Thursday, June 5, 2014

Witch's Romance Episode 14 - Couple T-Shirts, Dates, and Confessions

We have finally reached the last few episodes of yet another drama.  I know that there is still a week to go, but when it comes down to what we were waiting for, we have officially arrived.  You might ask what was it that we, the viewers who suffered through so many boring and/or annoying Polar Bear scenes, were waiting for?  Why, our OTP (One True Pairing) officially accepted their fate, stopped fighting, and became a couple.  This episode gave us a lack of plot movement (AGAIN), but it sure made up for it with enough cuteness to make a yawning kitten jealous.

Now that Polar Bear is officially out of the picture, it is time to get to some serious OTP action.  But it is not enough that our couple can now be together.  Nope, they have to "fix" Dong Ha so that he will be of an equal status to our career oriented heroine.  I have to admit that this is one thing that occasionally gets on my nerves when it comes to Kdramas.  It seems that unless you are a Chaebol/heir, lawyer, or doctor, you are sub par to be a leading man.  In Dong Ha's case, it means that he has to get his life back on track as a Doctor in order to be worthy of Ji Yeon.
Is there anything more adorable than two khottie best friends in love?  If those best friends are Dong Ha and Soo Chul, then the answer is NO!  I want to official go on record as saying that I have never enjoyed best friend filler as much as I have with this drama.  I have this fantasy in my head that they are even besties in real life, and will continue on past the conclusion of this drama.  I know that is unlikely, but it is no different than hoping that any given OTP follows through to a real life relationship (just let me keep my fantasy!) Here is a collage of their adorableness since they will be sorely missed.
Bestie Na-Rae and her husband are getting as annoyed as the rest of us, watching Dong Ha and Ji Yion waffling over becoming an official couple.  So they go on the offensive with a sure fire matchmaking scheme.  
Inviting the couple to dinner, they blindside them with a present that is sure to get the romantic sparks started. Very very very pink, hand decorated, couple t-shirts. I guess that when it comes down to it, all you really need to start a relationship is "Couple T-shirts". Hehehe And it looks like their plan worked, since upon arriving home, they promptly put them on and took some adorable couple photos.
It was as if Dong Ha was reading my mind as he explains why Koreans love playgrounds (especially for meeting the people they love).  He brings Ji Yeon to the playground again, this time during the day, and she questions his choice of location.  He playfully replies "it is the perfect place for a date.  Childlike heart during the day, and dark motives at night."  HEHEHE  So I was right when I suggested perverts are the only adults that go to a park minus child.
We finally get a love confession at the end of this episode (thank goodness it is better than a note in the front flap of a book) and I personally could not be happier.  Dong Ha takes Ji Yeon out on a date to their favorite fish cake place.  Inside it is all dark until Hottie BFF pops up and some familiar music begins to play in the background.  He starts reenacting the scene of their first kiss (remember, the one where he saves her during the confession contest).   But this time it is just the two of them and Dong Ha truly tells her how he loves her and wants them to start a relationship.  After a pause, Ji Yeon says yes (thank goodness she is done saving him from herself).  They look at each other and have a sweet romantic kiss.  If you had to guess what I looked like when I watched this scene, please take note of Na Rae and her husband... Yup, I am pretty sure I was making those same exact faces.  HEHE

Random Thoughts
Are her clothes getting uglier?  I keep feeling like they are trying to go in a high fashion concept with her wardrobe (more now than in the earlier episodes) similar to the leading ladies of Hotel King and My Love From Another Star.  But instead of on the edge fashion, it just ends up looking a little bit frumpy and distracting.  When it comes to her look (clothes-wise) in the last two episodes I would give it a D ratings.  I just wish they would let her natural beauty be the emphasis.

I don't want to see Polar Bear anymore in this drama.  His character's plot arc is over and done, yet the writers seem to want him to linger around.  Why?  Does anyone care what happens to him now?  I hope that he goes somewhere else and lives his remaining years far away from our OTP.  Just in case there is any doubt about what I want for this character, then check out this clip.  It expresses my feelings exactly.
Just wanted to conclude by sharing some cute photos of Marriage Momma and President's date.  They are such a cute couple and another good example of successful filler.  Would I want to see more of their relationship?  Nope.  A little bit of them goes a long way, which is why I am thankful the writers found the perfect niche for this couple.  Now if they could only seem to find the same sweet spot for Na-Rae and her talking belly/baby.  That is one aspect of the show which is really starting to get on my nerves.
All in all an enjoyable episode, and one that I can look back on and smile.  Now if we can just get through the last two episodes without any stupid breakups, annoying talking baby belly's, and above all else, NO MORE POLAR BEAR.


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