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My Secret Hotel Episode 13 - Stuck in a Continuous Wash, Rinse, and Repeat Cycle

We left episode 12 with Sang Hyo agreeing to live with Hae Young for a week (supposedly to save his poor sick father) and playing house.  All while avoiding her boyfriend Sung Gyeom (I am seriously feeling bad for this poor sucker) who, though bringing it upon himself for jumping into a relationship with a married woman, does not deserve this selfish of a girlfriend.  UGH This girl is getting on my last nerve.  Just choose already and be a descent human being and treat whoever your significant other ends up being, with decency and common courtesy. That means do not talk to, live with, make out with, sleep in the same bed with, (and it should go without saying) DONT MARRY, someone who is not your official boyfriend.  Finally Sang Hyo went one step too far and Sung Gyeom is drawing a line in the sand (This really should have been done 4 episodes ago so we would not have to rotate around this flighty heroine anymore.).  
Sang Hyo has to make a decision, go home with Hae Young (who she is still saying is just someone who she is helping) or go to her supposed boyfriend who is waiting for her?  Hmmmmm what will she do?  Do we even care anymore?
For those of you who still care about our OTP, she chooses to stand up her boyfriend ex-boyfriend and go home with her husband.  A car ride during which she complains about how uncomfortable facing Sung Gyeom is for her.  We are skipping facepalms and going straight to the facewall photo because this girl is just too much.
I actually cheered when Hae Young pulled the car over and chewed her out.  "Stop mentioning him around me.  You know how I feel about you, Don't keep drawing the line like that."  Finally, a whole sentence comes out of our leading man's mouth without her interrupting or misunderstanding.  And surprisingly enough, it is exactly what Sung Gyeom was also telling her.  I wonder if it will finally get through Sang Hyo's brain that she can't continue to treat the men in her life this way.
I am really enjoying dumped Sung Gyeom more than boyfriend Sung Gyeom.  Not only that, but it looks like Picasso might actually win her man by default.  They play a cute game of "Trash Sang Hyo" where Picasso keeps complaining about her "Sang Hyo is not really that pretty, more slightly above average at best" and Sung Gyeom replies "You're right, she is more cute than pretty".  HAHAHAHA  It really is quite cute.  Picasso even admits to her involvement in Sang Hyo's marriage with Hae Young and apologizes, in her own way.  Sung Gyeom just replies "At least you are consistent" although he still looks upset.  He ends the night, brooding in his hotel room.
There was a cute moment between Hae Young and Sang Hyo (I think I might stop calling them an OTP, because saying anyone is Sang Hyo's One True Pairing is a bit of an overstatement since she has the sticking ability of twice used adhesive) when she goes into Las Vegas flashback mode.  Sang Hyo remembers how poking Hae Young used to make him horny.  Phtttt I laughed when he said "My body is erotic all over" Too cute.  I like Las Vegas flashback married couple.  But what is up with Sang Hyo's shirt?  I am pretty sure that wearing a shirt that has the words "Buy Me" all over it is not really the image you want spread out to the world.  Is this a case of Koreans not caring what English words are used in their drama as long as they are English? Or is it really poorly done product placement?  Buy Me could mean buy this shirt, or buy this lipstick, or buy me as a leading lady that deserves a hot husband. In any case the answer is still no.
How refreshing are Hae Young's parents?  It is amazing to see a wealthy family not disliking their sons orphan wife for once.  Not only do they not dislike her, but are totally supportive of their son following his heart towards the woman he loves.  When they said they would go for a walk, upon catching their son and Sang Hyo getting frisky (or fighting over a cell phone, its all depends on ones perspective) they stole my heart.  Unfortunately their early departure to the US puts a crimp in Hae Young's plans, and being the mature grown up he is, he lies his pants off when questioned by his wife.  SIGH.
I guess that I gave Sung Gyeom too much credit in assuming that he thought it was over when Sang Hyo never arrived on the first floor to meet him.  Instead he goes to talk with Sang Hyo .....again.....and asks if all she needs is a week .....again......... to be done with Hae Young.  Does anyone else feel like we are seeing the same conversation over and over.  Just grow a pair and tell her that she is officially dumped. That her treatment of you is NOT all right, and you deserve better.  But no, instead she agrees to move out immediately now that her in laws are gone, dumping Hae order to return to Sung Gyeom.........again.  And yet again, the part of me that cares is absent.
Returning to Hae Young's house to gather her things, Sang Hyo calls to find out the pass code.  When he refuses to tell her and hangs up, she starts putting in random codes until she tries their anniversary date, which of course opens the door. HINT: HE STILL LOVES YOU, YOU TWIT.  Hae Young races home, frantic to stop her from leaving him again.  He bursts in but finds all of her things gone, at which point he collapses crying over losing her....again.  We see tears rush down Hae Young's face as a flashback shows us his devastation over coming back to her in Vegas, only to find the house empty sans a ripped photo of the two of them.  The beautiful music from the OST is playing its magic on my heartstrings (if only the writing was as amazing as this OST), and for a brief moment I am sucked back onto team Hae Young.  Because really what is better than an angsty tear ridden khottie pining for his epic love. Sang Hyo walks back into the house, oblivious to Hae Young's emotion meltdown.  He rushes forward, embracing her, still crying and begging Sang Hyo not to go.  "Give me a week.  Please don't leave me".

Instead of being moved by his obvious despair, Sang Hyo tells him to stop, that it is over.  Hmmmm haven't we done this scene already?  Writers, you are just getting plain sloppy now.  She walks out the door and Hae Young is left alone again.
At this point I am just begging the writers to put us all out of our misery.  But the fickle writers are not done with us yet.  We end the episode with Ms Buttinsky butting her big nose back into Hae Young's marriage....again.  Writing a scathing article about their fake marriage and how it was only for the good of the hotel, Ms Buttinsky sets the balls in motion for our couple to reunite.  Because heaven forbid we don't go down this road again......and again.........and again.  Thank goodness we only have one more week so this circle of idiocy will finally end.  I know that this viewer is looking forward to it.

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  1. Hello. I've read your recap & yeah, it pretty much depicts what in the episode -a exhaustive, repetitive cycle which made me watch the drama at 2 times speed than normal since say, ep 8(?) so I won't miss any single point without spending too much time on it.
    However, in your recap, the part when the door opened when Sang Hyo entered the wedding anniversary date as the pascode is wrong as around min 50:07 when Hae Yong hugged Sang Hyo saying "I thought you left already" to which Sang Hyo replied "How can I leave? I couldn't even get into the house".
    & if you realize, around min 61:11 when the heartbroken Hae Yong entered the passcode, it revealed that the passcode was 0000 -I think this is pretty amusing given that how many times Sang Hyo tried to guess the passcode using important dates/numbers between them but it actually a mere default number XD

  2. LOL Did not notice. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. I really love Hae Young. HER I could care less about (what a dwerp). Our Mr Manager should go w/Picasso there. I swear this is the season for 'heroines I hate' - ie Discovery of Love....

    1. I had the same problems with the Discovery of Love girl. We obviously have similar tastes:)


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