Monday, January 12, 2015

Shine or Go Crazy: Why So Quiet?

In exactly 7 days (possibly 6 by the time I post this) the new kdrama "Shine or Go Crazy" will be airing.  I am guessing that many of you are confused as to what I am talking about since the PR for this drama has been so silent that I sometimes wonder what they are thinking over there at MBC.  

This Kdrama will be a return to MBC's Sageuk monday, replacing Pride and Prejudice, and will have its work cut out for it since it will be up against rating winners Punch and Healer.  With only a week before airing you would assume that they would up the buzz and try to win over some viewers.  Especially when you consider it is starring Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You) and Oh Yeon Seo (Come Jang Bo Ri) leads from two of 2014's most popular dramas.
I personally think that Sageuks are where Jang Hyuk shines the brightest.  My first drama that I watched starring the charismatic actor was the critically aclaimed "Tree With Deep Roots" and most people know him from the kdrama "Chuno".  Therefore it is surprising that his return to swords and hanbok is not met with more furor.  This will be the first time he plays royalty and I am interested to see the differences in his performance. Although I notice fighting will still be heavily prevalent so not that far from his wheelhouse.
Before you think that I am only watching it for Jang Hyuk, be aware that the rest of the cast is also very talented.  I was shocked to enjoy Come Jang Bo Ri as much as I did and am completely open to seeing Oh Yeon Seo in a new roll.  
Adding to the cast as second lead is character actor Im Joo Han (Who I ADORED in Ugly Alert and What's Up.)  Joo Han's strong acting style can only be a benefit as he plays Prince Wang Wook (brother to Jang Hyuk's character) who is jealous of his brother's bride. Rounding out the love rectangle is Lee Honey (Modern Farmer) who has recently been praised for her attempts to change her image from that of a pretty girl to a legitimate actress
One of the things going in this kdrama's favor is that it is creating a mythical story and not doing a standard adaptation of historical events (the last several Sageuk's to attempt that have had poor ratings).  I think everyone is tired of fathers and sons fighting over the crown so a bit of fictional fantasy would be highly appreciated.  
Synopsis (Courtesy of MDL)
The drama is about a fictional Goryeo-era prince who is first in succession for the throne. He belongs to a royal secret society, and is dogged his whole life by a prophecy that he will turn Goryeo into an ocean of blood someday. His character is meticulous and bold, and is especially good at making quick decisions on his feet.
The heroine is the last princess from Balhae, and is skilled in many areas, including astronomy, geography, and the art of war. She’s fated to bring light to the Goryeo prince, and she’s described as spunky and wise, and a believer in fated love. The drama will depict their palace romance, between a cursed prince and a princess of a lost nation.

Character Teasers
Jang Hyuk Version
Yeon Seo Version
1st Official Trailer (released as I typed this)
Judging from this latest trailer we are in for some humor as well as action which makes me a happy Ahjumma.  Since if there is one thing that Jang Hyuk can do as well as fight, it is comedy. "Shine or Go Crazy" is scheduled to premiere on January 19th. Will you be watching?
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  1. Ooh. I loved Ugly Alert! I didn't know he was in this. Sageuks are not my thing, but I think I'll give this one a try.

    1. I just watched episode 1 and loved it. A lot faster pace then most sageuk's and since it is fictional and loosely based on history they are taking a lot of leeway with the story. So crossing fingers for happy ending!


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