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My Secret Hotel ep 12: Turning Tides

Well, hiya there! Dongsaeng here doing something that I haven't done much of in my past few recaps of this drama - spreading some hope and joy for all the Hae Young/Sang Hyo fans out there. This episode starts to turn things around for our very frustrating lead male. And yeah, I'm backing down from my "maybe Director Jo is the true lead and the one who will get the girl, ever think of that?" stance. I think episode 12 clearly started the tides turning in our sweet, annoyingly frustrating Hae Young's direction and he's definitely going to be our victor after this long, drawn-out, bitter battle of all of our feels.

First of all, though, I know they want us to start to suspect that Director Jo could possibly be a creepy murderer. As far as I'm concerned, there is no way he killed McCreepy, but I suppose it is always a possibility that he unintentionally took out Miss Blackmailer. And yes, I say "unintentionally", because I still can't fully accept that he is a full-blown psycho murderer. We have seen way too many positives from him. I feel he is a player and womanizer with the potential to be a jerk, maybe, in some situations. Let's just say that he's not one I would want to cross or get on the bad side of. But a cold-blooded killer? I'm just not seeing it.

We start out with our newly wedded exes preparing for a visit from Mom and Dad Goo. They are about to head to the US and are stopping at Hae Young's for a week, and expect to see a little wifey there. Cue the puppy dog eyes from Hae Young along with the whole "bad heart" sob story/guilt trip. We later find out that this visit from mom and dad was not exactly a surprise visit as HY made it out to be. Oh no. No, when Eomma and Appa called, it was simply to tell their son that they were headed to the States. HY is the one that instantly saw the potential to use this opportunity to win SH back, and begged them to cancel their flight and come stay with him for a week. Whoa there. Not sure if I'm impressed or a little pissed at him for this deception. I guess that it is kind of both. He has seen himself for being the pathetic hanger-on ex and is determined to change and win her back. I suppose I can applaud him for that, even if I take slight issue with his manipulation of the situation.

Sure enough, SH moves in, under the false idea that Daddy will die if she doesn't. Nice. (not really) But, methods aside, I am happy to see her there. As is Hae Young. He's enjoying this wayyy too much for his own good. Like when they were hanging the GINORMOUS wedding photo. Omo. And not only that, but how he sat there in a chair and stared at it once it was hung. Like in he actually set up a chair in the spot in front of the photo so that he could sit there for who knows how long and gaze upon it. Not creepy or weird at all. Nope. Yet, for some reason, when he does it, yeah, sure, it's kind of endearing. He can pull off pathetic pretty darn well without too much creepy/weird vibe. My hat's off to him for that. *slow clap*

The domestic scenes with these two were very touching to watch. They really are cute together. And, like I mentioned before, I think we start to see things turn around for Hae Young and his lady love. Just as HY is getting less loserly, Director Jo is getting more creepy-y. Scales are tipping here, folks! Scales are tipping! The fat lady has not yet sung - our boy is still in this race, and in it to win it!

Uhm, yeah, so I don't know what else to really say about this episode. There wasn't a whole lot as far as plot development outside of the relationships shifting. SH is staying with HY and playing house in front of his parents. There are many "awww!" scenes involved here, like the flashback to the wedding and HY on his knees begging his parents to let him go through with this wedding to SH instead of Soo Ah because of his intense and sincere love for his bride ex. Also, there were the kinds of scenes you'd expect to see from such a house-playing arrangement - "accidental" bed sharing, amazing back hugs in front of mom and dad, teasing about his "performance" issues, etc. And of course a very conflicted SH, who, every time things start to go nicely with HY, hears her boyfriend's hurt and accusing voice in her head about not thinking of him. Oh yeah, she is definitely having moments where she is obviously falling for HY all over again. I mean, she may not know this or want to admit it, but we all can see that she certainly has residual lingering feelings for the man. It's not like their relationship ending was expected. She never had that "closure", so of course there's still going to be unresolved emotions there. Duh. Does she really think that she can just ignore him and pretend that there is nothing there? Guess what, Sweetie, doesn't work that way. Sure, if you never saw him again, you could probably go on your merry way and live a life with some scars, but relatively unaffected by your baggage. That's obviously not an option here. He's back in your life, like it or not, and the least you owe to yourself is a really straight-forward, open and honest conversation with the man that just up and left you 7 years ago. Which actually brings up another talking point that has been on my mind...the breakup.

Seven years ago, we had a super adorable and crazy in love couple of newlyweds. All was right in their world. With one major exception. His job was in NY. Hers was in Las Vegas. Both careers were budding. Both were a fulfillment of individual dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations. HY a star architect, and SH in the hospitality industry of her choice. Neither was willing to give up their individual dream. So what are they to do? Well, if you're HY, you take off for NY without a word and leave a plane ticket for you wife in hopes that she'll follow you there. If you're SH, you sit on the floor for days without moving until you pass out and then move on with your life, pretending as best that you can that you're over him. Yeah, so, how'd that work out for you two? Mmmhmm. Fast forward 7 years, and fate has brought them back together. Except, circumstances are different now. Now, the thing that came between them 7 years ago is no longer a thing. They both live and work their dream jobs in the same town. Except now of course they have the whole messy breakup thing to deal with, as well as minor things like pesky fiances and new boyfriends. The fiance thing is taken care of (how much do we love Soo Ah now, now that she's not a contender? I think she's crazy adorable and funny), and the boyfriend may end up being a murderer, so there's still hope there I guess. All that really and truly stands in their way of happiness is that freaking conversation that they have yet to have. Though, I must say, things are improving in that area. HY is less mopey and stalkerish and is learning to speak his words and his feelings with all sincerity. He's talking to her. She's starting to listen. We're getting so much closer! Woohoo! 7 years ago just wasn't meant to be. Not that they weren't right for each other, but that the timing was off. Now the timing is right. Perfectly right. Oh, so right. Now they stand a chance. Before we had right people, wrong time. Now we have right people, right time. Or at least we will, once we get rid of the extra people trying to gum up the works. Can no one see that fate is in control here? Why fight it? Embrace it. Embrace that these two crazy kids are just meant to be together and let them be. Don't stand in the way of love. Let it live. Let is fly free and unfettered.

And that's all I really have to say on this episode. For the rest of it, I guess I'll just leave you with some pretty pictures. Pictures that gave me hope and butterflies. Oh, how I love hope and butterflies!

Hope, butterflies, a little creepiness, a little laughter, and a smidge of angst. Getting excited for these last 4 episodes still to come - hope to get some answers and see some relationship resolutions happening! This is where the fun really begins, right?!

Until next time, may your week be filled with wonderful drama! Thanks for stopping by!

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