Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Secret Hotel Episode 15 - Can I get a refund?

And just when you think that this drama might have more open and direct dialogue, it is the 2nd to last episode after all, it jumps straight back into the pool of misunderstanding.  I think the writers have a misunderstanding that we viewers want to see more of this crap.  Song Hyo witnesses Ms Buttinsky dropping off her husband, supposedly from a night out together.  We see in flashback that Sang Hyo actually DID fly to New York after her husband, but was met at the door by a scantly clad Ms Buttinsky who implied that she was sleeping with Hae Young.  Wow, history is repeating itself (what a shocker), but at least we have a better understanding of why Sang Hyo has been so anti-reuniting with her husband.

The pacing of this drama is very unfortunate.  If they had just let it out that Ms Buttinsky (aka the home wrecking witch) faked her way between the couple, then I would have had a different feel for Sang Hyo's plight.  But they didn't, and even though I can slightly understand her pain a bit more now, it is at the point of too little too late.  The ship has sailed, Elvis has left the building, nothing is left of my feelings for this drama but a deep desolate crater devoid of interest.

Team leader Cha is the murderer!!!  Or is he?  At this point it is difficult to say if he killed the other two people, or only took the blame for Director Lee.  We do know he sloppily tried to run over Sang Hyo in a misguided attempt to help Director Lee. So if nothing else he is guilty of bad driving and stupidity. But something tells me that this is not the last we will hear of the Secret Hotel Murders. 
Poor Hae Young is dying inside because he wants to be next to Sang Hyo during this difficult time, but is terrified to have Sung Gyeom  thrown in his face, or even worse, to have Sang Hyo not be there waiting for him.  Hae Young is becoming as damaged as Sang Hyo is, and it doesn't help when he comes home to see all his fears brought to life as Sung Gyeom comforts Sang Hyo on his doorstep. 
Officially nominating Jin Lee Han (Hae Young) as one of my favorite criers in kdramaland.  The boy has talent, his eyes well up, my eyes become misty, his tears fall, and...well.... I might not be crying with him, but on the inside I am sobbing like a baby.  His crying was definitely the highlight of this episode.
Manager Jo turns from concerned sweet potential boyfriend into revenge fiend within a blink of an eye.  Is it wrong to say, I kind of like this side of him?  More interesting then patsy boyfriend at least.  My only complaint is (yes I know I have said this before, but it remains true), this is something that should have been developed through the whole drama and not just thrown in during the last two episodes.  I feel like I have drama plot whiplash.  First Sung Gyeom is a tough boss with a hidden agenda, then we suffer through 10 episodes of "I am in love and all I think about is Sang Hyo" lala boss, then we get thrown into the angry son "they killed my father, prepare to die" boss during the last two episodes.  Pick a personality style and stick with it, or at least have some proper character development to explain his personality changes.  We don't even get a new hairstyle for crying out loud.  We viewers have been cheated.  The poor boy just learned his mom is in cahoots and possibly dating his nemesis, give the guy a nice updo at least.
Sung Gyeom's mother (is anyone else rolling your eyes at her overacting) begs her son to stop digging into his fathers death.  She tells Sung Gyeom that the only one's that will suffer are he and Sang Hyo.  That she can't forgive Sang Hyo's father, but will try if he stops (is anyone else getting a "Ick they might be siblings vibe?") Oh my word, this mystery is less mysterious and more tedious by the moment.  For once I am kind of glad for the lack of movement because at least I did not have to suffer through 16 episodes of bad sleuthing.
Upon learning of Sang Hyo's supposed lineage, Sung Gyeom regretfully breaks up with her.  Because, heaven forbid, he love the daughter of his enemy that maybe killed his father.  But it is ok, since with the exception of a couple blank "what is happening" looks, Sang Hyo does not seem sad to have one less boyfriend.  
Sung Gyeom walks away blinking back tears, only to find his mom and Director Lee having a heated argument.  Assuming that Director Lee is threatening his mother, Sung Gyeom pushes him against the 2nd floor barrier, with a scary killing look in his eyes.  His mother frantically tries to make Sung Gyeom stop, and finally is forced to yell that she is the one that killed his father (Does this really surprise anyone?  This was foreshadowed way back during the first murder).  Turns out dead daddy was an abusive jerk who tried to kill Director Lee in a fit of jealousy.  Trying to save Director Lee, Sung Gyeom's mother pushed him away and he fell to his death.  This is devastating news for Sung Gyeom and his thoughts of course go straight to his breaking up with Sang Hyo for no reason.
So we get to the last seconds.  Sung Gyeom is obviously upset and brooding.  In a voice over we hear him say "Sang Hyo what do I do now?" Flash to Hae Young, lying on the floor looking like he is one step away from taking the final plunge into the Han River asking "Sang Hyo how do I go on now?" And then we see our dear blank heroine staring at nothing thinking to herself "Sang Hyo, who are you crying over right now?"  What the fudge show?  We finally were getting places, maybe it was just down the block, but we were heading places.  It is the last episode, the final moment you can attempt to regain a spot in my good graces, and what do you give us?  More stupid lead girl dithering about which guy she likes?  We all know that she is going to choose Hae Young.  It is not rocket science, so why do you have to drag this unholy "who is the OTP?" question to the bitter end.  I curse all the writers with children that are as dithering as the characters you write.  It would serve them right to have to pay for multiple weddings for putting us all through the frustration of this drama.  
I understand that the main writer passed away after the first four episodes were written.  HOWEVER, that only gives so much leeway for the rest of the script.  There should have been a cohesive plot, with character development and basic plot points already sketched out.  But instead we have a jam packed beginning and end with nothing in the middle and we are left floundering..... Breath, breath, don't have a heart attack because of a stupid drama Kmuse.  OK rant over.  I just wish that the drama had kept the promise that it showed in the beginning.  It makes me sad to see so much potential wasted and I am thankful that we are finished tomorrow.  It is times like this that I wish that we received a refund, either in time or money, when we are forced to sit through crappy writing.

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