Thursday, July 17, 2014

King of High School Episode 10 - Let the Brooding Begin

This episode took a break from our OTP (one true pairing) and really focused on the side characters, letting them have their moment in the sun.  Not that the writers have not been doing a fabulous job in getting us to care about a lot of the extra employees and family connected to our leading couple, but so often we are distracted by the awesomeness that is Seo In Guk that we forget there is still a whole other slew of characters inhabiting Min Seok's world.
-The Twitty Duo-
These two continue to steal my heart.  They are the uber cute space cadets that you associate with the concept of the ideal high schooler.  They eat an intense amount of food, are obsessed with girls but can't seem to get actual experience, and are extremely loyal to their bestie Min Seok.  They also are so cute (like little puppies) when they finally meet the popcorn noona and finagle their way in to having dinner with them.  I love how they were so supportive of their relationship and wished them well on all the upcoming "surprises" that they would face in the future.  They might not be the smartest guys ever, but they are the one's who will support Min Seok when things begin to fall apart (or when he flunks out of high school.  Seriously?  How is he actually passing his classes when he is literally not there?)
-Noona Office Romances-
We are also getting some movement by some of Soo Young and Min Seok's coworkers.  The coworker (we will call him babyface since he looks so innocent and young) who is always being overlooked has fallen for the short haired girl coworker (going to call her cougar).  Babyface starts to spout off a lot of negative stuff to his hyung coworker who is interested in dating cougar, and when confronted about so said negative gossip he works up the courage and just kisses her.  WOW, did not see that coming.  Is anyone else wondering what kind of workplace this is?  And how do they not have sexual harassment seminars every week?  I guess cougar was not against the assault since she tells him to close his mouth next time and goes in for some more action.  HEHEHE we are even getting excessive skinship from the side characters now.  This show really likes to deliver with good kisses.
-Poor Stalker Girl-
Is it just me, or is everyone starting to really feel bad for the stalker girl?  She turned out to be a really nice person, despite her stalking tendencies.  And her earning enough money to buy new skates for Min Seok is enough to make even the coldest hearted person wince.  It is not her fault that her crush and her beloved sister fell in love.  Yoo Ah has a lot of heartache in her future and I personally hope that she rises above it and does not add to the hurdles that our OTP need to overcome. 

-Jin Woo-
Is it wrong that I kind of wish that Jin Woo and Min Seok could have a mini bromance going on?  But judging from the events of today's episode, I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.  Poor Jin Woo is overwhelmed with worry for his mother who is in rehab for alcohol addiction.  Jin Woo begs his evil father to go see his mother and be supportive, but of course evil father refuses.  I just feel so sad for Jin Woo that he has such horrible selfish parents.  And then I will start to find myself wondering if I can forgive him for his horrible actions?  But then of course he is unable to handle his issues and attacks poor innocent Soo Young both physically (with an unwanted kiss) and then verbally when he is rebuffed.  So sorry you Jin Woo fans, he is still a total complete tool and finds no redemption in my blog.  Just because there are reasons he is a cruel sadistic jerk does not mean that he should be forgiven.  I do hope that somehow he is able to rise above it.  Maybe with a lot of therapy he would be ready to be around normal people again.
We knew it was coming and I am surprised we actually got this far into the drama without Soo Young figuring out Min Seok's secret.  I kept hoping that maybe Min Seok would tell her himself (It never happens that way, but a fan girl can hope), but in the end she comes across him at the high school while visiting her sister.  The cat is out of the bag and I am just left wondering how bad the fall out is going to be.  Usually I would say that things are going to go really really bad, but Soo Young tends to be unique in her outlook, so I am praying their separation will be short lived.

I swear if they don't end up together I will take up Wicca (or whatever the black version of Wicca is) to learn witchcraft so I can curse the writers with a thousand warts all about their body.  I need my Min Seok to be happy again.  We have become accustomed to a certain amount of Seo In Guk smiles and I can't go back to a in despair and brooding bias.  

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