mee Yeom finds out that he had been accused of having a "Lolita disease".  I am assuming this means he was accused of being a pedophile, which brings a whole new layer of EWWWW onto the concept of him being Dr Maria's stepfather.  But is this all true?  Does him being a creepy perv also make him a killer?

Chul Gon - Gap Dong Suspect #3
How twisted would it be if Chul Gon actually was Gap Dong.  Again, I don't think this is really the case since I just don't get any killer vibes off of him.  Totally complete jerk extraordinaire? Yes.  Can he enrage others to the point of murder?  A resounding heck yes.  But being the serial killer that cold blooded went out and murdered 9 women, then stopped.  Nope, not buying it.   
I think the writers are a little red herring crazy.  If there is a male between the ages of 30 and 60, they are going to throw him into the suspect pool.

Tae Oh - Gap Dong Copycat Suspect 
No........ say it isn't so!  Tae Oh can not get on a plane and escape to Switzerland.  I refuse to accept it. It looks like Moo Yeom refuses this turn of events as well since he is rampaging around in full stop Tae Oh mode.  But it does look like our favorite killer is attempting to go straight and leave the country.  When he comes to say goodbye to Dr Maria (because they have such a strong and lasting relationship....rolling my eyes here) he mocks Moo Yeom's attempts to goad him into staying.  And even when he has a slight twitch when it is mentioned that Tae Oh should feel furious at following a loser fake Gap Dong, he refuses to take the bate.  He simply tells Moo Yeom, "You saw me wanting to stop yourself.  See. Ive stopped.  I can do it".  
And if you were thinking that this is yet another red herring to defer any suspicion and further his Gap Dong murders, those are dashed when we watch Tae Oh actually get on the plane???  Just as I was about to break into sobs (I was not joking when I said that if Tae Oh is off the show, then I am done) we see a glimmer of the killer we all know and love.  He overhears a flight attendant talking on the phone about how she is so freaked out to be on the plane with a murderer and his whole being just seizes up.  I love the inner struggle to not let his psycho smile come out as he tries to contain his rage. 
As much as he tries, Tae Oh is not able to contain his inner urges.  He waits until everyone on the plane is asleep before confronting the flight attendant who had bad mouthed him.  He rushes toward her and next thing we know he is back in his seat, listening to music with the dead women's headphones.  I love the last moments of the scene where we see him shaking in frustration over his actions.  
I guess stopping is now a lost dream and surprisingly, I feel a little sorry for him.  Does this mean he is coming back to continue his killing rampage?  How is he going to get out of being accused of the stewardess's murder?  Whatever the case, I am just so thankful that he is still in the drama, because without him we are left with a so so murder mystery filled with boring possible suspects.


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