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King of High School Episode 7 & 8 - Seo In Guk...The King of Skinship

So due to a serious of unfortunate events on my vacation (most of them involving the staircase from hell and falling down so said staircase) my blog post is way overdue.  So in order to attempt to not be weeks behind, I am combing my favorite moments from both episodes into one fangirl,spastic, OH MY GOSH THE KISSING, blog post of awesomeness.  OK, it might not be completely awesome since I am still only able to sit up for a limited amount of time, but at least it will be done.  The only problem now is trying to figure out how to condense two epic episodes into one puny recap.  There is no way I can truly do the talent/sexiness of Seo In Guk justice, so if you have not already watched these two episodes, then hurry and view them ASAP. 
Since there is just so much to discuss I decided to narrow down my comments to my favorite aspect of the drama which is the sweet relationship between Min Seok and Soo Young.  Can I just marvel at how much they work as a couple.  I know that Soo Young can be a bit offsetting with her odd mannerisms and seems to walk to a different drummer, but Min Seok also is very alone despite the many people surrounding him.  He has his high school friends who seem to be immature in comparison to our lead, a family who seem to love his brother just a tiny bit more, and coworkers who are in a different part of their lives than he is.  Sure Min Seok can fake the job (he is faking it so beautifully) but at the end of the day, they are never going to be more than coworkers to him. But Soo Young has touched something within his psyche that has previously remained dormant, his heart. 
Which brings the question "How does a high school student who is impersonating a 28 year old genius director, woo the girl of his dreams?"  Let's just admit that those teenage hormones are killer at the best of times, and that is when you are stuck in crushes and puppy love mode.  Add just enough maturity to make Min Seok really fall "in love" and not just "in lust", but an immaturity that makes him unable to wait and control those romantic impulses, and you have a speeding Min Seok shaped train heading towards confessionville.  But first we get the wonderfully awkward "what am I doing?" stage.
We start episode 7 with an unexpected 10 second hug where Min Seok is confirming "something".  Min Seuk hugs Soo Young for 10 seconds (does anyone else think he is super sexy while counting) and then thanks her and says he will see her tomorrow at work.  Poor Soo Young is left baffled after the encounter.  The next morning (after she had spent the night obsessing) Soo Young confronts Min Seok about the hug and asks him if he is gay and interested in Jin Woo.  "Are we in a love triangle?"  Phhttt...  Poor Min Seok adamantly (his wow's are so adorable) denies that he is gay which leads Soo Young to question if he likes her?  Poor Min Seok again acts flabbergasted (only this time a tad bit too slow to be convincing) and tells her that he just misses Germany where they always hugged.  Min Seok then walks into the office and hugs everyone vigorously. 
Poor Min Seok is forced to watch the woman of his dreams date his nemesis. That is not going to stop him from attempting to spend as much time with Soo Young as possible, especially if it comes between Jin Woo and his lady love.   Seeing that Jin Woo and Soo Young are preparing to go on a the romantic woods, Min Seok sneaks in and orders her to accompany him to buy drinks for the team.  Soo Young reluctantly goes and is concerned that bugs are going to get her.  Min Seok being the gentleman that he is, starts to see fake bugs all over the place.  He sports a huge smile as Soo Young jumps into his arms to avoid the imaginary bugs.  
Luckily for us viewers who love the OTP (One True Pairing), the romance between Soo Young and Jin Woo is short lived.  It is not long before Jin Woo's nice facade shatters, as he orders Soo Young to spy on her boss and report all of Min Seok's movements back to him.  Poor Soo Young realizes that everything is fake and Jin Woo really is a total #@(*&.  I cheered when Soo Young chewed him out and repeated Min Seok's reprimand "You are a jerk and lack the basics."

 Min Seok hears this whole conversation on his phone (Wow talk about convenient timing) and starts running (such beautiful running) to find Soo Young.  He catches her coming home, depressed and in despair.  Now you would think that a normal person would assume that this is the time to comfort her, and then slowly work your way into her heart.  But not our hormonal, headstrong hero.  Oh no, he kisses her and confesses.  Like any normal sane person who has just been smooched by their boss, Soo Young is totally unprepared and promptly runs away.  Even leaving a shoe behind, Cinderella style, in her haste to escape this new predicament.  Poor Min Seok is left looking clueless holding her shoe as he watches her run away.

 The maturity problem comes into play yet again as poor Min Seok continues to aggressively profess his love, overwhelming poor Soo Young.  She finally tells him that she just finished loving someone yesterday and that she needs time and is not interested.  Seeing how upset Soo Young is, Min Seok finally agrees to let her go and just be professional.  
But a professional relationship is not as attractive as Soo Young had assumed it would be.  Min Seok (in an effort to give Soo Young what she wants) becomes very indifferent, bottling all his feelings inside.  Feelings that he releases by eating massive amounts of steak, and exercising.........lots and lots of exercising. 
Thank you to the stylists who put Seo In Guk into those awesome sexy sleeveless exercise shirts with the hoodies.

Exercising until he overdoes it and sprains his arm.  (Seo In Guk actually did injure himself during filming, but the writers were brilliant and wrote it in to the script giving us an amazing kiss scene.  Best use of a sling EVER!!!!!)  Soo Young realizes her feelings for her boss when an earthquake hits the location in Japan where Min Seok is supposedly working.  She anxiously calls him over and over, until they are able to meet up in their neighborhood.  Min Seok comes up behind Soo Young, giving her an amazing back hug saying "I can't give up on you" to which Soo Young replies "Okay.  My answer is okay."  Min Seok then gives her what shall forever be known as the sling kiss, and millions of fangirls (including this one) gave off a sigh of contentment.  
I am so happy that we have arrived at the "official couple" stage.  I am sure it is going to be short lived since we still have the whole age, sister stalker, lying to the company, did I mention the age issue, thing to deal with.  But until the fallout begins, I am going to squee to my hearts content over how happy these two lovebirds make me.


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