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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - May Week 1

I have been in kdrama heaven since every one of the new dramas this week has been so so good. Now if I can only find the time to watch them all.  It was difficult to pick my favorite so I had to combine a bunch to get all the best moments mentioned.  So come join me as we discuss what was epic about his week in kdramas!

#5 Parents Dying for Their Children.
There were a lot of good death scenes this parents!  It was the week for parents sacrificing for their children and we viewers were lucky to see not one but two great death scenes.  In Dr Stranger, our leads father was more or less kidnapped (along with his son) and forced to live in North Korea as a surgeon.  His son was also forced to follow in his footsteps becomes a genius heart surgeon.  Seeing a way to allow his son to escape the strict regime, Kim Sang Joong (Kim Sang Joong - City Hunter) allows himself to be gunned down so there would be no ties connecting his son to North Korea.  It was a truly beautiful moment of love from a father to his son.
Our other new drama, You're All Surrounded, was not going to be beat in the sacrificing parent race.  Our main hero's mother was a women of morals and had agreed to testify against a murderer.  Unfortunately that murderer was not going down quietly and sent a goon to beat the mother to death to keep her quiet.  Her son comes home, finding his mother close to death, but still alive.  The murderer comes back into the house and he hides under the bed directly in eye site of his mother.  When the bad guy goes to look under the bed the mom distracts him by letting him know she is still alive, protecting her son but solidifying her own death.  The scene with the two crying as the boy watches his mother die was truly heart wrenching.
It just goes to show you that the good die young and what we are left with are the typical evil kdrama parents.  

Dr Stranger Clip

#4 Don't Play With My Toys 
Hotel King had a lighthearted moment where our leading man, Cha Jae-Wan, had to babysit the son of one of the guests in his personal home.  It would be a huge trial for the man anyway since Jae Wan is a character who is really really wound tight.  But add in the fact that he likes to collect and make limited edition toys and you have a recipe for disaster.  The young boy wants to play with everything, and our hero about dies.  He solves the problem by placing all the toys on his very top shelf (just under the ceiling) and saying that he always puts them up there at bedtime hahaha.   It was a cute moment in a mostly serious drama.  

Child Chaos Clip

Let's just all admit that Monday is the best day to be a kdrama fan right now.  You have the big ratings competition between Triangle, Dr Stranger, and Big Man.  Also add in new episodes of Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup, Running Man, and everyone's favorite romantic comedy Witch's Romance.  Yup! Mondays are my new best day of the week, which is why they are my #3 favorite moment.  Thank you Kdramas for making this day suck less.
#2 Best Confession Ever!
Our leading lady Ji Yeon's plan to bring a man to her clubs anniversary party goes horribly wrong, resulting in her chasing him with a rake and blackening his eye.  But never fear our white knight is to the rescue (literally, he is all in white) and arrives just in time to save our leading ladies fragile ego.  But rather than pretend to be her boyfriend, he just comes out and really confesses.  Just repeating what he said does not do the scene justice, so all of you out there not watching this drama.... run and at least watch this scene.  It was epic.  I literally held my breath in anticipation.

Confession Clip:

#1 Abs! So many delicious shirtless scenes in our dramas this week
We were overrun with hot shirtless scenes this week as our khottie's showered, brooded, and just changed their clothes A LOT!  I am pretty sure that JaeJoong's character in triangle secretly wants to be a nudist since he was shirtless an insane amount of times during the first two episodes of his new drama.  Also joining in the shirtless fun was the dramas Dr Stranger, Hotel King, and You're All Surrounded.  It was a great week to be a female drama watcher!
Thanks for joining me for another countdown.  I can now go get busy watching everything for next week.  There is a new episode of Hotel King that is calling my name. If you have not already, check out my recaps of Gap Dong and Witch's Romance each week and if you are not following us on FB then please go to this link and click LIKE! We are planning some giveaways and love to have chats about all things kdrama and kpop related.

Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23  
Ruby's Ring
A Well Raised Daughter  
Hotel King  
Fall In Love With Me (Tdrama)  
Angel Eyes  
Bitter Blood/Partners in Blood (Jdrama)  
BORDER (Jdrama)  
Witch's Romance Gap Dong
A Secret Love Affair
Wonderful Days 

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion  
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Tdrama)
Golden Cross
Big Man  
A New Leaf  
Dr Stranger  
You're All Surrounded
Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

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