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Sunshine Award - Feeling the Bloggersphere Love

Hello everyone out there in the blogger universe.  We here at The Crazy Ahjummas have been nominated to do the Sunshine Challenge from Kakashi Sensei over at the kdrama blog "The Problimatic of the Unproblimatic".  If you have not had the chance to check them out before, then do so ASAP ( ) because those woman are HILARIOUS.  I always look forward to their posts and comments.

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1) Which scene in a drama would you like to re-enact?
Kmuse - Hmmm this is a tough one, but since we all know I am an extreme Seo In Guk fan, I will say the Sling kiss from King of High School Savvy.  That was a pretty epic and creative kdrama moment which I would love to be a part of.

Dongsaeng - Ooh! Sling Kiss is very tempting, but since that one is taken, I'd have to go with the Bathroom Scene from A Gentleman's Dignity. I mean, who wouldn't want that bit of gorgeousness pressed up against them all suggestively like that? Not that I've envisioned myself in her shoes a thousand times or anything.... *innocently whistles and walks away*
2) What is your favorite KDrama hair?
Kmuse - I am a sucker for the bad guy assassin (or in my pictures case - serial killer) hairstyle.  You know the one with the really heavy bangs.  I guess I just have a thing for a good bad guy.
Dongsaeng - I don't know if I have a favorite per se. I have definite non favorites, but I rarely notice the hair unless it's really bad, so I suppose I'd have to say that my favorite is when bad hair goes good. That makes me happy.

3) Which drama gave you your first case of Second Lead Syndrome?
Kmuse - I never suffered from 2nd lead syndrome until this last year.  But ever since Answer Me 1994 and Chilbong, I can't seem to escape it.  Still wish they would do a new drama where he (same character, not just the actor) gets the girl and has his happily ever after.
Dongsaeng - Like Kmuse, Chilbongie did me in, as did Young Do in Heirs. Before that though, I remember experiencing hints of SLS in Pasta (I recall Unnie having to talk me down off a SLS ledge with that one), Coffee Prince, and of course, poor, poor sad Shin Woo in You're Beautiful.
4) Now, for a really objective question: Why, in your honest opinion, is Song Jae-rim the most adorkable husband ever in We Got Married? (Feel free to invent reasons.) Hmm... that doesn't sound right. How about: Song Jae-rim is such a cute dork. Yes or not no? Nope. Not that either. If Song Jae-rim is the answer, what is the question? Then, just a silly one: If you are the answer, what is the question?
Kmuse - Couldn't stop laughing at this question.  You would never guess that Mary has a slight thing for Song Jae Rim, not that I blame her. If you are not watching We Got Married (SJR's segment) then start ASAP.  I would say that the question is "What kdrama addict needs 20 more hours a day to devote to watching Kdramas?" I am so behind on all 20 of my shows and it is driving me crazy.
Dongsaeng - I obviously need to introduce myself to this Song Jae Rim guy as we have yet to meet. Sounds like I'm missing out. I'll take those extra 20 hours a day as well if and when you find it, Kmuse.

5) Of the many, many, MANY bad endings you have lived through, what is the ONE drama ending that you would re-write, and how?
Kmuse - This is a great question!  I would go back and rewrite the last ten episode of "I Summon You Gold".  I spent 40 hours falling in love with the OTP and then he goes back to his wife?  WHAT THE HECK WRITERS???  I would rewrite it so that the leading man continues on with his wife's doppelganger (ends up being a long lost sister) who is everything he wanted in a soul mate.  Is it a bit weird that he falls in love with his wife's twin sister?  Yes, but you should not have started the story if you were not going to see it through.  For shame on the writers for backing themselves in and backtracking so they did not piss off conservative viewers.
Dongsaeng - BIG. Though I don't know if any ending could have ever been written to save that ending. It shall forever go down as Worst Ending Ever in my book. There have been bad endings, but I remember feeling particularly annoyed with that one. 
6) Chose someone from k-ent that you would like to have a meal with. Then choose what the main course would be, and what you wish they would wear to the dinner table.
Kmuse - I would pick DooJoon (B2ST).  After watching him eat so many things in the kdrama "Lets Eat", I just associate him with sexy khottie eating now. 
Dongsaeng - My Jaejoong. He is purported to be an excellent cook and I'd love to confirm that claim for myself. He can make me whatever his heart desires and what is worn shall remain private between the two of us. 

7) What is your favorite OST? And your favorite individual OST song?
Kmuse - My favorite OST is from the drama "Heartless City.  My favorite individual song is BoA's song "Between Heaven and Hell" for the kdrama "Shark"  When it comes to OST's I like haunting and slightly Jazzy.
Dongsaeng - I don't do well with the concept of "favorites", but I can say that the first OST that I absolutely fell in love with and purchased songs from was A Gentleman's Dignity. Big Baby Driver's music from that drama specifically. I do happen to have a current favorite single OST song though, and that is "Hero" by Family of the Year as heard in the drama It's Okay, That's Love. I have had that song on constant repeat since the drama aired. I really loved that drama's entire OST, but Hero was the song that stood out as my absolute favorite.
8) If you could hot tub with 3 k-ent people, who would you pick?
Kmuse - This is a hard one, but I think I would enjoy being in a hot tub with a lot of funny people so it would be more then just staring at gorgeous abs (although those are appreciated as well).  So I would choose Song Jae Rim (who is cracking me up on "We Got Married"), Kim Seul-Gi (plays everyone's favorite comedic BFF), and of course Seo In Guk who is known for his quirky personality.
Dongsaeng - 3? I can only pick 3? No way. I couldn't possibly. Brain malfunctioning at the mere idea of having to choose only 3. I think I'd have to choose 3 guys that are close friends in real life because I'd love to just sit and soak it all in as they interact together. That would be pretty cool. Problem is is that I can't think of such a dynamic trio. But when I find them, they'd be who I would choose. Well, assuming there were at least some hot abs involved. My momma didn't raise no dummy. 

That concludes our question and answer session.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about us.  Now for the important stuff, such as spreading on the fun.  We would like to nominate Stephanie and her blog "Crazy for Kdrama".  She is a great friend and I love her and CherryCordial's podcasts.  Be sure to check them out at

Here are our questions for you:
1. If you could push any kdrama into a black hole to save everyone from watching it. What drama would that be?  
2. What character would you recast if you had the opportunity and why?
3. Taking a question from Stephanie's latest podcast and giving it a kdrama twist.  If you were on a deserted island with three kdrama actors, who would they be?  
4. Which one of the above three actors would you eat first, and why?
5. If you could get stuck in an elevator with a Kentertainer, who would it be and what would you ask them?
6. Would you rather spend one day with the kentertainer of your choice, or win a free trip to Seoul?
7. Which evil 2nd lead/or mother in law would you hit with the kdrama white truck of doom?
8. Choose a random question of your own and answer it, because this poor blogger has run out of clever questions.

Happy blogging, and I look forward to reading your answers!

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