Tuesday, July 15, 2014

King of High School Episode 9 - Sugar Coated Twitterpation

Out of all the hundreds of dramas that I have watched in the last few years, none have achieved the level of cute skinship that this drama has.  Every hand hold, longing look, back hug, and kiss are squee worthy.  And when you consider how few moments most OTP's touch in a drama, it is almost overwhelming the amount  of touching we are receiving.   TvN is even pushing its past limits when you consider this is not only a noona romance, but a high school noona romance, which are pretty racy for Korean TV.  I think that it would be a lot more borderline "ick" if the leading man was not Seo In Guk.  Somehow he makes the viewer feel comfortable with his being physical with Soo Young and gives a sense of maturity to the relationship all the while keeping the youthful "first love" moments intact.  It truly is a work of art between the director, Seo In Guk, and the writers.

I enjoy how the type of romance between our OTP (one true pairing), instead of the traditional kdrama  romance (the type where they date for weeks before even kissing or holding hands in public) we get the super sweet reality that is "first love".  The type that is cute and innocent yet mixed with hormones and constant touching (get your mind out of the gutters people, I am talking about kisses and hand holding).    The type of dating where you literally want to spend every second of the day together because you are twitterpated to the nth degree.  To say that Min Seok and Soo Young are cute as a couple would be an understatement.  They are so sugary sweet that they could compete with a whole candy shop and still win in the sugar contest.  
Even though we are overwhelmed with the cute couple moments, we still get some foreshadowing of the trials that are yet to come.  Evil daddy president is still pondering his passing by of Min Seok's adopted father.  Obviously president knows him from the past and is rattled.  It makes me wonder if there is a bigger conspiracy going on involving the tragic death of Min Seok's parents (OK I know that there is a bigger plot going on since it was in the synopsis.  However all the cute moments in the first 9 episodes have kept it buried in the back of my thoughts.  I guess it is almost time to unleash the revenge/angst part of the drama).  Also is our cold older hyung going to be making a visit to the drama?  I am interested to see if they actually make him his own character or just have him show up at the end like in "You're Beautiful"?  Add to the evil daddy drama, the whole snooping Jin Woo scenes, and my guess is that our happy and carefree moments are going to be less and less in the coming weeks.
We also get some ominous foreshadowing from The Twitty Duo (Min Seok's BFF's).  They continue to ask the hard questions such as, how are you going to get her to love you and not your super successful genius brother persona?  Also, how far is Min Seok going to go physically with Soo Young, especially with their upcoming day trip coming up?  He just smacks them and tells them to get their head out of the gutter since he is 18 and is not going to do anything to that level with her.  AWWWWW  it is kind of sweet that he is keeping boundaries up since he actually is aware of the age difference problem.  You have to respect that at least he is not going to complicate things further while he is pretending to be his brother (yes I know that he really should not be dating in the first place under a false identity.  But he is Seo In Guk and adorable so I am going to cover my ears and sing LALALALA really loud to drown out the anti-Seok/Young fans out there.  I refuse to acknowledge your existence).
Min Seok's thoughts might be pure and innocent, but Soo Young is looking at their upcoming trip differently.  Having overheard her coworkers talking about their own experiences with men taking them on a day trip and "missing" the return ferry to get some overnight action, she prepares for their first intimate night together.  Sneaking off to buy some new lingerie and spending the night dreaming of "naughty" thoughts (Every time she woke herself up giggling it cracked me up.  But quick thought:  Who wears their glasses to bed like that?  As a fellow glasses wearer, I can confirm that it would be very very uncomfortable.)
Was it just me, or was this just the cutest dating montage ever?  They were so adorable and obviously in love that I just squeed out loud the whole scene.  But throughout the whole date, Soo Young continued to wait for them to "miss" the ferry home and take their relationship to the next level.  When that failed to happen, Soo Young concurred that he must not find her desirable as a women, and gave Min Seok the cold shoulder all the way home.  

I loved how miffed he was about what he had done wrong.  While Soo Young goes off to the restroom he quickly calls The Twitty Duo and they inform him it was because Min Seok probably took the selfies wrong and made Soo Young's face look fat in the photos.  PHTTTTTTT, I love those two twits.  Min Seok finally realizes what he did wrong and reassures Soo Young that his heart was beating so fast all day because of his feelings for her.  That and some serious hugs make Soo Young feel better, but she pushes him away because it is too hot to hug.  Which brings our couple to Min Seok's real home away from home, the ice skating rink.  We get to watch as Soo Young begins to get a glimpse of the real Min Seok (even though she does not know it yet) and our couple continues to fall deeper in love.
Judging from the previews, as well as the foreshadowing from this episode, we can expect some stress to start invading Min Seok's life.  It was only a matter of time til something started going wrong, and with his nemesis coming closer and closer to his secret, I suspect that something is going to involve his fake identity.   I hope that the writers can continue to keep the script interesting and out of deep depression mode since what I love best is the heart and innocence of most of the characters.  But either way, I am interested to see where the drama takes us.

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