Monday, October 6, 2014

Kmuse's Top 10 Actor Challenge - #8 Kim Nam Gil

I gave a hint last time that my #8 actor rocks the mane of glory as well as facial hair.  If you guessed that my next khottie was the ever talented Kim Nam Gil then you would be right!  At first glance, he kind of looks like a throwback to the 1970's with his pervestache as well as an older style of dressing.  But it only takes a few minutes of watching his expressive eyes for one to look past the facial hair and to the sexy actor underneath.
 I first discovered Kim Nam Gil when I watched my first long Sageuk (korean historical drama) Queen Seon Deok. A very entertaining drama and my interest rose to another level when, in episode 19, the character Bidam was introduced. 
Bidam!  One of my top ten favorite kdrama characters ever!  How amazing is it that the writers can literally get me to root for a emotionless psychopath/killer the way they did?  Not only root for him, but also get obsessed with his getting the girl in the end?
The writers actually rewrote the script to increase Kim Nam Gil's character since it was so popular with netizens.  Now that is a sign of a great actor.
Riding high on his sudden popularity, Kim Nam Gil immediately started filming the revenge drama "Bad Guy".  The show started off with so much promise.  Kim Nam Gil was killing it (as usual) and fans were in a fever pitch to see what happened.....and then the government got involved.  Forced to enlist for his military service (SERIOUSLY?  You couldn't have waited a few more weeks South Korea?) mid drama, the writers were forced to cut & finish the script without a real conclusion.  It was truly one of the great script tragedies in kdrama history.
We fans suffered for almost three years as Kim Nam Gil finished his military service and took his sweet time picking a new script, but finally he returned to the small screen in the dark revenge drama "Shark".  While this drama was not my favorite, it did give me plenty of angst driven Kim Nam Gil as he attempted to get revenge, all while unwillingly seducing/being seduced by his recently married ex girlfriend.  Plenty moral lines were blurred in this drama, but in the end it just did not have the impact I was hoping for.
Recently you can see Kim Nam Gil on your local movie screen.  Starring in the summer blockbuster movie "The Pirate" he is yet again rocking longer locks and devil may care facial hair. Kim Nam Gil plays a thief who goes to sea and becomes a pirate chasing a white whale. I know the premise is a bit odd, but I hear it is absolutely hilarious!  I am still a bit bitter that it never came to Portland, but I look forward to watching it online (as soon as it is subbed somewhere).
Let's just hope that some of the rumors floating around about his picking a new drama stick.  Because I can never get enough Kim Nam Gil and look forward to his future works.
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