Monday, May 26, 2014

Kmuse's Musings: More Fashion Fails

I thought it would be a while til I had enough pictures to do another Fashion Fail post.  But never underestimate the ability of Korean stylists to really pick some ugly clothes for the hottest Korean stars.  If you have not read one of my Fashion posts before, I would like to say that the dislike of the fashion or elements of the photograph reflect nothing on the actors or idols themselves.  So please don't hunt me down and egg my house for not liking the look of any certain star.  This is all subjective and just my personal opinion.  

Kang Ji Hwan In GEEK’s June 2014
 He is a very very sexy man.  But the striped purple pimp suit is just not doing it for me.  

Park Shin Hye - Harper’s Bazaar 

Love the hair, love the skirt, love the bag (really love the bag) but then there is that mess of a shirt.  My kids played a game this Christmas where they had to wrap crepe paper around their sibling to turn them into  a Christmas tree.  The effect was very similar to this shirt, which looks like the designer went cutout crazy.  

Ji Chang Wook - C├ęCi’s June 2014

The first picture is so so, but that brown Hershey kiss hat has got to go.  That hat is all I stare at in the photo rather than Ji Chang Wook.  The 2nd photo's short unitard look is truly bleck worthy.  I like the Jacket and if he had been wearing dress pants or jeans instead I would have really liked the look.  But when you can't tell if the under-piece is all one piece or just ugly Urkel shorts combined with a dress shirt, than we have a problem.

Park Hae Jin - Instyle Korea
I'm pretty sure that poor Park Hae Jin is having an allergic reaction to all those flowers.  He especially looks uncomfortable and frantic in the 2nd photo.

Choi Jin Hyuk - Men's Health's June 2014

Love the color pallet of this photo shoot, love the clothes (looks so sexy in jeans), the one thing that makes me cringe is the bad use of accessories.  Each photo looks extremely awkward and I think it is funny that the picture where he is holding the gun, it gives the impression of a kid playing with a toy gun.  These pictures in theory should have worked, but just didn't. 

My Favorite Photos of the Week
Son Ye Jin - Traveller’s June 2014

These two photographs were by far my favorite of the week, if not my favorite of the month.  They are full of interesting aspects from the color, clothes, locations, and movement.  It just all clicks and joined to create something truly beautiful and amazing.

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