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The Joseon Gunman Episode 11 & 12 - Everyone's Secrets are Revealed.....More or Less.

Hello my dear readers!  I know that you probably were wondering what happened to me and my Joseon Gunman recaps and I would just like to apologize for my tardiness.  Due to life and KCON (mostly KCON) I fell behind in not only watching all my dramas, but also my recapping so I will be frantically watching and blogging this week so I can be caught up. 
Episode 11
I will be discussing the episodes in separate sections rather than a whole since I watched one two weeks ago and then the 2nd one today.  Unfortunately that leaves a lot of time for my mind to get hazy about episode 11 so my thoughts might be brief.
Let's first discuss Soo In who truly must be one of the densest woman ever.  How does she not realize that Ho Kyung is eying her as a potential wife.  Especially when he is hanging on her every word and trying to fulfill her every whim.  Guys don't do that just for fun and not expect more than mere friendship.  Of course she might be slightly distracted by the beauty that is Park Yoon Kang who possesses all of the flashy qualities sure to attract a girl.  He is equal parts bad boy revolutionary and sweet caring brother.  What is not to like?  Poor vanilla 2nd lead does not stand a chance.
Poor Yoon Kang has a boss who is maybe going to ruin his plans of revenge and mayhem.  Don't know why, but that just cracked me up.  Yoon Kang has to put his revenge plot on the back burner and quickly make some connections with the local tradesman or it sounds like he is going to be in some trouble.
His boss might not need to ruin his revenge plans since his annoying little sister is doing a fine and dandy job all on her own.  Hearing rumors about a gunman's death, she runs straight to her brothers house (the brother who is supposedly dead and please recall that she is a wanted fugitive as well as an escaped slave).  After verifying that Yoon Kang is OK, she is almost caught (lets just admit that she was caught and just not captured since her quick about face was fooling no one) by Merchant Choi and his daughter.  Yet another nail in the, is he or isn't he Yoon Kang, coffin.
It seems like Merchant Choi is having his own problems as he attempts to start making deals with exiled Kim Byung Je.  It seems that creepy politician ahjussi has tried to mess with him one too many times and plans are in the works to throw off the creepy ahjussi's yoke.  I for one would love to see the old man get what is coming to him.  Yet again I would like to say how sad I am that Yoon Kang and Merchant Choi could never become allies (because of the whole, I killed your father, issue.).  They are both such amazingly well developed characters.

Episode 12
Stepping up his "who killed my father search" as Yoon Kang just starts kidnapping the next link in the chain pointing towards the big bad political ahjussi.  He sends a note stating to send the man who shot his father to a preset location and sat there waiting.......Yup, no hidden plan, just waiting, which is slightly simple minded in my opinion. It is no wonder that he gets caught and his identity confirmed by Merchant Choi.  It is only luck that allows him to escape death, and even then he is also identified by the head of the police (his dads previous 2nd in command). His secret is firmly out of the box.
As I continue watching the drama I am getting more and more of a feeling that the story is really about two gunman, not just Yoon Kang.  You have to wonder how narcissistic these nobleman are to think that they can continue to treat a trained warrior like a slave without having to face the piper.  Merchant Choi practically oozes menace when he is in the gunman persona and yet they think nothing of insulting and slapping him.  Half the time I expect them to suddenly show up dead with a gunshot as the cause of death.    And just as I finished writing the above paragraph Merchant Choi turns on the stupid noble jerk and shoots him.  It looks like the hunting dog is officially off its leash.
Choi Hye-Won continues to be one of my favorite female characters as she discovers the truth about her father and his identity as the gunman.  You could see the conflict within her as she realizes that he had murdered the father of the man she loves, as well as attempted to kill her best friends father.  Her resolve strengthens as she informs her father that even if Hanjo is Park Yoon Kang he needs to leave him alone.  "The day you kill him is the day you lose a daughter".  WOW!  She is one tough as nails heroine and yet again I am left wishing that she was the lead in the drama. 
Even with his daughters threat hanging over his head Merchant Choi continues to plan Yoon Kang's death, just not before he gets the connections with the Japanese company first.  Yoon Kang also plans his eventual confrontation with Merchant Choi (aka The head gunman) but decides he needs to get evidence first before he has his gunman showdown.
Hye Won makes her decision on where her loyalties lie and goes to visit Yoon Kang where she declares her love and asks Yoon Kang to let Soo In go from his heart and let her stay by his side and protect him instead.  Hye Won tells him that she has known his secret for a while (worst kept secret EVER) and that it is her desire to have Park Yoon Kang for her own.  Well that is one way to confess to a guy.  You have to give her props for being direct and knowing her own mind.  Hye Won then goes and has a nice and subtle girl talk with Soo In where she tells her bestie to forget Yoon Kang and settle for Vanilla Boy.  I am just taking a wild guess that Hye Won is not going to handle rejection well and at some point in the future that aggressive one track mind is going to be turned against Park Yoon Kang.
It amazes me how long the writers have had Yoon Kang and Soo In circle around the "secret identity" that is no longer a secret.  I am just thankful that we finally have the OTP (One True Pairing) just come out and say that they know that each other knows and where do we go from here?  I think we have reached the point when it starts to become stagnant when nothing changes.  There is only so much noble "I am saving you by keeping silent" idiocy that one can take.  After being faced with the proof that Soo In does indeed know his secret, Yoon Kang once again tries to force her away for her own good.  Of course that only lasts for about 10 seconds before he runs after her and embraces her tightly.   Can I just pray for some plot movement between these two next week because so far they are coming in a close second to vanilla boy as the most boring part of the drama.
The episode ended with a great scene between our two antagonists Yoon Kang and Merchant Choi.  It was pretty much a who's cojones are bigger contest between the two as the match wits in a I know and am going to take you down, but not yet verbal contest.  Each ends up grabbing the others shoulder (right where the identifying wounds reside) as the spout verbal "hypothetical" threats. HAHAHA.  I could watch these two go up against each other for the rest of the drama.  It is a fact that they have more chemistry and interest with their relationship then Yoon Kang has with our leading lady.  I can't wait to see what happens when they take off the gloves and really start to fight.
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