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Witch's Romance Episode 10 - What If?

Did anyone else notice the heavy use of the new OST song in episode 10?  If you are curious as to who the singer is, it is the shows very own Park Seo-Joon (Dong Ha) singing his heart out (at least in my head) to Yi Jeon. In case you missed its posting on our FB page, here is the link for "Come Into My Heart".
What If?  Is the question of the day as we see the dynamic duo, Yi Jeon and Dong Ha, start the process of separation.  Or at least Dong Ha is attempting to distance himself from Ye Jeon.  She instead is chasing after him, trying to get his attention any way she can.  Obviously someone (pointing at you, prickly witch) has some unresolved feelings for the cute part timer.  And as the time comes closer and closer to his disappearing from her sphere, she begins to wonder What If?  What if the timing had been different?  What if they had already started into a relationship?  What if he had followed through on the kiss?  And we all know that when someone starts playing the What If game, it does not bode well for the current relationship.

Dong Ha continues to give Ji Yeon the cold shoulder, determined to protect his wounded heart during the last few days of employment.  This is not an easy feat when the person you are trying to avoid is 3 feet away, and sending you longing looks.  
Oh and let's not forget the 30 text messages, the stalking of the courtyard, and the constant ringing of his doorbell.  And when all this does not get the desired reaction, our heroine pulls out her attack alarm and pulls the cord, emitting a high screeching sound until he gives in and opens the door.  
But a wounded heart does not give up that easily and he firmly tells her to butt out of his life.  When she demands to know why, he asks if she really is that selfish to put him through added pain.  She yells back, that yes she does have to look for him since she is worried about his drinking and fighting.  How is she supposed to be at peace when he is living his life in the wrong direction.  Ji Yeon then yells at him "do I have to move for you to be OK?" and storms out of the house.  Wait a minute???  When did this become about her?  I like her as a character but sometimes she can be a tad bit selfish.
She is being so selfish that even mousy 2nd lead girl (poor thing really didn't ever get a good character development) tells her to leave Dong Ha alone.  And when mousy 2nd lead girl tells you that you are being a horrible person, then maybe you should start paying attention.  You tell her boring 2nd lead!
But we all know that our White Knight's natural personality is too sweet to stay bitter forever (however I would have been OK with it being more than 3 days).  When Ji Yeon loses a report she is working on, and subtly is mumbling to herself about how much trouble losing this article will be, Dong Ha comes to the rescue.  He reaches over her shoulder, putting his hand over hers, and guides her through the retrieval of her paper.  My vote goes to this scene for sexiest non-traditional skinship moment of the year (at least so far).  Never has moving a mouse around been sexier.  And the little thumb rub against her hand as he "helps" her is shiver worthy.  After he sits back, he smiles, asking if she is going to treat him to dinner on his last night. Ji Yeon looks so relieved that he is talking to her and says of course.  
Our OTP's finally back into cute mode as they have their "last meal".  And it is obvious that both are trying their best to recreate their past camaraderie while joking, chatting, and going into battle mode over who can eat the most.  Ji Yeon wins, of course, and Dong Ha is now in charge of round 2.  Round 2 just happens to be drinks at the bar where they had their first kiss.  Seriously?  You are going back to your past make out spot when you are supposedly going to break everything off?  But hey, to each their own, and they are yet again picked to do the kiss for champagne game.  
In their heads the what if game starts.  How all of the actions they made previously lead to their first kiss.  And how they would not have had the relationship if that kiss had not occurred.
Dong Ha comes towards her, holding her face and again speaking the same words as the previous kiss.  He gets closer and closer, both of them gazing into each others eyes. (I would just like to point out that Ji Yeon is not moving away.)  In fact it looks like she is holding her breath and actually anticipating the kiss.  Just when this viewer thought we were going to have another public make out scene, Dong Ha shifts his lips to her forehead.
As we viewers (along with the whole bar) moan in disappointment, Dong Ha simply states that this women has a very cool boyfriend and her lips are for him only.  SIGH......  Dong Ha, why do you have to be so upstanding and perfectly sweet?  Just when I was disappointed over the non-kiss, my cranky bubble is popped, as I realize that he is still treating her with respect and love.  He is not going to continue to push himself on her after she had made her choice.   Dong Ha truly is perfect.
But all this faking fine is taxing on our hero.  In his going away party put on by the magazine, Dong Ha imbibes a bit to much.  And by too much I mean the boy can barely walk upright.  Taking him home, Ji Yeon lets him lay his head on her lap and she gazes down on him with a very loving look.  They arrive and she starts staggering towards their apartments but does not make it past the courtyard where yet again she sits with his head on her lap.  My guess is that she was not overly anxious to stop this allowed skinship.  And judging by Dong Ha's small smile, I don't think he was overly excited to separate either. 
Things probably would have ended there and each would have moved their separate direction if Ji Yeon had not played the "what if" game one last time.  But instead of thinking it in her head she begins to speak it out loud to a supposedly sleeping Dong Ha (we don't know for sure he is awake, but my personal opinion is that he was at least somewhat aware of what she was saying.)  What If?  What if the timing had been different?  What if we had already started into a relationship?  All questions that when asked out loud scream regrets, and Dong Ha takes advantage of the moment to slowly and gentle move towards Ji Yeon and then he kisses her.
My Thoughts:
Personally I consider this their first official couple kiss.  The previous kisses, while not lacking in passion, had been before they knew anything about each other.  Before their emotional connections, before their growth as a couple and mutual trials.  But this kiss was  filled with meaning, and hope, and a sense of acceptance on both parts.  The whole show we see Ji Yeon stiff and slightly uncomfortable around Shi Hoon.  It was not a matter of her disliking him in anyway, but there was no clicking of two minds.  Also her constant comparison of the Dong Ha and Shi Hoon is always there.  When you are experiencing the memory of another man anytime your boyfriend tries to hold your hand, then maybe you are with the wrong person.
Dong Ha on the other hand has accepted her decision with great dignity and while he is heartbroken, he accepts reality and is happy that at least he did his best.  I love how he looks on their time together without regret, since love is something to be treasured regardless of the eventual outcome.  He truly wants her to be happy.  That said, once she starts saying "what if?" it gives him the green light to try and change her mind.  Because again, when she is saying "What if?", it means that he is the one she is thinking of, and hopefully the one truly in her heart.


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  1. I am so glad I found your blog because I can't get enough of Witch's Romance. I have never seen any kdrama male character as perfect as Dong Ha. He's like the 1st lead and the 2nd lead all roll into one, taking only the good traits with him. I like the witch and the other characters as well. It's so good to finally have a drama to look forward to every week. And even better to find blogs with hilarious and at the same time thoughtful recaps. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am glad you found us as well! Dong Ha truly is perfect. I really enjoyed the Taiwanese version of this drama but the Korean remake is even better. If you like this drama you might check out the drama coming up called Fated To Love you. Another remake of a Taiwanese drama. Not sure if it will be done as well as this one, but I am crossing my fingers since it is one of my all time favorite Tdramas.


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