Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blade Man episode 5 & 6 - So Many Feelings

Hello all you kdrama (and specifically Blade Man) fans out there.  Kmuse here, a little bit late with my thoughts about episode 5 and 6.  I might have had a slight kdrama burnout (1st time in 4 years is not bad) due to some ambiguous OTP situations that are going on (Seriously, how many dramas are they planning on putting out where the lead is undecided. I am NOT a fan).  But luckily Blade Man is not one of those shows that shall remain nameless all of TvN's current programming and I actually managed to watch these episodes with some sense of enjoyment.  Who knew that a drama with a super hero identity crisis would perk me up so much?  But since I am so far behind on the recaps I am going to combine two to make sure I don't find myself finishing up recaps months after the show is actually over.  

In my personal opinion, what makes this drama work is Son Se Dong.  She is not only the noona who holds everyone together, but is also the moral compass of the drama. Every single character seems to revolve around Se Dong and she continues to make them grow by just being herself. Not only that, but she does it without huge speeches or pleas or extreme gestures.  It's the little things like letting a grieving mother feed her, allowing her boss to see how she treats everyone kindly, and holding a young boys hand when he is scared.  Small things, but to these damaged people it is life changing.  Anyone who eats that much food just to make a senile grandma happy should be nominated for sainthood.  I am pretty sure being able to ingest that much food is a miracle in of itself.
My favorite scene from this week was when Se Dong and Hong Bin go shopping in the market.  Hong Bin's wallet is stolen and Se Dong takes off after the thief.  Hours later Hong Bin is ready to hire extra security to search for her, when in bursts Se Dong, towing the thief  behind her.  Not only did she capture him, but the use of her new bra as a pair of handcuffs was hilarious.  When confronted by Hong Bin as to why she wasted all that for a few dollars, Se Dong informed him that she chased after the thief because the photo of Chang's mother was inside that wallet.  Something that is irreplaceable.  It is simple things like this that makes Se Dong irreplaceable in the drama.
We also get the official beginning the romance between our two leads.  I love how magical the director is making it feel and look.  The scene is full of cuteness, pounding hearts, and fireflies?  Fireflies suddenly filling the night sky which allows us to witness the OTP (One True Pairing) have their first hug.  I love how both looked completely shocked and unsettled.  It was the perfect romantic moment for this odd drama, because why should that be mainstream when every other scene is unique and quirky.
Who else was surprised at the new "big bad" that suddenly emerged.  I have to admit that I was flummoxed when Hong Bin's housekeeper turned into a mega villain almost equal to that of the abusive father.  Shedding her servant disguise she attends a threat filled visit to our least favorite father.  Threatening him, she demands that he give the mega mansion (the one that Hong Bin owns) over to her son.  The son she had with evil father......ewwww.  Those two procreated and produced a son, who I am suspecting, might end up being evil as well.  But first they join forces to do, heaven only knows what, to poor little innocent Chang.  Evil housekeeper kidnaps him and hands him over to evil father.  Wow this takes the drama to a whole new level of evil, but I guess a person who is not against beating up a pregnant women, won't stop at getting rid of an unwanted grandson.  Kudos to the writers for blindsiding me with all the crazy plotting going on.
Hong Bin finally learns the truth about what happens when he blacks out. Upon learning that his father had thugs beat Chang's mother, forcing her to flee to America, he goes a tiny bit postal.  And since Secretary Studly is not there to make him pass out, he is very aware when he starts sprouting swords.  Now at this point a saner person would start wondering if someone had slipped him something extra in his drink.  Had he accidentally eaten the wrong mushrooms at dinner?  Am I going insane and need to stop at the hospital?  But not Hong Bin, he easily accepts that he forces swords from his body when he is angry.  Hong Bin not only accepts it, but kind of goes on a power spree bounding across the city like Spider Man.  Because that is the first thing I think of, climbing up the side of a building with the swords on my forearms.  Hahaha.  I am not sure whether I should be wincing at the total cheese of this , or be hoping that we get some more super hero moments.  I think I will opt to take whatever the director/writers give us since so far they have not failed to keep me highly entertained. 
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