Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - May Week 3

We have a ton of fun and cute moments comprising my Top 5 this week.  From strawberry bodywash, bittersweet romance, enough sexy abs to satisfy any kdrama fan, and some cute new OTP's (One True Pairings), we have a bit of something for everyone.  So sit back and join me as I tell you what my favorite moments of the 3rd week in May.

It seems like it has been forever since I have done my Top 5 Countdown.  I have missed it since sharing good dramas and connecting people with their next drama is one of my favorite things to do. I just added a bunch of new dramas to my weekly lineup so have all kinds of new material.  I know, I know, I think I probably have a drama problem, it is getting to crazy weekly airing levels.  But at least I know I am not missing anything good, since it is just tragic to find out that there is an awesome drama airing that you are not yet watching.  If you think I am missing anything feel free to let me know in the comments or on our FB page.  Or if you need some suggestions on what to watch next, I have seen an insane amount of dramas and could probably help you out with some suggestions. 

Kpop Song of the Week
Megan Lee 8 Dayz (Featuring Yong Jun Hyung)
Yup still loving this song.  The bubbly perky sound has totally cheered me up and gotten me ready to face the summer.  OK, so that consists of opening some windows and allowing some sunshine into the house (for a person living in the NW the gray clouds to sun transition can be painful).  I don't even mind the so so dancing and the random creepy horse and sheep masks (Korean MV's, sometimes you are so weird).  Hope this cheers you up as much as it did me. 

#5 Strawberry Body Wash - You're All Surrounded
I am in a love hate relationship with this drama.  I love the characters, I love the humor, I love the larger mystery arc, however I hate hate hate the whole cop politics that come with any crime themed show.  So it is scenes like this one, that keep me watching despite the constant grinding of teeth due to politics.
In episode 5 we see our rookies being cute and bonding over drinks at the boys dorm.  Everyone passes out and sleeps in except Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi - King 2 Hearts, Gu Family Book) who decides to shower early.  His female partner Eo Soo-Sun (Go Ara - Reply 1994), also arises (obviously hungover) and stumbles towards the bathroom. She walks straight into a shirtless Dae Koo and stands there with her lips firmly pressed against his chest.  Usually you would think that the girl would be flustered or startled with that much sexy naked chest action going on, but not Soo Sun, she just licks her lips and asks if that is strawberry body wash that he used.  HEHEHEHE  His affronted virgin expression just cracks me up, I could not stop laughing even as he chucks her out of the house.
Strawberry Body Wash Clip (time stamp 4:16)

#4 Computer Glitch's and Skinship - A Witch's Romance
When Ji Yeon loses a report she is working on, and subtly is mumbling to herself about how much trouble losing this article will be, Dong Ha comes to the rescue.  He reaches over her shoulder, putting his hand over hers, and guides her through the retrieval of her paper.  My vote goes to this scene for sexiest non-traditional skinship moment of the year (at least so far).  Never has moving a mouse around been sexier.  And the little thumb rub against her hand as he "helps" her is shiver worthy.
Romantic Mouse Action Clip

#3 Let the Ships Sail -Glorious Day & Love Myself or You
I love starting a new drama and instantly loving the OTP's (One True Pairings).  It just makes me so happy and I get so excited to share my new finds with other kdrama addicts.  So you all get the luck of listening to me wax poetic about my two new favorite couples.  
First is Jung Da Jung & Seo Jae Woo from the new family drama Glorious Day.  This drama is filled with so many fun family hijinks that I literally laugh out loud through most of the episodes (first two episodes were a little slow but it really picks up from 3 on).  Jung Da Jung (Park Se Young - Faith, School 2013) is the middle child of a single mother raising three daughters.  She is in the process of falling for the oldest son of a rice cake bakery, Seo Jae Woo (Lee Sang Woo - A Word From a Kind Heart).  Due to a series of fateful circumstances their families become neighbors and share a common courtyard.  I love how happy both characters are with life and they just click.  Nothing can beat good chemistry and I can't wait to watch the next episode and see their relationship develop.
Wet T-Shirt Clip 

"Love Myself Or You" is the newest Tdrama to start this week (Is it just me or are we suddenly getting a lot more Tdramas than we used to?) It stars Puff Kuo (Just You) as our prickly leading lady, a chef who has worked her way up the ladder in a French restaurant.  She meets the newly hired intern (undercover son of the restaurant and gourmet chef in his own right) played by Max Liu who also ends up being her new next door neighbor and it is instant sparks.  There is only one episode so far, but already I am in love with the leading man's sweet smile and his sincere manners (kind of reminds me of Dong Ha from Witch's Romance). Bring on the food and neighbor hijinks, I am signing on for this ride and hoping for the best.

#2 Thank the Drama Gods for Wardrobe Changes - Fall In Love With Me 
The best thing about this double identity plot line in Tdrama "Fall In Love With Me", is that it gives leading man Aaron Yan a lot of excuses to take his clothes off.  And none of the scenes are funnier than this week in episode 7 when he is in mid transformation and is interrupted by a sweet ahjumma who hands him his shirt he had dropped.  I don't know about you, but this ahjumma wishes there were random khotties pulling Clark Kents in front of my eyes.  Although I probably would be the one with her camera out snapping some photos rather than being sweet and giving him back his clothes.

#1 One Day of Love - Hotel King
When you are overcoming murderous plots, evil masterminds, fake sibling connections, and a hotel full of cranky guests, romance is not always first on one's to do list.   So it is a miracle when leading man Cha Jae Wan ( Lee Dong Wook - My Girl, Scent of A Woman) is able to finally fall in love with Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da Hae - Iris 2, My Girl).  Seriously, nothing puts a damper on a romance more than thinking you are siblings.  But this is a melodrama and it is not even half way, so we all know their happiness is not going to last.  It seems that Jae Wan also sees the writing on the wall since he gives himself one day to take Mo Ne away from the hotel and responsibility, just to be a couple.
It is a nice break for us viewers as well.  As much as I love watch Lee Dong Wook go into full emote mode, seeing him happy for a few minutes is nice as well.  Their sweet romance and the emotions it brings makes this my #1 pick for the week.  Also for those of you who dropped the show early on, (Don't blame you, I was tempted to bail myself) give it another try.  Once you hit the romance it is well worth wading through the boring beginning episodes.
Emerging Couple Clip

This concludes my countdown!  I hope you enjoyed all the moments as much as I did.  If you have any questions on where you can find subs for any of the shows feel free to ask in the comments or on our FB page.  We are always happy to help fellow Kfans.


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  1. I love the strawberry body scene in You're All Surrounded! I could not stop laughing! I don't understand why some of the commenters in df said they couldn't stand the otp and that they lack chemistry. I think they have great chemistry . Its gradual and I don't like that the female caves in too early in dramas. I like that he's starting to cave in first. Heehee! hotel king was sweet but I think the next couple episodes are going to be painful to watch. I love your weekly updates from current dramas and you have a long list Amber. I'm barely keeping up with what I have haha.

    1. I actually like that they are not forcing the chemistry right from the start. Would not have worked right with his stand offish character in the beginning. Now that he is starting to loosen up, she is able to wiggle into his orbit.

  2. How are you able to watch 22, TWENTY TWO, asian dramas at once?!?! I would lose my mind!!!

    1. I have always watched a lot of tv in the evenings so I just replaced my US shows with asian tv. Of course I no longer have time for my favorite US shows so I am always trying to play catchup with those. It has become a little harder since I started blogging a couple months ago. But I really enjoy it so I persevere through.


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