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Witch's Romance Episode 11 - Reality Sucks and Other Reflections

After watching episode 11 I have come to the conclusion that reality sucks.  It is obvious that our two leads agree since neither is happy and are instead staying drunk or busy fantasizing about each other. It just goes to show that when you are doing the wrong thing (even if it seems like the right decision) you will be left emotionally empty and in dispair.  Hopefully Ji Yeon realizes this before she makes a permanent mistake.

Oh Yeah.  Mouse Girl is Still in the Drama.
I guess I just assumed when Mousey girl was warning Ji Yeon to be nicer to Dong Ha, that she realized that they were the two people involved in the tragic situation.  But that is not the case and my brain registered wrong.  
She seems not only shocked to see the couple kissing (she comes across them after the drunken courtyard kiss) but very upset that he likes someone who is already taken.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I had pretty much forgotten that she even had A one sided emotional connection to Dong Ha.  That is one of the few flaws in the drama, when it comes to second leads (Polar Bear & Mouse Girl) there is not really any emotional growth or connection between them and the viewers.  I have yet to hear anyone wish that Polar Bear would actually get the girl.  This might possibly be one of the differences between Korean and Taiwanese writing.  
In Korea they always want to have good 2nd leads (whether you love them or hate them they always try to create a presence).  In Taiwanese dramas, they often feel like an afterthought.  They usually have some kind of completed ending to their storylines, but they are only there for the movement of the main couple, not for any individual character growth.

People Stop Making our Puppy Sad.
A dagger has been thrust through my heart, over and over and over again.  I swear anytime Dong Ha starts to have a hard time because of people telling him of Ji Yeon and Polar Bears romance I just want to give them a finger flick to the forehead.  Can't you see that the poor puppy is dying in front of your eyes from a broken heart.  Of course I forgive them once they realize what they have done and obviously feel the same level of turmoil at Dong Ha's predicament.  The scene between Marriage Momma and Dong Ha is especially bittersweet as she consoles him over his loss.  

Really? He Was the #1 Catch Six Years Earlier?
Is anyone else having a real hard time watching Shi Hoon and Ji Yeon be a couple.  It gives me the same feeling as if a stranger had come up and started stroking my hair.  A mix of WTH, shivery creeps, and fear all mixed into an intense ball of dislike.  I JUST DON'T LIKE IT.  
I don't like how she is so stilted around him (I know she loosened up later in the episode but still not the same as with Dong Ha).  I don't like how he treats her as a simpering little girl who needs him to protect her (not to mention his reaction when her real personality comes forth).  
It drives me nuts how he makes decisions about their life without consulting her (i.e. house, dogs, work, weddings, etc).  Ji Yeon calls her polar bear fake persona "Image Maintenance", hiding the real her behind a meek and quiet manner.  But the problem with that is you either have to live your whole life under a cloud of lies and be the meek miss he is expecting, or cause the relationship stress when your real personality decides to let its freak flag fly high.

Drinking Makes the Inner Feelings Come Forth
That "Image Maintance" begins to break when Ji Yeon gets plastered and makes her way home..... to the wrong apartment.  Letting herself into Dong Ha's apartment our tipsy girl snuggles into his bed and passes out.  The next morning she awakes to the sight of him laying next to her in bed, and rather then be upset she snuggles into his arms.  (I know it is a dream sequence, but this poor OTP fan needs the snuggling skinship where I can get it).  Sure enough the dream, that sweet sweet dream, is interrupted by Dong Ha loudly telling her to get out of his bed.  HEHEHE  I love the difference between the fantasy morning and the reality.
Scuttling out of the apartment, Ji Yeon runs smack into her fiancee just as Dong Ha follows her with her purse in hand, yelling at her that since they don't live together anymore she can't just do what she wants.  OUCH.... can we say things are slightly awkward?

Best Flashing Kdrama Scene Ever
Soo Chul stole the show with his cute hmphs and snarky comments.  Displaying a busybody persona usually reserved for critical ahjumma's, he waltzed through the episodes giving both Dong Ha and Ji Yeon the stink eye. Not to mention asking all kinds of personal and pointed questions, culminating in the most random moment of the whole drama.  He walks into the room where Dong Ha is brooding and goes into pervy flasher mode.  HAHAHA  So is flashing your roommate your twig and berries a bromance thing, because that was epically hilarious.  At this point I don't think I could love Soo Chul anymore.

Where Does My Heart Lead
Things are not all flowers and bridal books for Ji Yeon either.  She spends the whole episode looking upset and sad and if we had to take a guess as to why, I would say it is the giant judgmental polar bear standing in the room.  Constantly apologizing for her interaction with Dong Ha and trying to make excuses, she continues to become more and more sad as she tries to convince herself that she actually wants to marry Shi Hoon.  
She asks her bestie why she is not happier?  Why does she keep missing Dong Ha so much, even to the point she is hallucinating that he is near? Na Rae, being the awesome and insightful BFF that she is, tells her friend to look towards her heart not her head.  Who is her heart pointing towards?   Anyone else want to join in a group shout "Just go back to Dong Ha already!"  

Sexy Spa Time
I think she is slowly starting to move towards that realization as well after she has a particularly charged moment with Dong Ha in a spa.  Ji Yeon and Na Rae are treating themselves to a massage when Dong Ha comes across them in his part timer duties.  Ji Yeon instinctively pushes him into an empty room when Polar Bear enters into the waiting room.  Dong Ha is obviously upset when he asks why he has to hide when he has done nothing wrong.  He reverses the positions and pushes her against the wall invading her space and she does nothing to object.  In fact she again looks sad when he does not kiss her. 
Dong Ha stalks out of the room leaving Ji Yeon to her thoughts.  I think we are all just impatiently waiting for her to realize that she can either have happiness with Dong Ha or the fake relationship with Polar Bear.  I for one am praying that she gets a move on and decides soon.  I am done with this part of the plot and I need to move forward.

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