Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 New Teasers and First Script Reading Photos out for Upcoming Drama "High School King"

Am I obsessive about Seo In Guk enough to do a whole blog post (ok it will probably be only a paragraph) about his two new teasers for upcoming romantic comedy "High School King"?  You bet your last dollar I am.  There is a good chance that if even only a picture comes out I will post about it.  So sit back for the obsessive SIG fangirling and enjoy the ride.  "High School King" (also called King of High School Life, but I am not a fan of that title) comes out late next month following "Witch's Romance" and will be my next recap project.  It stars Seo In Guk who plays the most popular boy in high school, who is forced to take his older brothers place as a boss in an IT company (I am guessing that they somehow look identical).  Falling for one of the interns (Lee Ha Na), he must juggle both lives.  Judging from these two small teasers the drama is going for a light and bubbly concept with lots of cute.  Something TvN is usually good at getting right.  I will be crossing my fingers that this drama continues the cable stations run of great romantic comedies.
Teaser #1
Teaser #2

Photos From First Script Reading
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  1. LOL, I love how you spazz about him. I'm also a huge fan of him and will following this drama avidly. I hope he will sing for the OST, and because he will play two roles, maybe we will get double screentime. Gosh, double of Seo In Guk awesomeness <33333

    1. I don't think there is a drama he has starred in where he has not sung one of the songs for the OST so I am pretty sure we are safe on that front. I seriously can't wait! Totally spazzing every day we get closer to its airing.

  2. OMG..In Guk really cute in this drama..really love ep.2... love all his drama n movie tu.. Thanks God, lastly I got a replacement of Kwon Sang Woo....
    still remember watching him won Super Star K, me n my sister felt he will be big someday..and its true!!!
    Thank you for this blog n snapshot XDXD


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