Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gap Dong Episode 12- A Plethora of Killers

Is there anyone in this drama who has not murdered, accidentally murdered, attempted to murder, or even just seriously injured someone?  Writers, this is getting ridiculous.  You must realize that.  RIGHT??  RIGHT??  I know they are trying to drive home the idea that anyone can be a Gap Dong (killer) given the right circumstances but it is getting to the point where you should just kill off the whole town and call it a day.  (If you want to see this concept done right, hunt down the 8 episode drama called White Christmas.  It was a brilliant look into the question of whether a psychopath was born or created by circumstance.)
We have a flashback where Chul Gon is on a stakeout.  An unauthorized stakeout since he had been taken off the Gap Dong case.  He sees what he assumes is a suspect in a raincoat turn and run away.  As he gives chase, the suspect falls down an embankment, dying from injuries sustained from the fall.  It turned out that it was actually a woman, dressed in a man's rain jacket running from someone she assumed was Gap Dong.  Dropping his badge at the scene, Chul Gon goes drinking to get the courage to turn himself in.  
But the next day the body is found tied with Gap Dong's signature knots and added to the death count of the serial killer. (Did anyone else love the fact that the killer was watching him the whole time and claimed the victim?  I thought that was a clever addition to the story.)
Han Sang Hoon had found his police badge at the crime scene and suspected the truth behind this death.  However he hid it because he did not want to ruin Chul Gon's career.  Or was it secretly because he was Gap Dong?  Either way the information was suppressed and preserved in the form of a bloody badge that was found by Moo Yeom twenty years later in Sang Hoon's office.  
After retelling Moo Yeom the story, Chul Gon turns himself in, along with the written confession he had been carrying around since the incident.  But of course this being the profession of cover ups, the big boss's of the police department decide it was an accident and since the statute of limitations has already expired they only dismiss him from his job.

I was wondering how Tae Oh was going to get out of the whole murdering a flight attendant on a plane situation.  It seems that this time he truly might be caught for good.  When the body is discovered, rather than finishing the flight, the pilot turns back to Korea and Tae Oh is arrested upon landing.  
Brought to the Police Station he encounters twit girl, Ji Wool, who is busy blaming herself for the latest murder.  It seems that Tae Oh had asked her to come with him, to be his emotional brakes, but she declined his offer.  Now that he killed again, she is busy weeping and wailing.  Ji Wool literally is still unable to grasp the concept that he is a killer since as she puts it "he looks so good".  Sigh... Sad the opportunity for her death has passed, because I know a sure fire way to make this show reach a higher level of intelligence is to just kill off both females.
A very subdued (yet still smoking hot) Tae Oh sits in the interrogation room.  Nothing seems to catch his attention until Han Sang Hoon (who is profiling him) makes a comment about profilers not going to the restroom til they are all finished.  WTH???  Seriously?  I'm confused, is this a real thing?  Because I don't know if they do things differently in Korea then here in the US, but I have never heard reference to adult diapers on an episode of Law and Order.
Tae Oh is put back into the mental institution for the time being.  Because someone had filmed him while on the airplane, there is little chance of getting away with the murder according to his lawyer.  Tae Oh seems resigned, but his lawyer simply says that it might be time for some extreme measures.  What are these extreme measures that you speak of?  Is it some type of bribery, hiring a fall guy, just mass murdering the whole facility and escaping in the choas?  I have no clue what they are going to do to avoid jail time, but if it gets Tae Oh back out on the streets and being evil then I am all for it.  I will even give the writers some slack on my snarky realism comments if they actual succeed on jump starting the life back into his character.
Did anyone else get kind of an icky feeling when Dr Maria and Moo Yeom kissed?  Was not sexy at all and made me want to gag.  Let's just accept that no romance should ever ever happen between the two female leads and pretty much anyone.  It would be a great tragedy to allow them to produce offspring and pass on their lack of common sense/intelligence to another generation. 
Luckily (since seriously I was about to push the FF button when Moo Yeom spouted the line "I can't stop" in regards to their intimate situation) we are saved from further gag worthy making out moments by the buzzing of Dr Maria's phone.  Tae Oh is having an epic psychotic meltdown (hmmm.  On purpose?) and demanding to speak to her.  
Calming him down and searching for a confession, Dr Maria asks him to start at the beginning, with his hero worship of Gap Dong.  And as our hottie psycho starts speaking we see a figure walking through the reeds, whistling a creepy tune.  And as the camera pans to the persons face we see chief Cha Do Hyeok,  
I KNEW IT.  Ugh I was even going to mention that he was my #1 suspect in my last blog post (even took a screen cap and everything) and then forgot to add it at the last minute.  Now my kdrama sleuthing skills will go undocumented and you will just have to take it on faith, that I totally figured it out several episodes before the big reveal.  
I personally am happy that it was him and not one of the other suspects.  It would be annoying if it was the profiler or the monk since neither actor really has the depth to pull off controlled crazy.  I have watched Jung In Gi act in many dramas, and whether it is a bad guy or a good guy, he always does a superb job.  Now if only we can have some interaction between him and Tae Oh, then I would be one happy kaddict.   Anything to keep the romance between Moo Yeom and Dr Maria would be happily welcome.

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  1. We were right!!! Although I didn't really suspect him until his encounter with Dr. Oh. When he said "oh you don't recognize me?" YEAH big red flag!!! OMG!!! The real Gap Dong is there all along..I wonder how its going to go. Is he going to start killing off mad monk and crazy tiger then onto Dr Oh. Actually he should definitely complete his 10th kill with Dr. Oh Maria. How does she not recognize him! SMH! Ewww yeah that little kissing scene and dropping of the card of her confessing her like towards mad monk was not doing it for me. I'm ok with no romance in this drama because it is not necessary. I'm definitely looking forward to Tae Oh meeting the Chief aka the real Gap Dong. That should be fun to watch.


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