Wednesday, August 13, 2014

King of High School Episode 17 FINALE - It's A Wedding!

Remember my tiny rant last week about how much I get annoyed that kdrama writers always solve age related problems with the use of a time jump?  Well obviously the writers are reading my blog (yes I know that that is probably not true, but let a blogger have her dreams) and decided to do the unthinkable by letting the couple stay together without miraculously taking away all of their conflicts.  YAY for writers that are willing to think outside of the genre's small box and I personally think that their efforts reaped great rewards as we get a finale that is not only fresh, but fits the personality of the rest of the show.
In the last episode we focused on all of the trials that our OTP (One True Pairing) were facing.  It is not that I think that a 10 year age difference is something insurmountable (barely worth an eyebrow raise in most situations), however I think the biggest problem is where the couple are when faced with that age gap.  Being a teenager is difficult enough without adding the stress of supporting a wife, which is why I was very surprised when instead of a time jump the writers decided to just let the couple get married.  Usually I would say that it was a mistake (just imagine some of the other noona romances in the same situation and you will see my point.  Flower Boy Ramyun Shop would have been a very different show if they had gotten married while he was still in high school.  Some people can cope and other couples are just to dysfunctional to realistically make it without the maturity a time jump supposedly brings.)  Luckily for us, the writers kept the characters grounded in reality enough to make it seem plausible.  Add in Min Seok and Soo Young's abundance of optimistic gumption and impulsive nature and I am totally on board with the impending nuptials.
Even the proposal was just so them that my heart fluttered in the wake of the adorableness.  Min Seok attempts to break up with Soo Young since he feels that he can not be the type of man she needs in her life.  Min Seuk tells her that he is still in high school and has the maturity level that comes with his age resulting in misunderstandings and anger, he requests one last kiss to remember her by.  As he kisses Soo Young's forehead tears begin to fall from his eyes and my heart is breaking.  Min Seok is sobbing as he walks away, but is stopped as Soo Young grabs him and asks him not to go.  Instead he should marry her and she will be his family.  
I am pretty sure my face mirrored Min Seok's as he realizes that he just got proposed to.  There is a lot of back and forth excitement and concern about their decision, but they finally confirm their love when Min Seok officially proposes to Soo Young via ginormous bag of popcorn in loo of a ring.  And can I just state that his popcorn proposal kiss is beyond steamy and  is beautifully captured by the cameras.  I continue to be amazed at how many unique ways the director can sneak in his skinship shots.  This was the last in a long line of great kisses, hugs, and intimate hand holds. 
Now that our OTP have decided upon their life path, the difficult aspect of telling their parents is before them.  Well, telling their parents and getting Director Kim (previously Team Leader Kim) to let Min Seok go.  The work team finds out that Soo Young and Min Seok are planning to marry and poor Director Kim comes close to fainting yet again.  He pulls Soo Young into his office and asks if she truly is planning on marrying his Suk?  Hahahaha.  He then tells her to treat Min Seok well and to please be understanding of his needs, including his porn needs, since he is of an age where those kind of things are important.  Director Kim continues his long list of things that Soo Young needs to do for "his" Min Seuk until Soo Young finally pats him on the hand and states that Min Seok is actually hers and Director Kim needs to work on his obsession issues.  Phtttt.
Min Seok's father is surprisingly easy to convince, it amused me that Min Seok's way of showing his father that he is mature enough to marry involves rolling around on the floor and begging like a five year old.   But one hanbock wearing, apple carving, Soo Young later and father Choi caves to the epic love of the couple.  Soo Young's mother is not as easy an adversary.  Caught holding hands before they can decide a way to tell  Oma, they end up letting her continue to assume he is a director.  I personally was so amused by stalker in the background shaking her head at the OTP's shenanigans.  
The truth comes out however when Oma is delivering some herbal tonic to Yoo Ah's teacher and comes face to face with Min Seok in his high school uniform and Yoo Ah yelling "brother in law" as she sees him.  Even his BFF's were there with broom and bucket creating the perfect deja vu moment of Soo Young's discovery.   To say Oma was not happy was an understatement (but really what mother would be happy finding that her awkward daughter is marrying someone not even out of high school.)  But true to his bulldozer nickname, Min Seok wages a war for her approval and eventually Oma gives in.  When Yoo Ah asks why, she replies that she had to since so many people were driving her nuts asking her to give her permission.  Even a annoying person called Director Kim and a small man that looked like an anchovies brought over a fruit basket pleading Min Seok's case.  If Min Seok can have so many loyal supporters then that says something about the type of person he is.
The wedding ceremony is held in the sports field where they had so many cute couple moments and is a  hodgepodge of their work and school friends. Jin Woo puts it best when he says "their wedding is just like them" as the couple rushes in late due to losing the rings.  Rushed since their train leaves in 10 minutes for their honeymoon, the couple send Director Kim (who is MCing the event) into panic mode and he quickly overrides all the formality to get them off on their honeymoon.  It truly is a perfect wedding for a quirky and imperfect couple.
Skip forward 3 years and we see the usual cute couple moments that you expect (haha, notice how they did not show the married couple being couplish until after he was finally legal.).  Min Seok is working his way up by promoting his ideas for a couples exercise gym and Soo Young continues as a secretary for Director Kim.  We watch as our OTP walks up the same staircase where they shared their first kiss.  A montage of their best relationship scenes plays as Soo Young has a monologue about making hard decisions and working through the difficult times.  My heart is touched as I realize how perfect this drama really was in showing the growth of a love story and I bid a fond farewell to this show, its characters, and this couple, as Min Seok and Soo Young share one last kiss. 
I am so sad to say goodbye to this drama.  Not only is Seo In Guk my #1 favorite actor, but also this drama was so entertaining from start to finish.  I am going to continue on recapping "The Joseon Gunman" (I know, I know, I have a ton of work to do in catching up) and will choose another drama to recap soon.  In the past I have usually just started on the next TvN drama (after all they are my favorite tv station), but with the new drama being "The Three Musketeers" I think I will take a break and wait.  Two Sageuk recaps might be a bit much for this blogger to handle.  However I plan on adding some more weekly segments to the blog so continue to check back often.  I will also be continuing to chat about various dramas and kpop on our FB page.  For those of you who are interested in joining the discussions come like us at 


  1. I appreciated how their honeymoon was going back to that town where they didn't "play" before and they were in such a rush to get there. Just an awesome little addition there. What a fun drama! I'm going to miss it for sure!

    1. agree. There will be a Seo In Guk sized hole in my heart until he is back on my TV screen.


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