Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Joseon Gunman Episode 5 & 6 -Dressed for Revenge

I am still playing catch up due to my falling behind during my family vacation.  And since I don't want to continue to be weeks behind in my recaps, I am doing a week where I combine the two episodes and just do a very light and breezy review.  Sorry that it is not as in depth as usual, I hope you will bear with me.  I decided that instead of doing a boring play by play, instead I will share my top 5 favorite moments/aspects of the episodes and be all ready and refreshed for this weeks recaps, written in my usual style. 

#5 John Wayne Style Shootout.
 My parents raised me on American westerns growing up so I am well versed in shootouts and showdowns.  So color me surprised to see a western style gunfight between Yoon Kang and one of the secret gunman.  It is reminiscent of my favorite John Wayne moment (see clip below) and I love that they are doing the whole riding straight at each other, shooting willy nilly.  This drama continues to deliver amazing action sequences over and over that are unique and visually stimulating. 
John Wayne Shootout Clip

#4 Playing Mind Games
I love that Yoon Kang is not cautious with Choi Won Shin (known to us as the #1 assassin gunman).  In his effort to find out who framed and killed his father, Yoon Kang jumps head first into the vipers nest searching for suspects.  Pulling the lose threads of the frame job, Yoon Kang hopes to find clues on who the main leader is.  While searching for his father's murderer behind the scenes, Yoon Kang maintains his facade of Hasegawa Hanjo (right hand man of a Japanese business company) in front of the world.  Little does he know that the enemy is the same for both of his personas.  I can't wait for information to start coming forth and seeing his revenge get kicked into double time.
#3 Stealing 2nd Lead's Heart
I have been pretty vocal over my enjoyment of the 2nd female lead, Choi Hye Won, who has really been holding her own as the merchant gunman's daughter.  She is tough, knows how to control men through strength and not by using just her looks, and is equal to any man.  But even the strongest female is not immune to the beauty of Yoon Kang.  Hye Won is being kidnapped by a rival company when Yoon Kang beats the crap out of them all single handed.  I can completely understand how her head could be turned with such a manly display of awesomeness. 
#2 Revenge Over Love
I am not a 100% convinced that Yoon Kang needed to keep Soo In in the dark about his return and revenge plans.  Would her reaction have been any worse for his plans, than her constant attempts to prove who he really is?  For whatever the reason, Yoon Kang decides to push his love away into a small corner of his heart and chooses to focus solely on revenge.  But Soo In is not to be ignored and is constantly following Yoon Kang which provides a lot of enjoyable scenes between our OTP.  And when it comes down to it, Lee Joon Gi's strengths are his angsty gazes and smirks.  Which we saw in full force throught these two episodes.
#1 So Many Wardrobe Changes
It is rare that we see more than one or two different outfits in a Sageuk, however we are given a feast of styles for Yoon Kang's character.  I am sure we could post hundreds of positive descriptive words for his various looks, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy this montage dedicated to Yoon Kang!
I am jumping with excitement for the next episode!  How is Yoon Kang going to escape from getting caught not only by Soo In, but also our big bad merchant?  Is he going to kick up his revenge plan a notch?  Are there going to be more outfit changes?   We should find out the answer to all these questions on Wednesday, and I hopefully will be back on my regular kdrama schedule so look forward to my recaps returning to my regular formant.

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  1. This was a great episode! Yes, I had Clint Eastwood flashbacks on that scene! It was great! This drama is making me happy! More more so than Arang (which I liked) and Two Weeks (that I didn't)!


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