Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Witch's Romance Episode 13 - Just Kiss Him Already

I am not sure if it was just me, but personally I felt a little let down by this episode.  I think it was the constant shuffling of Ji Yeon's feet towards making that last step in hooking up with Dong Ha.  She knows why her relationship with Polar Bear fell apart (way too much time crying about that in this episode) and yet when it comes to actually going towards happiness she is lingering.... AGAIN.  For crying out loud, just put an ounce of that chutzpah you have when it comes to your job, and shift it to your dating life, and things would be much much better.

Is it wrong that when everyone (at least Ji Yeon and her mother) are mourning the end of Polar Bear, I am just doing my little happy dance that it is finally over!  We have suffered through so much  of their ill fated relationship that I just can't seem to muster any sorrow over his leaving.  Again, it is not as if I think he is a horrible person, it's just that his very existence in the world was making my teeth grind.  
And I am actually surprised that Ji Yeon is so devastated over the break up.  It is not as if she really wanted to marry him, and was very aware that she loved someone else.  So why the huge outward expression of sorrow, to the point of making herself sick.  Maybe so the writers would be able to fit in a nurse Dong Ha scene?
Dong Ha was in mid-move when he passes a crying Ji Yeon (post dumping) in the courtyard.  She rushes past him, and he gives her the saddest look and asks what the heck Polar Bear is doing to always make her cry.  She probably does not want to be confronted with why her engagement fell apart at that particular time, but look at that face.  How can you walk past that face?
He later attempts to move again, but finds that his apartment had been stolen from under him and he is back at his BFF's within the hour.  Shortest moving moment in kdrama history and according to hottie BFF "It's a sign from heaven."  Awwww  I love that Soo Chul does not want his bestie to move out.  BROMANCE FOREVER!
It's a good thing that Dong Ha did not move since he has to go into White Knight mode and nurse Ji Yeon back to health. If my nurse looked like him, I would make myself ill as well.  Nothing better than being nursed back to health by a khottie who loves you.  In an illness induced stupor, Ji Yeon mutters at Dong Ha that he needs to leave since it is too hard when he appears in her dreams.  Quietly, Dong Ha asks "I appear in your dreams?" and Ji Yeon just stares at him silently.  Sadly, Ji Yeon's mother breaks the moment and Dong Ha leaves, but not before he overhears that Ji Yeon's engagement is over.
I almost screamed at the TV when Polar Bear was again part of the plot.  At least this time he is admitting defeat to Dong Ha, by having him deliver the wedding shoes back to Ji Yeon.  I feel like I am watching some type of national geographic program on Korean mating rituals.  When Male 1 loses the females interest he admits defeat by performing the symbolic handing over of the brides shoes to Male 2.  The lesser male has admitted defeat and is leaving alone and sad...  Not that any of us care.  
Isn't it bad luck to give shoes to your significant other since they can then run away?  Not to mention if I was a bride, I would dump the cursed shoes which had been part of two broken engagements.  It is not worth taking a chance the third time around.
In between all the crying and moping (and some work related hospital stuff that I really don't care about) Ji Yeon managed to let everyone know that the reason for her broken engagement was her heart turning towards Dong Ha.  Yes, let's start telling everyone (except the most important person) about your failed engagement.  If it had been up to her (and not Dong Ha over hearing that she is free again) I don't know how long it would take her to fess up. Why do we have to continue to suffer through non OTP plot.  Personally I think we suffered enough through 5 episodes of Polar Bear couple hell.

Thank goodness for the epic book of truth. You know, that book that Dong Ha gave her around 6 episodes ago that had his confession.  

Does anyone else go around looking at the inner flaps of books on their bookshelf?  I can honestly say that there could have been a secret love confession in one of my books for years and I never would have even known.  I know it is less romantic, but a text would be a lot more efficient way of sending a love confession.  Or if nothing else send one of those free E-cards.  Because nothing says I  Love You more than tap dancing pigs holding bouquets of flowers.
If it had not been for that book, that everyone and their dog has glanced at, we might still be suffering from an intact Polar Bear couple and/or a waffling leading lady.  Luckily Dong Ha does look at his confession and sees Ji Yeon's reply and confronts her about her feelings.  The episode ends with Dong Ha pulling her into his arms telling her that it is not too late for them.

Random Thoughts:

How cute is this secondary couples first date!  I love that Marriage Momma and President go on their dinner date to the BFF's restaurant.  It makes me wish that my BFF had a restaurant I could go hang out at all the time.  Looks like Ji Yeon is going to be calling her boss Daddy, before to much longer.
Did anyone else keep getting distracted by her outfit?  The 3D effect is really really not a flattering look and the pants just make me wince. 
Culture Clash Moment - I don't think I will ever understand the park fascination that Koreans seem to have.  If I saw random adults hanging out at playgrounds my first thoughts would be drug dealers or perverts, not romantic dating destination.

 What did you think of the episode?  Did it fulfill your post Polar Bear fantasies?  I personally am hoping for more in tomorrows episode since emotionally I am left a little cold and disappointed.  Is it to much too just ask for one little kiss?

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  1. If a cutie like DH wanted to spend time with me, a park would definitely not be on the preferred activities list.

    1. IKR. Parks are not sexy in my opinion. LOL


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