Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Joseon Gunman Episode 7 & 8 - I Love A Good Nemesis

We spent this week mentally traveling in circles as everyone tried to figure out if Hanjo really is Yoon Kang, with varying degrees of success.  And while I thoroughly enjoyed this layer of the drama I am really starting to anticipate Yoon Kang working his way up the levels of liars to the powerful men that really framed his father.
Is it upsetting anyone else how stupid all of the people in Yoon Kang's life seem to be.  They don't think anything of screeching his name willy nilly  even though he is wanted for treason.  WTH little sis?  Have some common sense and realize that he is ignoring you for a reason and maybe you should not go crying that he is your brother for every psycho ahjussi to hear.  Your brother is not giving you negative head shakes and slapping you just for the fun of it.

Have a bit of 2nd lead regret.  Hye-Won is such a great character and I sometimes find myself wishing she was the lead.  It is not that I don't like Soo In, but some times I find her lack of common sense and life skills annoying.  I just wish that Yoon Kang was in love with someone who would be an actual asset in his quest for the truth, rather than a cute but bumbling girl who hurts his situation more often than helps it.  I truly hope to see Jeon Hye Bin have larger roles in future projects since she is doing such a great job.

The same can't really be said about the 2nd male lead.  Kim Ho-Kyung  is just so plain vanilla in a drama full of colorful and dynamic characters.  I can see how the writers initially set up his character to be interesting and dynamic but somewhere he has been whitewashed in the execution.  He is the illegitimate son of the 2nd in command of the traditionalist party.  He is pretty much giving his father the bird as he becomes one of the leaders of the progressive movements.  Ho Kyung should be that perfect mix of defiant son/bad boy that we viewers love to love.  But instead Soo In's maid leaves more of an impression on my mind (wow she is annoying) than Ho Kyung does.  I am crossing my fingers that we get more character development for him in the 2nd half of the drama since I know that the actor is better than this.  He was one of the few things I enjoyed about King's Family, but is just falling to the wayside in this drama.

I find the Choi's family and their political dynamic fascinating.  Yes, Choi Won Shin is on the side of the conflict that we consider the "bad guys".  He is a killer for hire and trains men as highly efficient mercenaries yet we see that he does have a heart when it comes to his daughter Hye-Won.  A daughter who was a slave and saved by Won Shin and elevated to her current position.  It is obvious that she is his weak spot and might be his downfall in the future.  It is very enjoyable that Won Shin is a perfect nemesis for Yoon Kang.  Both men are surviving the best that they can and deathly capable in combat as well as fighting with their wits.  They are so evenly matched that you never know who is ahead in the game they are playing and that keeps the story interesting and moving forward.
We end episode 8 with a smoke filled bang as Yoon Kang successfully saves his sister just as Yeon Ha is about to be touched by the pervy minister of justice. Yoon Kang utilizes Soo In's ability to create a smoke bomb and uses it as a distraction to sneak in and save his sister.  Unfortunately he is forced to murder the scuzzy minister in the process since he was about to slice Yeon Ha with a sword for attacking him as he was attacking her.  Yoon Kang then takes that moment, a moment which would be better spent running away before the smoke clears, to have a touching reunion scene with his sister.  Which again would be so much more touching if it was not right as one of the gunman get his scope set on the siblings.  Luckily the bad guy misses and we get to see Lee Joon Ki do that awesome gun cocking spinney move he does.  I am taking a wild guess that Yoon Kang escapes to fight another day.
-Random Thoughts-
Was surprised at the flashback where Yoon Kang was having a rough time in Japan.  For some reason I had just assumed that he was taken in and raised up from the moment he was fished from the sea. 

I am really enjoying the king and the political aspects of this drama.  My only complaint is that we get too little politics (sorry I am a total junky for historical/political maneuverings) and too much creepy old ahjussi ringing his hands and plotting in his sinister whiny voice.

 His secret identity is kind of a poorly kept secret.  Everyone knows (except for our two leading ladies) and is acting accordingly with that knowledge.  Evil merchant Choi is out to expose him while still keeping his trade agreement with the Japanese, bestie Jung Hoon is suddenly taking an interest in his job and helping Yoon Kang with all his schemes, and sister is just being dragged all about with a constant upset look on her face and no deeper thoughts.  (I am kind of remembering why I was not fan of that child actress.  Definitely has the one upset look down pat and does not deviate).  It will be interesting to see how he gets out of being tried for treason when his identity is so well know.   If I had a wish I would love to see him hook up politically with the king to make change happen.
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