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Gap Dong Episode 8 - Bonding and Nunchucks.

We were blessed with a bit more sensible episode tonight when compared to yesterdays crack induced writings.  But don't worry, there were still plenty of things that make you go "huh?"  to keep us entertained.  We get the fifth murder (kind of a snooze fest compared to the others) and plenty of bonding time with our resident psychopath.  I am still in mini mode so these are just a few of my thoughts that popped through my mind while watching.  Hopefully I will be back to normal next week.  So without further ado, lets delve into the surreal world of Gap Dong.

I think I would actually donate money to the cause of killing off the female characters in this drama.  They just don't want to live, so why should we the viewers deny them the chance to die?  Ji Wool especially seemed OK with the whole death by psycho thing as she is taken hostage (kinda/sorta) by Tae Oh in a plan to drive the Mad Monk even more mad.

"I am the fifth victim right? Ah, this is where my fate ends."  Ji-Wool flashbacks to seeing Moo-Yeom and Maria Oh in the most awkward embrace ever filmed.  "I feel like I'm OK dying at this point.  Let's go.  Where do you want me to die?"  Yes, this is the actually comments she utters when being faced with her untimely death.   I have a feeling even Tae Oh is beginning to wonder how he became the sane one in this twisted tale.  

They take a slow ride to his chosen killing spot.  During the various stops and conversations between the two we get to see her hug him close as they speed off into the night.   OH!!!  I get it.  Her wanting to die is all a ploy to be able to hold onto the hottie psycho intimately in a sexy motorcycle ride.  That truly can be the only reason to be such a willing and eager victim.  
So I am not sure if it is the bullet rattling around in his brain, or just the fact that he has never really been totally sane, but our crazy monk is on a mission to kill.  I personally could not stop laughing when Chul Gon comments about his lack of a gun, Moo Yeom just looks up smiles, and pats the nunchucks that are hanging on his hip.  HAHAHAHAHA  I don't need no stinking gun.  I have nunchucks.  My mind has officially been boggled.  
I am not sure if this was meant to be funny or if I was supposed to think it was super cool that we have a nunchuck toting vigilante cop running amok, but the director/writers really liked to make sure that we knew he had a pair with him since there was constant panning to the weapon throughout the episode.  Somehow he just does not seem as dangerous carrying them around, then he would if he had, say a knife.  But maybe that is just me.
So instead of taking Moo Yeom to some dark and secluded place to put us all out of our misery and kill the ditzy twit, Tae Oh takes her to see the sunrise at the beach.   Yes, the beach, where they bond over some girl talk about feelings and their crushes. Writers, why are demasculinizing the one character that is worth watching in this drama.  Where is the scary, where is the sinister, instead I feel like they are about to braid each others hair and talk boys.
I keep expecting the classic Gap Dong to be someone that is outside of the mental institution for some reason.  Or maybe there is a team that was Gap Dong in the past.  Or maybe it was serial killer aliens that come to earth to rampage every 20 years.  I just have a feeling that these writers are just waiting to send us on a million wild goose chases to discover the real Gap Dong.  I am at the point where I even randomly suspect the Monk and all the various police involved in the case.  With these writers there is no lack of possibilities on who they might make into the "big bad".  For that matter, maybe they don't even know who the bad guy is yet.  But for now things are looking awfully suspicious for the inmate with the funky facial hair.  
In a fit of pip Moo Yeom declares that he is going to do it and kill the fifth victim to save the ditzy girl (not that I think he is actually going to do it).  Luckily there is a plethora of high school girls roaming about just asking to be snatched and murdered.  However just when you start wondering if he has some kind of plot to trick the bad guy it time jumps to night (I am guessing he did not actually kill anyone, thank goodness for some sanity remaining in the script.)
Tae Oh is in a dark alleyway, a body at his feet.  He takes a picture of a distinctive painted fingernail and texts it to all the police.  But of course we are not lucky enough to really have Ji-Wool killed off.  She is safe and sound still crying about Moo Yeom hugging another women as another poor teenager is murdered in her place.
My Musings:
As I said earlier the actual murder in this episode was a little on the boring side.  I did enjoy Tae Oh reflecting inward and trying to understand why he is doing what he is.  However the idea that Dr Maria could save you from your killing tendencies is pretty ridiculous.  The girl is not the type to lean on in a difficult situation and I constantly expect her to start falling apart anytime something happens.  Our Mad Monk is kind of getting on my nerves.  He is always screaming that he is going to get the bad guy, yet he keeps getting outsmarted over and over.  It is a very one sided fight right now.  

I hope you enjoyed just a few of my thoughts about the episode.  Yet again, I don't really think this is a good show, but it sure is a great show to make fun of.  See you next week when we get to find out what new and crazy situations our cast can get into.  Until then I wish you a drama filled week.


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